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Unit 1 Will people have robots同步练习

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Unit 1 Will people have robots同步练习


1.This is not true. It's a p____________

2.There are many stars in s____________.

3.Kids will study at home on c____________then.

4.The air isn't clear. I hope there will be less p____________in the future.

5.I like the computer very much and so I want to be a computer p____________.

6.My p____________about the robots came true.

7.-Where do you live? -I live in an a___________.

8.There are a lot of tall b___________in modern cities.

9.Yang Liwei is the first Chinese a___________.

10.I think r___________can do many things as people do.


1.much(比较级) 2.write(过去式)

3.build(名词) 4.she'll(完全形式)

5.agree(反义词) 6.fly(第三人称单数)

7.company(复数) 8.easy(反义词)

9.possible(反义词) 10.here(同音词)

11.swim(现在分词) 12.they(形容词性物主代词)


1.在将来 2.fall in love with

3.30年后 4.more free time

5.看上去像人类 6.like living alone

7.活到120岁 8.help with the housework

9.宇宙飞船 10.keep a pet parrot

11.做同样的事情 12.dress more casually


( )1.I live in an apartment___________two living-rooms.

A.has B.with C.and D.have

( )2.There___________a volleyball match in our school the day after tomorrow.

A.will have B.is going have C.will be D.has

( )3.Yesterday Xiao Ming wore________uniform and took____ umbrella to school.

用心 爱心 专心 1

A.a; a B.an; an C.a; an D.an; a

( )4.-______do you have an English party? -Once a month.

A.How old B.How far C.How often D.How long

( )5.Lin Tao is good at computer and he wants to be a ______in the future.

A.astronaut B.computer programmer

C.engineer D.reporter

( )6.Everyone___________here. But no one ___________her.

A.is; knows B.are; know C.is; know D.are; knows

( )7.What do you think the weather___________tomorrow?

A.will be B.is C.will be like D.will like

( )8.There are several different___________in the lake.

A.kind goldfish B.kind of goldfish

C.kinds goldfishes D.kinds of goldfish

( )9.Their life will be___________if there are___________children in a family.

A.richer; less B.poorer; fewer C.richer; more D.richer; fewer

( )10.There are___________teachers in that school.

A.two hundreds B.two hundreds of

C.two hundred of D.two hundred

( )11.The great man was born .

A.in Beijing in 1917 B.in 1917 in Beijing

C.in Beijing, 1917 D.in 1917, Beijing

( )12.They will be back .

A.for half an hour B.after half an hour

C.half an hour ago D.in half an hour


We can not stop earthquakes(地震), but we can do things to make sure they do not destroy(破坏)whole cities. First, it is not a 1 idea to build houses along the lines where 2 of the earth's plates join together. Second, if you think there 3 be an earthquake, it is better to build houses on rock, not on 4 . Third, you must make the houses as 5 as possible. Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake, but strong ones may 6 .

Scientists were 7 that one day an even bigger earthquake would hit the part around San Francisco. They call it “the Big One”. However, people today are still building more 8 . The population in and around San Franciso is 9 ten times more than it was in 1906. This means that 10 there is another earthquake a great many houses and buildings will be destroyed.

( )1.A.bad B.good C.poor D.new

( )2.A.one B.most C.two D.none

( )3.A.may B.should C.can't D.won't

( )4.A.sea B.land C.space D.sand

( )5.A.high B.big C.strong D.low

( )6.A.keep up B.set up C.stay up D.grow up

( )7.A.sorry B.pleased C.afraid D.wondering

用心 爱心 专心 2

( )8.A.walls B.stores C.cities D.houses

( )9.A.now B.still C.always D.never

( )10.A.before B.if C.or D.until


Let us suppose(假设) it is now about A.D.2060. People go to the moon every day. It is as easy to take a holiday on the moon today as it was for the people in 1960 to take a holiday in Europe.

What are people eating now? People are still eating food. But many foods now come in pill(弹丸)form. Farming, of course, is very highly developed. Very few people have to work on the farm. People are now largely vegetarians(素食者)and we are healthier both in our bodies and in our minds, and we don't have any diseases(疾病). No one has to be ill any more.

( )1.The writer thinks in 2060 people can go to the moon___________.

A.every day B.every hour C.every minute D.every second

( )2.Now people are eating___________.

A.grass B.flowers C.food D.books

( )3.Many foods now come in ___________form.

A.water B.pill C.air D.trees

( )4.In 2060, ___________work on the farm.

A.no people B.no farmers C.many D.very few

( )5.No one has to be ill any more because___________.

A.there is much medicine(药物) B.there are few people

C.there are no diseases D.there are no doctors


1.I'll have a big family in ten years.(改为一般过去式的句子)

I___________a big family ten years___________. 2. She lived with her grandparents in Greenville.(就划线部分提问)

_________ _________ she live___________in Greenville? 3. We know that Sally and Alexis are both students.(就划线部分提问)

___________do you know___________Sally and Alexis?

4. I think there will be more pollution.(改为否定句)

I___________ ___________ there will be more pollution.

5. Playing football in the street is dangerous.(改为同义句)

___________is dangerous___________football in the street.










5.We'll try to spend fewer people less time finishing more work.

用心 爱心 专心 3


6.What do you think your life will be like in ten years?


7.After an earthquake, a robot could help look for people under buildings. _______________________________________.

8.He thinks it impossible for him to find the right shop by himself. _______________________________________.

用心 爱心 专心 4

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