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1、A: Would you like to go fishing with me tomorrow? B: _____

A. Yes, I would

B. No, I don't

C. Yes, I'd love to

D. No, I won't

2、There ______ a garden near my house.




3、Hello! _____ Kate speaking. Who's that?

A. I'm

B. She's

C. That's

D. This is

4、—I'm going to Hainan on vacation on the weekend. —__________.

A. Have a good time

B. Please go

C. You are welcome

D. Thanks a lot

5、______ for the great photo.

A. Thanks you

B. Thanks

C. Thank


A. What's your name?

B. I am fine, thank you.

C. How are you?

7、— Would you like some bananas?

— ______.

A. No, please

B. Yes, thank you

C. No, thanks

D. Yes, I wouldn't

8、—Will you go to the party tonight?

— _________, I have to look after my mother in hospital.

A. I'm tired

B. I'd love to

C. I'm happy

D. I'm afraid not

9、They go to school five days _____.

A. week

B. a week

C. weeks

D. in a week

10、— I'm sorry. I can't help you now. — _______.

A. You're welcome.

B. Thank you very much.

C. Thank you all the same.

D. Thank you for your help.

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