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B4U8 review课本

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Unit 8 That’s Infotainment

Prepare your vocabulary 1. People who work in the city actually live in neighboring towns. reside 2. Callie is a girls who likes talking about others’ privacy. gossiping 3. The case attracted wide attention from publicity the public. 4. He registered in drama school. enrolled 5. Novels and short stories are of different genres types. 6. Bill Clinton’s sex disgrace almost cost his political life. scandal

Reading comprehension Please attach the following topics to each paragraph. Trouble childhood Weight battles Being herself Changes Success Oprah’s influence Oprah’s career Love/Daily life 2 7 4 6 5

3 8

1. What is Oprah’s hosting style? Plain speaking, empathetic best girlfriend to American _______________________________

2. Vernon Winfrey’s strict curfew and emphasis on education _______________________ turned Oprah’s life around quickly. 3. What makes Oprah different from other famous hosts in America? _______________________________ 1. Opening up to audience, being herself _______________________________
2. Focus on uplifting and meaningful topics

4. From Oprah’s weight battle, we can see she is a woman with _______. strong will


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