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初二英语下学期试题 (1)

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八年级英语试题 2007年7月





第一节 听小对话,从A 、B、C三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片。并把最佳选项的字母编号写在题号前的括号里。每组对话读两遍。(本大题共5小题,每小题1 分,共5分) ( )1.What does the man want?

( )2. How will the man go to work ?

( )3. What will Lucy do?

( )4.Which sign are they talking about?


)5. Whom are they talking about?

第二节 听对话(本大题共10小题,每小题1 分,共10分)



( ) 6、Where is Joan maybe?

A、In the post office. B、In the teachers' office. C、At home.


( ) 7、What is the girl looking for a coat for?

A、For Father's Day. B、For her father's birthday. C、For Mother's Day.


( ) 8、Why does Mr Li say sorry?

A、Because he is speaking too quickly.

B、Because he is speaking too slowly.

C、Because he doesn't know what to say.


( ) 9、When did the man begin waiting at the station?

A、At 7: 00. B、At 6: 30. C、At 7: 30.


( )10、What's the woman's telephone number?

A、2301126. B、2301226. C、2302226.


( )11、Where will they go this summer holiday?

A、To Australia. B、To Paris. C、To Russia.

( )12、How will they go there?

A、By ship. B、By plane. C、By walking.


( )13、Where are they talking?

A、At a bus station. B、At a supermarket. C、At a railway station.

( )14、How much is a ticket?

A、It's 54 yuan. B、It's 32 yuan. C、It's 23 yuan.

( )15、When does the train leave?

A、It leaves at 11: 30. B、It leaves at 12: 30. C、It leaves at 12: 30.

第三节 听短文(本大题共5小题,每小题1 分,共5分)



( )16、Mary will take part in .

A、the high jump B、the long jump C、both A and B

( )17、When did Mary hurt her leg?

A、On May 4th. B、On April 24th. C、On May 14th.

( )18、When she was hurt, Mary's first thought was if (是否) A、her leg was broken B、she could go to the hospital

C、she could take part in the sports meeting

( )19、Why did the doctor say she would be better soon?

A、Because she was not badly hurt.

B、Because the people took her to the hospital very early.

C、Because there was a lot of time before the sports meeting.

( )20、Which of the following is TRUE?

A、Mary could not take part in the sports meeting.

B、Mary took part in the sports meeting at last.

C、Mary won the sports meeting at last.

第四节 听选信息 (本大题共5小题,每小题1 分,共5分)


从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个最佳答案, 将其标号填入题前括号内。

( )26、the Blacks watching video tapes when you came in?

A、Are B、Were C、Did D、Do

( )27、Be quick, we'll be late for the football match.

A、and B、but C、or D、then

( )28、She didn't go to bed it was too late.


A、while B、until C、before D、after

( )29、When you do your homework, you must be 二、单项选择。(本大题共15小题,每小题1分,计15分)


A、as carefully as you can B、as careful as you can

C、as you can as careful D、more carefully than before

( )30、Out teacher told us football in the street at any time.

A、don't play B、not play C、not to playing D、not to play

( )31、Will you please me a telephone call after you get to Guangzhou?

A、give B、gives C、gave D、to give

( )32、There was A、a; a B、an; an C、an; the D、the; the

( )33、Mr Wang is going to us the result soon.

A、speak B、say C、talk D、tell

( )34、The young man is carry the heavy bag.

A、strong enough B、strong enough to C、enough strong D、enough strong to

( )35、I hope it will not go on all day.

A、rain B、rained C、raining D、to rain

( )36、 is the way the cinema?

A、What; of B、Where; go C、Which; to D、How; for

( )37、If it rain tomorrow, I'll go to see my grandparents.

A、doesn't B、isn't C、won't D、didn't

( )38、--- Must we stay here for one hour?

-- No, you A、shan't B、mustn't C、needn't D、can't

( )39、My friend, Jim, can speak Chinese words.

A、a little; a little B、a few; a few C、a few; a little D、a little; a few

( )40、It'll be Children's Day tomorrow. I hope A、you have a good time B、you to have a good time

It's a quarter past eight. The first class begins. Miss Jones is “What is the meaning of ?make an excuse(找借口)??”on the blackboard. All the are looking at her and they know “I come in?” a boy says at the “Come in, please,” says Miss Jones. “you're five late this morning, Bill.”

The boy often makes some excuses when he's late for class. So his listened to him carefully.

“I'm , Madam,” says Bill. “the traffic is bad, and we have to wait for the lights.”

“But why not catch an earlier bus?”


“I just the earlier bus. But it's no use. The later bus often overtakes (超过) the earlier one!”

( )41、A、reading B、singing C、writing D、drawing

( )42、A、school B、lesson C、when D、class

( )43、A、what B、where C、when D、why

( )44、A、May B、Shall C、Must D、Need

( )45、A、window B、door C、desk D、gate

( )46、A、weeks B、days C、hours D、minutes

( )47、A、friends B、classmates C、boys D、girls

( )48、A、happy B、tired C、sorry D、busy

( )49、A、green B、red C、yellow D、brown

( )50、A、want B、wish C、watch D、take




Mr and Mrs Green lived in a big city. One summer they went to the country for their holiday. They enjoyed it very much, because it was a quiet, clean place.

