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我读了美国著名作家海明威的小说《老人与海》,十分佩服小说中老渔夫的意志,他让我懂得了一个人一定要有坚持不懈的精神,才能获得成功。 小说描写的是一个年近六旬的老渔夫,在一次单身出海打鱼时,钓到了一条大鱼,却拉不上来。老渔夫同鱼周旋了几天后,才发现这是一条超过自己渔船数倍的大马林鱼,虽然明知很难取胜,但仍不放弃。后来又因大马林鱼伤口上的鱼腥味引来了几群鲨鱼抢食,但老人仍不愿就这样放弃,最终突出重围,将大鱼带回了渔港,让其他渔夫佩服不已。

I read a famous American writer Ernest Hemingway's novel "the old man and the sea", very admire kept the will of the novel, he let me know how a man must have perseverance, can succeed. The man is a novel depicts a near the old fisherman, in a single out to sea fishing, caught a big fish, but pull not up. The old fisherman al with fish after a few days, found that this is a more than his several times as big marlin fishing boats, although

knowing is hard to win, but still don't give up. Later and because the big marlin wound fish smell drew a few group of sharks rob food, but the old man still would not so give up, eventually beckoning, the big fish back to the fishing port, let the other fishermen to admire.


这本书是作者真实生活的写照,高尔基根据自己的亲身经历,再现了黑暗统治下的孩子从觉醒到长大的苦难历程。阿廖沙是一个悲惨、可怜的小孩,他的童年是在外祖父家度过的,他的生活可不像我们现在这样幸福,充满阳光和爱。他的外祖父性情暴躁,贪婪、自私;两个舅舅也很自私、粗暴,这些都在年幼的阿 廖沙的心里留下了深深的烙印。这本书让我了解到了当时沙皇统治时期的困苦生活,让我知道了现在的美好生活的来之不易。我们要珍惜现在的幸福生活,热爱生活,努力学习,用自己的能力和智慧把这个世界建设得更加美好。 This book is the real portraiture of life, golgi according to own experience, emersion the children of dark rule from awakening to the suffering of the course grew up. Allyson is a tragic, poor child, his childhood was spent in my grandfather home, his life is not like we do now happiness, full of light and love. His grandfather cranky and greed, selfish; Two uncle is very selfish, rough, these are young allyson heart left a deep imprint. This book let I learned the czar was during the reign of the poor life, let me know the better life now the hard-won. We should cherish the happiness of life, love of life, study hard, with their own ability and wisdom to the world ?


Loves also thoroughly, hates thoroughly also. Repays a debt of gratitude also

thoroughly, the revenge is also thorough. This is reads " Christ mountain revenge in me records " after the biggest feeling.China has the proverb is called the " gentleman

revenges, ten year not late ", revenges also is needs to conserve strength, certainly is not

may act rashly by reason of for a while the state of mind. But Christ mountain count, then was most concrete the motion explains this proverb with oneself.After experiences 14 years in prison, his life essential meaning was pursues ever the family member, ever

benefactor and ever personal enemy. After confirmed had to seek person, he certainly did not have like us such which saw in the chivalric fiction novel, held the fist in the other hand cloud " to the benefactor goes through fire or water, again did not hesitate ", assassinated to the personal enemy one sword. He chose his own way.To ever had the graciousness to own ship owner one, he used up it energy, silently supported, by the various way, actually always did not let them know actually own was for repay a debt of gratitude.If he repays a debt of gratitude moving, then his revenge is so the incisiveness, also has several after us calls unavoidably to have the dessert is startled.

reading "A tale of two cities"

"A tale of two cities" is one of Dickens's most important representative works.The novel profoundly exposed the society contradiction before the French Revolution,intensely attacks the aristocratic social class is dissolute and cruel,and sincerely sympathizes with the depressed classes.

The novel has portrayed many different people. Doctor Manette , Lucie ,Charles ,Lorry ,Sydney and Miss Pross . I like Lorry best,as he is honest and brave.

As an outstanding writer,in Dickens's work,the language skill is essential.the style "A tale of two cities" is solemnity and melancholy,fills indignantion,but lacks the humor of the early

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