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演示文稿 2013年八年级下1单元生词练习11

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Unit1 What’s the matter ?
New words

单词练习: 1. matter 2. sore 3. stomachache 4. foot 5. neck 6. stomach 7. throat 8. fever 9. lie ( lay)

a. 放松;休息
b. 咽喉;喉咙 c. 颈;脖子 d. 胃;腹部 e. 疼痛的 f. 脚;足 g. 问题;事情 h. 胃痛;腹痛 i. 发烧 j. 躺;平躺


1. cough

a. 击;打

2. X-ray
3. toothache

b. 乘客;旅客
c. 问题;苦恼

4. headache
5. break 6 . hurt 7. passenger 8. trouble 9. hit



e. 疼痛;受伤

f. X光; X射线
g. 咳嗽

h. 间歇;休息 i. 她自己 j. 牙痛

10. herself

1. bandage
2. sick 3. knee 4. nosebleed 5. breathe 6. sunburned 7. ourselves 8. climber 9. risk 10. accident

a. 绷带 ;用绷带包扎
b. 生病的 c. 膝盖 d. 鼻出血

e. 呼吸
f. 晒伤的 g. 我们自己 h. 登山者 i. 危险 ;冒险

j. 事故

1. situation 2. kilo 3. rock 4. knife 5. blood

a. 情况 b. 千克;公斤

c. 岩石
d. 刀 e. 血 f. 意思是 g. 重要性 h. 决定 i. 限制;约束 j. 勇气;意志 k. 死 l. 护士

6. mean
7. importance 8. decision 9. control 10. spirit 11. death 12. nurse

词组练习 :
1. have a cold 2. have a stomachache 3. lie down

a. 感冒
b. 胃痛 c. 躺下

4. take one’s temperature d. 量体温 5. have a fever 6. take breaks 7. get off 8. to one’s surprise 9. right away 10. get into e. 发烧 f. 休息 g. 下车 h. 出乎。。。意料 i. 立即;马上 j. 陷入;参与

1. be used to 2. take risks 3. run out of 4. cut off 5. get out of 6. be control of 7. give up 8. think twice 9. agree to do 10. thanks to

a. 习惯于…… b. 冒险 c. 用尽;耗尽 d. 切除 e. 从。。。出来 f. 掌管 g. 放弃 h. 多想 i. 同意做……
j. 多亏;由于

句型练习 :
1. What’ the matter ?

a. 怎么了?

2. What’s the matter with… b. …怎么了

3. I have a sore throat.
4. What should I do ?

c. 我咽喉痛 。

e. 我该怎么办 ?

5. You should drink some hot tea with honey. f. 你应该喝些带蜂蜜的热茶。
6. It doesn’t sound like you have a fever. g. 听起来你不像发烧 h. 听起来不好 8. Did you hurt yourself playing soccer ? i. 你踢足球伤者自己了吗 7. It doesn’t sound good.


根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词 :
atter ? — I’m not feeling well. 1. —What’s the m_____ ever 2. Her temperature is 40℃, so she has a f_______. est 3. Don’t work so hard . Have a r______ at times, Jenny. coughed 咳嗽) a lot last night. What should I do ? 4. I_________( passengers (乘客) are there on the bus 5. How many __________ today. hanks 6. T________ to him , we took the child to hospital. 7. There are two knives ______(刀) and three forks on the desk. means ( 意思是 ) “ quickly ”. 8. The word “ fast ”________

用所给词的适当形式填空: 1.Mary went out of the room without saying ______(say)a word. help 2.Children should ________(help) their parents with the housework. to buy 3.My parents agree __

______(buy) an iPad 4 on my twentieth birthday. 4. ----- What’s wrong with John ? ---- He hurt playing play ) soccer. himself_______( herself she ). 5. My sister is always strict with ________( death 6.The cat’s _______(die) made the girl cry for a long time.

7. We should learn to study by ourselves ________ ( our ).
8. It is necessary for us to understand the importance ________( important ) of health care. 9. Miss Lin didn’t feel well, but she still kept on working work ). ________( breathing ( breathe ) after 10. He had problems _________ running for an hour. 11.____ Put (put) on your coat , please. It’s cold outside. called call ) Tony ? He’s 12.Do you know the boy ______( new in our school.


? 1.—What’s the matter ____ D your computer ? ? —It doesn’t work. ? A. about B. for C. on D. with ? 2.—Why are you so tired these days ? A homework to do . ? —Well, I have —— ? A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too ? 3.Mary, you ____ D finish your homework first, and then you ? can play with your friends. A. maybe B. may C. might D. should ? 4.Tina didn’t come to school yesterday because she ___a C ? bad cold. ? A. made B. wanted C. had D. took ? 5.I couldn’t do it ____ B your great help. Thanks a lot ! ? A. with B. without C. for D. to ? 6.When I walked past the park, I saw some old people C ___ ? Chinese Taiji. ? A. do B. did C. doing D. are doing

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