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人教新目标九年级英语9—15单元基础测试题 一根据句意及首字母完成单词。

1. Don’t t _____ here and there. It’s our duty to keep our school clean. 2. How many cars does your factory p _____ every year? 3. She doesn’t like drinking lemon juice because it is too s _____. 4. After the big fire nothing r _____ in the tall building.

5. Did you n _____ who come into the room just now?

6. Alexander Graham Bell i________ the telephone in 1876.

7. Do you know how to o______ on the machine?

8. I can see an i_____ in the middle of the lake.

9. They like the fish and potato c_____ in the shop.

10. The soup isn’t s______. Put some salt again, please.

11. Have you b_____ the baby’s milk yet?

12. He was wearing a new cap, but I didn’t even n_____ it.

13. Salt is p_____ in East and South China.

14. A machine is made of m_____. 15. We took the pictures with the new c_____ last month.















14. 0ur family had a _____ (please) weekend to-gether with Mr Black. The soup is too _____ (salt). I can’t stand it. The _____ (mix) tastes nice. Would you like some? Autumn comes. The ______ (leaf) begin to fall down from the trees. The ______ (fly) disk was invented by college students. The person who ______ the campus is a great_______. (invent) I don't like eating ________ (west) food. She was so ________ (exhaust) that she can't sing or dance. My best friend got ________ (marry) last week. The tragedy has a bad ________. (end) Kangaroos are ______ (play) and chimpanzees are _____ (noise). I was ____ (surprise) to find hardly anyone in the zoo. Visiting zoos are like ____ (live) textbooks for young people. He ____ (use) to be ____ (call) “Little Tiger”.

15. Liu Xiang’s success is an ____(inspire)to us all


1. She is supposed _____________( shake) hands.

2. You should have asked what you _______ supposed _________( wear )before you went to the party last week.

3. _______________(have) dinner with friends and family is very important______ us.

4. It’s very important _______(is) on time in Switzerland.

5. They usually plan _________(do) something useful on their birthdays.

6. Thanks ________your short message.

7. They go out of their way to make us ________( feel ) ________ home.

8. My ________(big) challenge is learning how to behave at the dinner table in London.

9. I think it difficult ____________(learn) everything well.

10. I _______(not find) them _________(such/so) strange any more.

11. People can use their computers _______(chat) to each other online.

12. Using English________________(help) him ________(work) better.

13. CLS means can’t help ___________________(laugh).

14. It’s rude ________(stick) your chopsticks_______________ your rice.

15. It’s polite to bow when you meet someone_________ the first time in Japan and Korea.

16. Now he is quite a different man ___________ what he was.

17. His mother worked three jobs_______________(pay) for her three children’s education.

18. He ran so fast ___________ (catch) the first bus.

19. I come here only __________(say) good-bye to you.

20. She decided _______________ (not copy) others’ homework any more.

21. _____________(幸运的是) , his mother never gave up_______ (try) to help.

22.Studying__________(not interest) him in the past.

23. He saw her come out of the library just. = She was seen ____________ out of the library.

四 选择题

( ) 1. Our school is very ______ to the shop.

A. close B. closing C. closed D. to close

( ) 2. The baby ran _______his mother when he saw her.

A. to B. into C. off D. off to

( ) 3. We had invented many new things ______ last year.

A. at the time of B. by the time of

C. in time of D. last time

( ) 4. I _____ meet my old classmate in the street the day before yesterday.

A. had B. happened to C. used to D. could

( ) 5. We finally decided to set off_______at 6:00.

A. Beijing B. with Beijing C. to Beijing D. for Beijing

( ) 6. My parents ______ for 16 years.

A. married B. got married C. have been married D. have married

( ) 7. Every audience ______ by the _____ film.

A. was moving; moved B. moved; moving

C. was moved; moving D. moving; moved

( ) 8. A plane can't _______ on because of the heavy rain yesterday.

