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Mark lived in a village far away. One day he became very ill and

everyone thought he would 1 soon. They sent for a doctor. Two days 2 the doctor came and looked over the sick man. 3 asked for a pen and some paper to write down the name of the medicine. But there was no pen 4 paper in the village, because no one could write.

The doctor 5 up a piece of burnt wood from the fire and wrote the name of the medicine on the 6 of the house. “ Get this medicine for him.” he said, “and he will soon get 7 .” Mark’s family and friends did not know 8 to do. They could not read the strange words. Then a young man 9 an idea. He took off the door of the house, put it on his carriage(马车) and drove to the nearest 10 . He bought the medicine there, and Mark was soon well again.

( )1.A. wake B.cry C.moved D.die

( )2.A. late B.later C.ago D.before

( )3A. The sick man B.Mark C.The doctor D.The farmer

( )4.A.and B.or C.then D.also

( )5.A.picked B.held C.made D.looked

( )6.A.wall B.window C.ground D.door

( )7.A.well B.worse C.bad D.good

( )8.A.when B.what C.where D.whick

( )9A.thought B.hit C.caught D.had

( )!0. A.shop B.farm C.hospital D.village




Peter and Mike were in 1 class.Peter was born in a 2 family.But Mike’s father was a businessman(商人)and got 3 money.When Peter got into trouble(困难)he always helped him.

Peter liked to have sports.He was good at 4 .He ran 5 than any others in their class It was Sunday.Mike and Peter went to a forest to have a picnic.Mike took a lot of food there.It was a 6 ay.The birds were singing and there were all kinds of flowers.They ate and drank then went 7 in the river.They had a good time.Suddenly they heard a great noise.They found it was a tiger behind a big tree.They were both very 8 .Peter put on his shoes quickly and was going to run

away.Mike stopped him and said:”It’s no use for us.The tiger runs 9 faster than us.Let’s find a way.”“It doesn’t matter.”said Peter.”I’m 1 0 I'll run faster than you.”

1.A.same B.different C.difference D.the same

2.A.rich B.happy C.poor D.bad

3.A.many B.lot C.any D.much

4.A.ran B.running C.run D.runs

5.A.fast B.faster C.fastest D.best

6.A.sun B.rain C.rained D.sunny

7.A.fish B.to fishing C.fishing D.fished

8.A.happy B.afraid C.sad D.exciting

9.A.more B.much C.many D.1ittle

10.A.afraid B.worried C.sure D.glad 参考答案:

1—5 DCDBB 6—10 DCBBC


We were going to play a team from a country school .They didn’t come 1 the match nearly began .They looked 2 than we thought .The wore dirty T-shirts and blue jeans and looked like farm boys .We thought they 3 saw a basketball before .We felt that we didn’t 4 any

practice to play with such a team .It was very late so they couldn’t have any time to practice .The match began ,one of our boys 5 the ball and he tried to give it to another one . But from out of nowhere a boy in a T-shirt 6 the ball and he quickly and beautifully got the ball into our basket and had two points .They 7 us .They had another two points in a minute .Soon it was all over .The country team 8 the match .Of course we knew that there was still another team 9 than any good team .But the important lesson we learn this time was : One can’t tell a man or a team by the 10 .

( )1、A. when B. so C. until D. at ( )2、A. stronger B. younger C. worse D. better

( )3、A. never B. often C. sometimes D. always

( )4、A. have B. make C. use D. need ( )5、A. got B. played C. took D .carried ( )6、A. caught B. changed C. held D. stopped ( )7、A. surprised B. frightened C. admired D. smiled

( )8、A. lost B. won C. got D. had

( )9、A. worse B. less C. better . D more

( )10、A. T-shirt B. appearance C. name D. points 1—5 CCADA 6—10 AABCB


Mary has some friends. 1 Betty, Peter, Alice 2 Mike. Mary is the oldest 3 . Betty is thirteen years 4 . She is younger than Mary and older than Peter. Alice is nice and Mike is seven.

Betty and Peter are 5 runners. But Peter runs faster. Mary and Betty like to 6 . Mary plays better than Betty. Alice sings 7 of them. Mary and Betty study in a middle school. Alice and Mike study in a

primary school. They 8 work hard at school. But Betty works 9 . Her handwriting is good, 10 .

1. A. They are B. It isC. There are D. We are

2. A. but B. orC. them D. and

3. A. in the five B . of fiveC. of the five D. for the five

4. A. older B. oldC. oldest D. very old

5. A. best B. betterC. well D. good

6. A. play basketball B. play a basketball

C. play the basketball D. play basketballs

7. A. good B. betterC. best D. well

8. A. six B. allC. four D. both

9. A. hard B. harderC. very hard D. hardest

10. A. too B. twoC. at D. also

1. A 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. D 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. D 10. A

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