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1、—Excuse me. Do you have a phone?

—Sorry! I don't have one.


A. The same to you!

B. See you soon.

C. Of course.

D. Thank you all the same.

2、— Thank you very much.

— _____.

A. That's all right

B. That's right.

3、— Let's go swimming this afternoon.

— ______.

A. Great.

B. Good idea.

C. That's OK.

D. A, B and C.

4、以下三个单词在词汇表中排在最前的是 ________。

A. knock

B. koala

C. knight


— Sorry, I have no time to help you with your homework. I have to look after my sister.

— ______.

A. You're welcome.

B. Thank you.

C. Thank you all the same.

6、______ is on June 1.

A. Children Day

B. Children's Day

C. Childrens' Day

D. childrens' Day

7、—How much are the black socks?

—Two dollars.

—OK. _____.

A. Here you are

B. I'll take it

C. I'll take them

D. You are welcome.

8、— Happy New Year!

— ______.

A. Thank you

B. The same to you

C. That's OK

D. Not at all

9、— Sorry, I don't know how to look after these flowers.

— _____.

A. Not at all

B. You're welcome

C. Never mind

D. That's right


1. a. b. c. 2. a. b. c. 3. a. b. c. 4. a. b. c.

A. 1-a; 2-c; 3-b; 4-a

B. 1-a; 2-d; 3-d; 4-a

C. 1-a; 2-d; 3-b; 4-a

D. 1-b; 2-d; 3-b; 4-c

d. d. d. d.

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