A. land B. drop C. fall D. stop

( ) 9. By the time of last term, we ______ all the lessons.

A. finished B. have finished C. finish D. will finish

( ) 10. The man has to______a girl who he doesn't love.

A. married B. married to C. married with D. was married

( ) 11. Go straight and you can find a post office ______ I will wait for you there.

A. at the end B. in the end C. by the end D. at the end of

( ) 12. The weather in Chengdu is colder than ______ in Chongqing.

A. it B. the one C. one D. that

( ) 13. The heavy box is _______, so I can't open the door.

A. on the way~ B. by the way C. in the way D. at the way

( ) 14. These boxes can be used _______ seats if we have no enough

seats for the party.

A. for B. to C. as D. in

( ) 15. The Caiyuanba Bridge ______ since last year.

A. was built B. has been built C. is being built D. has built

( ) 16. He has ______ cold for a couple of days.

A. caught B. had C. got D. been

( ) 17. It took them half an hour to go_____ the crowd.

A. through B. across C. cross D. out

( ) 18. The film _____ when I _______ to the cinema.

A. began; got B. had begun; had got

C. began; had got D. had begun; got

( ) 19. Tom likes wearing T-shirt which is ______ cotton.

A. made of B. made in C. made into D. made from

( ) 20. It's not good for us to _____ at night.

A, stay out B. stand up C. stay up D. get up

( )21.Many sportsmen are getting ready ______ the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

A.to B.with C.for D.on

( )22.-- Mom,I want to ask grandpa a question.

-- Oh. _______ is reading a newspaper upstairs.

A. He B.Him C. His D. Himself

( )23.All the ______ teachers enjoyed themselves on March 8th,because it was their own


A.man B. men C. woman D. women

( )24.There's a red car parking in our neighborhood. Do you know _______ it is?

A. what B. who C. whose D. whom

( )25.In our city,_______ middle school students want to work as a teacher in the future.

A. thousand B. thousand of C. thousands of D. two thousand of

( )26.Now telephones are very popular and they are much ______ than before.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

( )27.-- Linda,I am very thirsty.

-- Let’s go to the nearest supermarket _______ some drink, OK?

A.buy B.bought C. to buy D. buying

( )28.Tony is a clever boy,______ he usually fails in Chinese exams.

A.so B.but C.or D. because

( )29.Many trees and flowers ________ in our school last year,and they made our school a

beautiful garden.

A.plant B.planted C.have planted D.were planted

( )30._____ sleep too late.It’s bad for your health.

A.Do B.Not C.Don’t D.Please not

( )31.My aunt isn’t here.She _______ Shanghai on business.She will be back in three days.

A.went B.has gone to C.has been to D.will go to

( )32.We all love Miss Yang.She always makes her history class very _______ .

A.interest B.interests C.interesting D. interested

( )33.-- I always listen to the teacher _______ in class

-- It’s very clever of you to do that.

A.free B.freely C.careful D. carefully

( )34.--- Dinner is ready. Help yourself!

--- Wow! It ______ delicious.Could you please tell me how to cook it?

A.tastes B.looks C.sounds D. feels

( )35.This English newspaper is very easy for the students because there are _____ new

words in it.

A.little B.a little C.few D. a few

( )36.Remember to______ the lights when you leave your classroom.

A.turn on B.turn off C.turn up D. turn down

( )37.-- Do you like the pop star Zhou Jielun or the movie star Liu Dehua?

--- ________. I am not their fan.

A. Both B.Either C.Neither D. All

( )38--- I believe we’ve met before.

--- No, ______. I’ve never been here before.

A.it isn’t the same B.it’s true C.I don’t think so D.I believe so

( )39 -- Why not ________ music club?

-- I’m sorry.I can’t sing or dance.

A.to join B.join C.joining D.to join in

( )40 --- The TV show Home with Kids is so wonderful.You shouldn’t miss it.

--- If I have time.I _______ it.

