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满分:100分 时量:70分钟

一. 单项选择。(15分)

1. There is ______ “b” and _______“s” in the word “bookcase”.

A. a; an B. an; a C. a; a D. an; an

2. Thanks ___ the photo ___ your family.

A. of , at B. of , for C. for , of D. for , for

3.Where _________ his new CD and computer game?

A. is B. are C. can D. isn’t

4. —Is the red book ___ ? —No, ______ is blue.

A. your, my book B. Tom’s, hers C. his , he D. yours, mine

5. —Is that ______ volleyball?

—Yes. Bill likes playing ______ volleyball. ______ volleyball is his.

A. the; a; / B. /; the; / C. /; the; The D. a; /; The

6. —Excuse ______. Is this ______ book? —Yes, thanks.

A. me; my B. I; your C. me; your D. I; my

7. This is _________ family photo.

A. Kate B. Kate’s C. of Kate D. of Kate’s

8. ______ he have a tennis ball ? ---- No, he _________.

A. Do; doesn’t B. Does; do C. Does; doesn’t D. does; does

9. —What fruit does Jenny ______? —She ______ apples.

A. like; like B. like; likes C. likes; like D. likes; likes

10. —How are you, Nancy?—I’m not ______. And I can’t eat ______ every day.

A. OK; good B. well; good C. well; fine D. fine; well

11. —Let’s _________ some chicken. —Great! I like chicken.

A. like B. has C. to have D. eat

12. Those are _________.

A. their boxs B. their boxes C. they boxes D. they box

13. I have a computer, ______ I don’t play computer games on it.

A. or B. so C. but D. and

14. —How much ______ these jackets?

—______ 20 dollars.

A. is; It’s B. are; They’re C. is; They’re D. are; It’s

15. They like ______ after school.

A. play the basketball B. play basketball

C. to play the basketball D. to play basketball

二. 完型填空。(10分)

Zhang Hua is a Middle School student. She goes to school at 7:30 am. She has lunch , but she has and dinner at home. The time lunch is from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Zhang Hua and Lucy, have lunch in the school dining hall (餐厅). The food there is They like the food. Lucy often has some chicken and a hamburger. But Zhang Hua . She likes to have vegetables and fruit salad. They have classes a day, four in the morning and 1

three in the afternoon. Zhang Hua likes English and Lucy likes . In the evening, Zhang Hua dinner with her parents. They have some vegetables, and meat for dinner.

( )16. A. at home B. in the club C. at school D. in the library

( )17. A. dinner B. breakfast C. lunch D. supper

( )18. A. in B. to C. for D. on

( )19. A. mother B. grandmother C. friend D. uncle

( )20. A. many B. great C. difficult D. easy

( )21. A. doesn’t B. does C. isn’t D. is

( )22. A. three B. seven C. five D. four

( )23. A. chicken B. food C. math D. apples

( )24. A. watches B. likes C. has D. plays

( )25. A. fruit B. balls C. rooms D. strawberry

三. 阅读理解。(20分)


Mrs. Black was eighty, but she had a small car, and she always drove to the shops in it on Saturday and bought her food.

She didn’t drive fast because she was old, but she drove well and never hit anything. Sometimes her grandchildren said to her,“Please don’t drive your car, grandmother. We can take you to the shops.”But she always said, “No, I like driving. I began to drive fifty years ago, and I’m not going to stop now.”

( ) 26. Why did Mrs. Black always drive to the shops?

A. To buy food. B. To meet friends. C. To buy clothes.

( ) 27.Why didn’t Mrs. Black drive fast?

A. Because her car was old.

B. Because she was old.

C. Because she was not a good driver.

( ) 28. Her grandchildren wanted her__________.

A. to walk to the shops

B. not to drive any more

C. to stay at home.

( ) 29. Mrs. Black began to drive when she was______.

A. 50 B. 30 C. 80

( ) 30. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The police man was kind.

