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初一英语周周练(7B Unit 1——Unit 2)

班级 姓名 学号

命题人 孙洁 2013 3 13



1.2.3.— How much does it cost ?

—About seven (千)yuan .

4.The 十二) lesson is my favourite in the book.

5.day of a week .

6.My (邻居) are very kind and helpful .

7.Tom needs an (工程师) to fix his computer .

8.the students’ homework every morning .

9.The washing machine doesn’.

10.As a 大学B.用所给词的适当形式填空。

1.We have a nice 2.People in the west use 3.Would you like (live) in a city ?

4.(20) floor.

5.Lots of (visit) visit the Great Wall every year .

6.I will ask someone 7.They 8.The girl is very lucky 9.Is there (something) wrong with your bike ?


( )1.Look !The little computer A.looks like B.is likes C.look like D.likes ( )2.—Why don’t you go to play football with us after school ?

—I will my mother the housework .

A.help ,to B.helps , to C.help ,to doing D.help ,with ( )3.Each of the club members help the people in trouble. 1

A.is ready to B.are ready with C.be ready to D.is ready ( )4.I am going to ask David the flat .

A.clean B.cleans C.cleaning D.to clean ( )5.There is wrong with my car ,so I will ask to fix it .

A.something , anyone B.anything ,someone

C.something ,someone D.nothing ,someone

( )6.Thanks to Project Hope , children have better lives .

A.thousands of B.thousands

C.thousand D.thousand of

( )7.—What do you need ? —I need someone my toy plane .

A.fix B.fixing C.fixes D.to fix ( )8.This girl is ready A.to help B.help C.helping D.helps ( )9.—Is Lisa coming ? —Yes ,she in an hour .

A.arriving B.arrives C.will arrive D.arrive ( )10.—What does your father do ?

—He is a .He does the cooking in a restaurant .

A.waiter B.cook C.doctor D.teacher


1.We will have a class meeting in the school hall .(改为否定句)

We a class meeting in the school hall .

2.It will be quite cold nexe week .(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

—it quite cold next week ?

— .

3.Mrs Black cleans the room every day .(用tomorrow改写句子)

Mrs Black the room 4.对划线部分提问)

cook us nice food ?

5.对划线部分提问) this evening ?



Daniel , please ?



Please him .


My bike is , so I need 4.能住在一个那样的社区已很幸运。

It’s to in community .


in City Garden in Ninth Street.There are about 20 in his neighbourhood . Most of them have 14 . There are supermarkets , restaurants , a school and a hospital around his neighbourhood . 1....5.


My dream home is very big and clean.I can watch the sea and plav volleyball on the beach.

us in the big house.room i s on the first floor.I always chat with them and help them do some housework on the weekend.floor,there is a kitchen and a dining room.All the family will have dinner there.My bedroom,study and bathroom are on the third floor.There is a big balcony in my bedroom.I can play games,read books and chat with my friends there.The furniture(家具)in my house is all made of wood..to music while reading books in my bedroom..My parents’room is on the fourth floor.It’very big and clean.

There is a big and nice garden behind the big house.There are marly flowers tall trees in it.

In summer,I can sit under the trees with my family.Behind the garden,there is a swimming pool.I can swim freely in it.I think it is very comfortable to 1ive in my dream home.

( )1.A.river B.sea C.ground D.school

( )2.A.at B.for C.with D.to

( )3.A.Their B.Her C.Our D.Your

( )4.A.fourth B.third C.first D.second

( )5.A.pets B.members C.things D.animals

( )6.A.at B.to C with D.for


( )7.A.1istening B.reading C writing D.doing

( )8.A.to look for B.to clean C to come D.to 1eave

( )9.A.also B.too C either D.but

( )10.A.few B.a few C 1ittle D.a Iittle


Erica is a nine-year-old girl.Today is a beautiful day for Erica.Her uncle will come from Australia today.Her uncle is twenty seven.He lives there for three years.He will bring a big surprise(惊喜)for Erica.

The school is over.And Erica puts her books in the bag and goes out of the classroom.She is running home and thinking about her uncle.She wants to know the surprise.

“Is it a surfboard?That iS fun!I can 1earn how to surf!”

“Are they Australian nuts(坚果)?Oh,I can eat nuts all day!”

“Or maybe he brings a kangaroo?That is not good.I don’t have a place in my room for a kangaroo?”

Erica gets home at four o’clock.Her parents are there,and her uncle is there!She is very happy to see

him.“Uncle,uncle,”she calls,“What surprise do you have for me from Australia?”“Well,”her uncle smiles and answers.“I have for you an Australian uncle.”

( )1.How old is Erica?

A.She is three. B.She is nine.

C.She is twenty-seven. D.She is four.

( )2..

A.on foot B.by car C.by bike D.on a bus

( )3..

A.surfboard B.Australian uncle C.kangaroo D.her uncle

( )4.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.Erica lives in Australia for three years. B.Erica is a student.

C Erica’s uncle comes home after four.

D.Erica gets a beautiful gift from her uncle.

( )5.What’s the best title(题目)?

A.A Beautiful Girl B.My Australian Uncle

C.A Big Surprise D.My Family


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