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Unit 4 How do you get to school?

Period 1

Teaching aims:

1.Knowledge goals :key vocabulary: get to , how far , bicycle , subway , minute , mile , bus stop .

target language: Talk about how to get to places

2.Ability goals: Listening skill. Writing skill. Communicative competence.

3.Moral goals:

Know about some traffic rules.

Don’t be late for school.

Important and difficult points :

1. how /how far /how long 引导的特殊疑问句.

2. 乘坐交通工具的表示方法.

Teaching aids: cards

Teaching procedures :

Step 1 Greeting and revision

Step 2; Presentation

1.Talk about the picture, How do you get to school?

2. Ask students ways to get to school, For example, take the bus/the train/the subway.

3. Write down how you get to school .

4. Look at the picture .Write down how the students get to school.

5. Make dialogues with the phrases .

6. Groupwork: Divide the students into groups of three or four .Practice reading the dialogues.

7. Revise the numbers .

8. Teach the new word :minute .

Step 3 .Practice:

Finish the exercise in the small blackboard.

Step 4 .Summary

The key language points we learnt in this period.

Step 5. Homework

Finish the exercise book

After class idea:

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