B. There was something wrong with Mrs. Black’s car last Saturday.

C. Last Saturday she stopped her car at the traffic lights when they were green.



John is an American boy. His family is in China now. John likes chocolates very much. But his mother doesn’t give him any. They are not good for him, she thinks. But John has a very nice grandfather. The old man loves him very much, and sometimes he buys John some chocolates. Then his mother lets John eat them. She wants to make the old man happy. One Sunday evening John says in his room, “Please, God (上帝). Make them give me a big box of chocolates tomorrow. It’s my eighth birthday.” His mother says,“God can’t hear you, my boy.” “I know, but my grandfather is in the next room. He can hear.”

( )31.John likes _____ very much.

A. reading books B. eating C. chocolates

( )32.John comes from _____ .

A. China B. America C. Canada

( )33.What day is John’s birthday?

A. Sunday. B. Monday. C. Tuesday.

( )34.Who often buy some chocolates for John?

A. His mother. B. God. C. His grandfather.

( )35.Where’s John’s grandfather on that day?

A. In the factory. B. On a farm. C. In the next room.

四. 词汇运用。(15分)


36. This book is ________.(我的)

37. These are my ___________.(朋友)

38. My brother has an i____________story book. I like reading it very much.

39.He often ____________(看)football games on TV.

40.Jim has two _____________(词典). They’re in the desk.

41. Is that your computer game in the lost and f________ case?

42. Gina is not tidy. Her things are e__________.

43. I’m nine years old. What a________ you?

44. Thank you for _________(帮助)me.

45.You can read books in the school l_________.


The computer is very new. You can see some flowers in the room. They are very nice. There are some books on the desk. Kate often does her homework in the room. ___48____ father and mother are ____49______.Her mother teaches Chinese and her father teaches English. Kate has a brother. His name is Jack. He isn’t a student. He is only 7 years old. Kate ___50____ her family very much.

五. 英汉互译。(10分)

51. family tree _____________ 52. eating habits___________

53. thank you for ________________ 54. Here you are. ___________ 3

55. 一张我的全家照 ______________ 56. 一串钥匙_______________

57. 一件棕色夹克衫________________ 58. 别客气______________

59. It is easy for me.(英译中)______________________________________

60. 她不喜欢冰激凌,因为她不想发胖。(中译英)__________________________

六. 句型转换。(10分) 就划线部提问)

_______ _______ your pen?

62. Tina likes pears. (改为一般疑问句)

______ Tina ______ pears?

63. Bill has an English book. (改为否定句)

Bill ______ ______ an English book.

64. Those are oranges. (改为单数句)

______ is ______ orange.

65. We play volleyball.(改为由let开头的祈使句)

________ ________ volleyball.

七. 补全对话。(10分)

A: Hi, Jim. ___66______

B: I’m fine. Thanks.

A: ___67______

B: Yes, I do. I have a volleyball.

A: ____68___

B: No, I don’t. Volleyball is so difficult and I can not play it well.

A: Well, let’s watch volleyball games on TV.

B: Hmmm…Let’s play ping-pong! Do you have a ping-pong ball?

A: ___69____. But I have one bat.

B: Oh, well…do you have a soccer ball?

A: Yes, I do. Let’s play soccer!

B: ____70____

八. 作文。(10分)

初中生活是多姿多彩的,在新学校你结交了许多新朋友。假设下面的内容是你的好朋友陈想的资料,请根据这些资料,介绍一下他,不少于40词。 Name: Chen Xiang Age(年龄): 13

Family members(家庭成员): father, mother, sister

Favorite(最喜欢的) Food: chicken, carrots, strawberries

Favorite Sports: basketball, volleyball, baseball

Dream(梦想): a running star






36. mine 37. friends 38. interesting 39. watches 40. dictionaries

41. found 42. everywhere 43. about 44. helping 45. library

46. Kate’s 47. near 48. Her 49. teachers 50. likes

51. 家谱 52. 饮食习惯 53. 为…而感谢 54. 给你

55. a photo of my family 56. a set of keys

57. a brown jacket 58. You’re welcome.

59. 对我来说容易。

60. She doesn’t like ice-cream, because she doesn’t want to be fat.

61. Where is 62. Does like

63. doesn’t have 64. That an

65. Let’s play

66. How are you?

67. Do you have a volleyball?

68. Do you want to play volleyball?

69. No, I don’t.

70. That sounds good.



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