A.see B.saw C.will see D.have seen

( )41.My jacket has ____ color ____ yours, but mine is bigger than yours.

A. the same, as B. same, as C. different, from D. the same, to

( )42. Wang Mei ____ her mother because she is beautiful and intelligent.

A. look B liked C. is like D. look like

( )43. The teacher _____ to Li Lei, “You ____ very good English.”

A. say, speak B. talk, say C. speak, talk D. said, speak

( )44. President Bush ____ a visit ____ China last month.

A. pay, in B. paid, to C. gave, in D. paid, for

( )45.There will not be enough space to _____ the earth in the future.

A. live on B. live in C. live on in D. live in on

( )46.At last, Lucy make the baby ____ and the baby began to laugh.

A. stop crying B. to stop crying C. stop to say D. to stop to cry

( ) 47. Do you ____ a cat ____ a pet at home?

A. have , as B. keep, for C. keep, as D. Both A and C

( ) 4 8. The president _____ all people _____ our environment.

A. urge, protect B. urged, to protect C. urges, protect D. urged, protect

( ) 49. I feel that the zoo ____ a clean and safe place ____ animals .

A. provide, for B. gives, for C. provides, for D. provides, to

( ) 50.I think the environment is really important. ____, I like ____ my bike.

A. Beside, riding B. Besides, riding C. Except, to ride D. Except, riding

( )51 She often makes plans ____others. A. helps B. helping C. to help D. help ( )52. Tom ate bread ______eating rice for breakfast .

A. instead B. instead of C. of D .but

( )53. The old man ______ten years ago. A. dead B. is dead C. died D. was died ( )54.What ____you ____to do before the last meeting ?

A. did, suppose B. are, supposing C. were, suppose D. were supposed

( )55.The idea of “sunshine sport” makes it possible for kids to choose and do ____about

sport as long as one hour every day.

A. pleasant something B. anything pleasant

C. nothing pleasant D. pleasant anything

( )56. Without _______a word, the man left in a hurry.

A. to say B. says C. saying D. said

( )57. Do you think ____useful to learn a foreign language ?

A. that B. it C. this D. they

( )58. The foreigner will get used to ___with chopsticks soon.

A. eating B. eat C. ate D. going to eat

( )59.He hurried home,_____ behind from time to time as he went .

A. looking B. looked C. being looked D. was looking

( )60.—Is there _____in today’s newspaper? —No, there’s ______.

A. anything special; something unusual B. anything special; nothing unusual

C. special anything ; nothing unusual D. special anything ; unusual nothing

( )61.To keep our classroom clean, please______ waste paper ______ whenever you see it.

A. take ; up B. pick; up C. put; up D. send; up

( )62.Susan enjoys a cup of tea at times , but ____she drinks coffee.

A. mostly B. almost C. nearly D. most

( )63.The people in that country is _______time.

A. relax with B. relaxing to C. relaxed about D. relaxed at

( )64.As you can imagine ,things in France are not the same as the ______ they are in China.

A. way B. road C. path D. street

( )65.-Did you go to Sam’s weekend party ? -No, I________

A. am not invited B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t invited D. didn’t invite

( )66.To students ,learning how to live is ____important ___learning how to study.

A. too; to B. so; that C. as; as D. not only ; but also

( )67.He went ____his way ____some flowers for his mother .

A. out ;of to buy B. out ; to buy C. out of; buying D. out ;buying

( )68.____ a lot of noise _____not polite.

A. Make; is B. Making ; are C. Making ;is D. Make ;are

( )69. Are you used to ___your friend after school?

A. e-mail B. e-mailing C. e-mailed D. e-mails

( )70.Sir, you should ______this letter.

A. post B. have posted C. have post D. had posted

( )71._____the story is short and there are no new words in it, it is difficult to understand.

A. But B. Though C. And D. For

( )72. Most young people find ______exciting to watch a football match.

A. it B. this C. that D. one

( )73. Students mustn’t smoke or drink while _______ at school.

