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Jack comes from the USA.He 1 in Los Angeles.He likes going to different places.Last weekend,he 2 to Beijing on vacation with his wife and son.On Sunday afternoon,it rained. 3 they visited a museum.There were too many people

in the museum.His son was lost.They were very worried(担心).But at last (最后)many Chinese people helped them 4 his son.They were very happy.So when his friends ask Jack,”What do you think of China?”He always 5 ,”I love it”.

1. A. to live B.lives C. live D. lived 2. A.. came B. comes C.arrived D. arrives

3. A. So B.If C. But D. Or 4. A. found B. looked for C. find D. look for 5. A. speak B. speaks C. say D. says 根据短文内容判断正误

Ann?s grandfather was very rich and he ahd some shops.The old man began to learn drawing when he was sixty,and he loved it very much.For twlve years he drew a lot and there were manyh poctures in his workroom,.He was peased with them and kept them very well. One day,the old man was ill.He had to stay in hospital.Before he died,he said to Ann,”I want to give my pictures to a school.Then the students can remember me forever .But I don?t know whick school I?m going to give them to .Can you help me?” “Well”,said the little girl,”you ?d better give them to a blind school.”

1. Ann?s grandpa was an artist. 2. The old man died when he was 72 years old.

3.Ann?s granpa wanted to give his pictures to a school because he didn?t like them.

4.All the pictures were in the old man?s workroom. 5.Ann thought her grandfather?s pictures were bad.


Little Peter is a boy of nine,He is in Grade Three.He lives not far from the school,but he is often late for class.He likes watching TV in the evening and goes to bed late,so he can?t get up on time in the morning.This term ,Mrs.Black ,Peter?s aunt,works in Peter?s school .She is strick with Peter and often tells the boy to obey the school rules and come to school on time.Yesterday morning Peter got up late.When he got to school,it was 8:10.His aunt waited for him at the school gate.”You are ten minutes late for the first class,Peter,”Mrs Black said angrily.”Why are you often late for class?””Every time,when I get to the street corner,I always see a guidepost(路标) .It says SCHOOL-GO SLOWLY!”

1. Peter began to go to school when he was---. A. nine B. five C. eight D. six

2. Peter is often late for school because---. A. he walks slowly B. he doesn?t like to go to school

C. he often gets up late D.he lives far from school.

3. The first class begins at --- A. 7:50 B.8:00 C8:05 D.8:15

4. The guidepost is for ----. A.Drivers B.Peter C. students D. teachers

5. Which one is true? A. Mrs Black works in Peter?s school for three years. B. Mrs Black is Peter?s math teacher.

C. Mrs Black asks Peter to go fast D. Mrs Black is Peter?s aunt.


Dear Tom,

Thank you for your postcard. I showed it to some of my friends at school.Three other students in my class have friendsin other countries,too.They also got postcards from their foreign friends.One of the postcards is from Australia,one is from America,and another is from Japan.Now I want to tell you something about my family.My father and mother are doctors.I have a brother and a sister.My sister works in a middle school and my brother is studying in a university.Could you give me a photo of you?I want to know what you look like.


Zhang Yang

1. Who writes the letter?

2. How many people are there in Zhang Yang?s family?

3. Where are Zhang Yang?s classmates? friends from?

4. What does Zhang Yang want to get from Tom?

5. Did Zhang Yang meet Tom before?

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