One day they went for a walk early in the morning and met an old man. He lived on a farm, and he was sitting in the warm sun in front of his house. Mr Green asked him, “Do you like to live in this quiet place?”

The old man said, “Yes, I do.” Mr Green said,“ What are the good things about it?”

The old man answered, “Well, the people here know each other. They often come and visit me, and I often go and visit them. And there are also lots of children here.” Mr Green said,“ That's interesting, and what are the bad things?”

The old man thought for a moment and then said, “Well, the same things, really.”


( )51、Mr. and Mr.Green went to the country A、to see the old man B、to spend their holiday

C、to see the quiet place D、to have a walk

( )52、Mr. and Mrs. Green enjoyed the country because A、there were many children B、there was an old man

C、it was far from the city D、it was quiet and clean

( )53、Mr. and Mrs. Green took a walk .

A、in the afternoon B、early in the morning

C、after breakfast D、in the evening

( )54、The old man said, “Yes, I do.” “I do” here means A、I like to live in this place B、I like the people here

C、I like to sit in the warms D、I like to go out for a walk

( )55、The old man sometimes liked the people to A、ask him questions B、keep the place quiet and clean

C、come and visit him D、make interesting things



( )56. _____ is the oldest of the following players.

A. Pele B. Yao Ming C. Steffi Graf D. Martina Navratilova

( )57. _____ comes from Germany.

A. Yao Ming B. Steffi Graf C. Pele D. No one

( )58. Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. Yao Ming is a table tennis player. B. Yao Ming is on the Houston Rockets now.

C. Yao Ming is playing for the Chinese Football Team.

D. Neither of Yao Ming?s parents is a basketball player.

( )59. Which of the following is WRONG?

A. Pele was a great football player. B. Pele was born in a poor family.


C. Pele played football in the street all his life.

D. Pele became famous soon after he was picked to play for Santos.

( )60. From the passage, we know that _______ .

A. Martina Navratilova was also a tennis player B. Steffi Graf was born in Wimbledon in 1985

C. Steffi Graf won the tennis final when she was only 16

D. Steffi Graf has won few of the main matches since 1985

( C )

Many people keep small fish as pets. They keep them in a tank of water. The tank is made of clear glass. People can look through it. They can see inside the tank and watch the fish.

The fish need room. They must not be crowded. Fish need oxygen(氧气)to breathe. Fish get it from water in the tank. There must be enough water for all fish. So the size of the tank is important.

In the tank many people put small plants that are good for fish. They give oxygen to the water. Plants help in the ways, too. Fish can nibble(轻咬)on the plants. They hide among the plants and sleep, lay eggs there.

The plants need light. Most fish need light too. The tank may be put near a window. It will get light there. Another place might be better ,though. A window may let cold air in. The water in the tank may get too cold. The fish may die because cold water can kill them. So can hot water. The temperature must be just right.

The fish must be kept in water all the time. Some fish can jump high. They may jump out of the tank. The tank should be covered. This keeps the fish from jumping out.

The fish need food and they should be fed every day. Giving them too much food is bad. The extra(额外的)food will fall to the bottom and make the water dirty. However, the fish should get just enough food. They should finish the food in 10 minutes. Nothing should be left. When this happens, the amount(数量)of food is right.


( )61. What is the tank made of?

A. paper B. cloth C. sand D. glass

( )62.Which reason may make the pet fish die?

A. Too much room B. Cold water in the tank

C. The light through the window D. The plants in the tank

( )63.Why do many people put some plants in the tank?

A. Because they are good for the tank. B. Because they are good for the plants.

C. Because the plants is good for fish. D. Because they are too kind.

( )64. This passage mainly talks about 7

A. why fish must be put in a glass tank. B. how people should keep their pet fish.

C. what kind of plants is good for pet fish. D. how much food should be given to pet fish.

( )65.The word “this” in the last paragraph refers to(指的是 A. giving the pet fish to much food. B. giving the pet fish to little food.

C. giving the pet fish to the right amount food.

D. giving the pet fish neither too cold nor too hot water.



Summer holidays are coming soon. Are you going to travel? If you plan to take a plane, you will have a healthy trip by following these suggestions(建议).

A.This will help prevent yourself from getting hurt.

B.Better drink water or juice when you feel thirsty.

C.Get up and walk around every 60 to 90 minutes.

D.Ask for a window seat or a seat over the wing.

70.What?s the best title for the passage?

A.A Plan for Summer Holidays

B.Suggestions for an Interesting Trip D.Problems during an Air Trip C.Suggestions for a Healthy Air Trip




Samuel:Chen Li,can I have a look at your copy of China Daily? Chen Li:________________________________(71).

Samuel:I want to have a look at what’s on this weekend. Let me see now.

Chen Li:Is there anything good on?