A. study B. studying C. to study D. studied

( )74.Li Yuchun said she _______ a concert by herself some day.

A. have B. will have C. would have D. had

( )75. _______ useful work they have done!

A.What B.How C.What a D.What an

( )76. His school backpack ________by a woman ten minutes ago.

A.took away B.was taken away C.were take away D.had taken away

( )77. Tom often makes some ______________ in his tests.

A.mistakes B.mistake C.mistaken D.mistaking

( )78. The first thing is _________ the teacher.

A.greeting B.to greet C.greeted D.being greeted


1. .There are some new students in our school this term.(改为否定句)

There _______ _______ new students in our school this term.

2. .The students don’t have much time to play with their friends.(改为反义疑问句) The students don’t have much time to play with their friends, ________ ________?

3. .Maria and Jane have waited at the airport for two hours.(对划线部分提问)

________ _________ have Maria and Jane waited at the airport?

4. Jim left Chongqing 3 days ago because of his new work.(改为同义句)

Jim has ________ ________ from Chongqing for 3 days because of his new work.

5. . Cai Lun invented paper. (同义句转换)

Paper _______ _______ ________ Cai Lun.

6. . There is enough food. Please eat as much as possible. (同义句转换)

There is enough food. Please eat as much as ________ ________.

7. . The film had begun when I got there. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ the film ________?

8. . His sister had already read some books before she went to school. (改为否定句)

His sister ________ ________ _______ books ________ before she went to the school.

9. . He is really a modest man. (改为感叹句)

________ ________ ________ man he is!

10. . If you get up early, you'll catch the early bus. (同义句转换)

________ you get up early, ________ you ________ miss the early bus.

11. . The old woman was afraid of being alone. (同义句转换) The old woman was afraid ________ ________ alone.

五. 根据汉语意思完成下列句子。

1.大家相信篮球是由一名美国人发明的。 It_____ ___ that basketball _______ _______ by an American. 2.老师告诉我们茶叶是偶然发明的。 Our teacher told us that tea _____ _____ _____ ______. 3.我不喜欢巧克力,味道太甜。 I don’t like chocolate. The taste is _____ ______. 4.这面条不够咸。 The noodles aren’t _____ _____.


He ______ _____ when skiing yesterday and hurt his knees.

6 她很有耐性,非常适合教学生。

She is very patient and she is _______________________________.

7 这条河不像过去那样干净了。

The river ____________________ it ________________________.

8. 妈妈在上班的路上看到了我的英语老师。

My mother saw my English teacher __________________________.

9. 他的腿坏了,几乎不能移动。

His leg is broken and he can ________________________________.

10. 你同意我说的话吗?

Do you ___________________________________________________?

11. 我们应该爱护动物,关爱地球。

We should ______________ animals and ____________ the earth.

12. 离开房间时不要忘记关灯。

Don’t forget ________________________ when you leave the room.

13. 回收书和纸很容易,但对保护环境很重要。

_________________________ is easy. But it is very important for protecting the environment.


You’d better ______________________ when you wash your hair.


______ ________ ________ is not ______ easy job.


We usually _______ ________ __________ to see our friends.


In China, the planes_________ _________ ______time.


He usually_______ his girlfriend _______ the cinema ________ Friday nights.

19. 由于他改变想法,他的生活也改变了。

His life changed _________ he _________ his_________.


What ____________________when you meet your Japanese friend?


I ____________Ma Lin but I do not ______________.


How can I _______ my American friend ________________? 23老师常常告诉我们要尽量帮助有困难的学生。

The teacher often tells us to help the students ______________. 24吃饭时不要用筷子指着别人。

Don’t _______________ others with chopsticks while eating. 25他没有理由去做那件事。

He has _______________________________________________. 26很快他便成了学校里的尖子生。

Soon he became ___________________ at school.


He ______________ since he visited net bar.


A few foreign students __________________at our school.


My job is ___________________________________.

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