Samuel:"Purple Rain Storm" is giving a performance at the People’s Theatre..


Chen Li:They're a pop group formed by three girls. They're said to be very good.


Samuel:7:30 pm._______________________________________. (74)?

Chen Li:Yes,I'll be free. I'd like to go.

Samuel:_______________________________(75).I?11 meet you at the theatre at 7:15.

Chen Li:Good!See you then. Bye.

六、书面表达(共2小题, 计15分)




* What kind of clothes do you wear?

* Why do you choose to wear these kinds of clothes?

* What can clothes tell you about a person?

My Favorite Kind of Clothes

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9



第一节 听小对话,从A 、B、C三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片。并把最佳选项的字母编号写在题号前的括号里。每组对话读两遍。

1. W.Can I help you ,sir?

M:I want to two hamburgers.

2. W: Drive your car as carefully as you can tomorrow. The radio says it's going to rain

tomorrow and it will be very windy.

M: Thanks, I will.

3. M: Hello, Lucy. I called Victor just now, but nobody answered the phone. W: Never mind, Mike. I'll go to his house and leave a message for him.

4. M: Please don' t park here. W: Sorry, I didn't notice the " No parking" sign

5. M: Look at the woman. Who is she?

W: Don't you know her? She's Wang Fei, the famous singer!

第二节 听对话 回答每段对话后面的问题,在各题所给的三个选项中,选出一个最佳答



W: Excuse me, do you know where Joan is?

M: Joan? She went to the teachers' office a moment ago.


M: What can I do for you?

W: I'm looking for a coat for my father.

M: Is it for your father's birthday?

W: No, for Father's Day.


W: Excuse me, Mr Li. Would you please speak a little more slowly?

M: Sorry. If you can't follow me, please let me know.


M: I reached the station by taxi. I waited for you for half an hour.

W: Oh, sorry. I'm late. It's seven o'clock now. Let's hurry up.


M: Your telephone number is 2301126, isn't it?

W: No, but just change double 1 into double 2.


W: What are you going to do this summer holiday?

M: I want to visit Australia with my family.

W: How will you go there?

M: We'll fly there.


M: Hello, Miss Wang. We aren't late, are we?

W: No. I was a little earlier. Shall we buy the tickets now?


M: Oh, yes. Let Li Ming do it. Do you know how much a ticket is?

W: 54 yuan each if we take T32 train.

M: When will the train leave?

W: It will leave at half past twelve.

第三节、听短文 在每小题给出的三个选项中,选出一个能完成所给句子的最佳选项,并将其字母编号写在题号前的括号里。短文读两遍。

Mary liked sports. Her school sports meeting was on May 4th. She would take

part in the high jump and long jump, and the other girls were sure she could win.

But ten days before the sports meeting, when she climbed a mountain she hurt her

left leg. She first thought of the sports meeting. Four of her friends took her to the hospital. The doctor said there was nothing much wrong with her. Mary's left

leg was much better by the end of April, and on May 4th she ran and jumped at

the sports meeting.

第四节、听选信息 你将听到一段邀请朋友出去野餐在电话中的对话。请你根据所听到的内容,选择正确的选项,完成信息要点记录,并将其字母编号写在题号前的括号内.对话读两遍。

M: Hello, May I speak to Alice, please?

W: Speaking, please.

M: Alice, this is Fred. Would you like to go to the West Hill for a picnic tomorrow morning?

W: Great! But what's the weather like tomorrow? You see, it's cloudy today.

M: Don't worry. The radio says it will be sunny tomorrow.

W: Good! Shall we go at a quarter past seven then?

M: Let's make it a little earlier and at a quarter to seven. We'll meet at the park gate. W: All right. See you then.

M: See you then.



一、1------5 BBBAA 6----10 BAABC 11---15 ABCAB16---20 CBCAB 21---25 CBACB 二、26---30 BCBBD 31----35 ACDBC 36----40 CACDA

三、41----45 CDAAB 46----50 DBCAD


四、51----55 BDBAC 56---60 ACBCB 61----65 DBCAC 66-70 CDBAC

五、71 Sure(Yes),go ahead/ Certainly

72. Do you know what they are

73. What time does the performance start/begin

74. Will you be free then

75. Let's go together

六、A). May 4; Welcome to the Students? clothes show! We hope you can enjoy yourselves.

B) (One possible version)

. My favorite Kind of Clothes

Ordinary clothes are my favourite. I always like wearing these kinds of clothes.

Since I?m only a student, I must put my heart in study but not clothes. Also, these kinds of clothes are good for my health. They are always very comfortable and we needn?t spend too much time looking after them. Of course, these kinds of clothes cost little so that I can have more money to buy the books I like.

I think sometimes clothes tell us about a person. For example, a person in ordinary clothes may be an honest one, he cares more about his inside world but not outside world. Do you think so?



第二档(7-8分):内容比较充实,行文比较自然,但存在一些非关键性的语言用法错误; 第三档(5-6分):内容不够充实或切题,或者各种语言用法错误较多;




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