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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

Unit10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!


1.I'm looking forward to _____________(hear) from you soon.

2. Where _________ he _______ (see) the film if he _________(have) time?

3. If there _________(be) fewer trees, there __________( be) more pollution.

4. He _________ (dress)more casually if he _______________ ( not work) on weekends.

5.The man's son is old enough____________(look)after himself.

6 His ____________ (invite) pleased(使—高兴) us. We all want to go to the party.

7.He would love______________(have)a cup of tea.

8. I __________(have) a bake sale if I __________(need) money for education.

9. Peter _________( send) me a beautiful souvenir if he __________(tour) Spain.

10. If Mr Green _______ (say) I am hard- working , my parents __________ (feel)glad.

11. If she _________(get) up late, she ___________________ ( not catch) the early bus.

12. Peter __________(major) in English if he _________(pass) the exams in Peking University.

13.—Why not_________(go)to the zoo on Sunday? —That's a good idea.

14.I hope to do a lot of work____________(help)others who are in trouble

15.If I go to college, I __________never __________(become)a great soccer player.

16.I learnt how ___________(ride)a bike when I was six years old.

17.Tom can _________(visit) his aunt. He __________ (not have) to _________(stay) at home .


1.Thanks a lot for______me______your house.

A.invite;for B.invite;to C.inviting;for D.inviting;to

2.—______I watch TV,Mum?—Sure,but you______finish your homework first.

A.Must;needn't B.Can;may C.Can;must D.May;mustn't

3.The students are very ______ at the ______ news.

A.surprised;surprising B.surprising;surprised

C.surprised;surprised D.surprising;surprising

4.My best friend often invites me ______ delicious food. A.enjoy B.enjoying C.enjoyed D.to enjoy

5. _______ he _____ finish it today? A .has, to B Does, have to C Has , have to D Is ,have to

6.I ____ her the answer if she ____me.

A. can tell, will ask? B. will tell, will ask? C. would tell, ask?? D. will tell, asks

7.—Sorry,but I have to look after my brother.—That's too______. Maybe______ time.

A.bad;another B.bad;other C.good;another D.good;other

8.—Would you like to visit the museum?—______

A.Yes,please. B.Sure,I'd love to. C.Sorry,I wouldn't. D.Yes,I would.

9. – What are you going to do tomorrow? —We’ll go to the library tomorrow if it ___.

A. isn’t rain B. rain C. won’t rain D. doesn’t rain

10. If I eat ____ food, I’ll be very fat. A. too many B. many too C. too much D. much too

11. If you bring a pet dog to the party, the teacher will______


A. take a pet dog away B. take away them C. take it away D. take away it

12. The old man ______ a pair of glasses is a scientist. A. with B. has C. wears D. at

13.How do you ______ your spare time? A. take B. spend C. pay D. cost

14. ----Who carried water for Grandma Li ? ----Li ping and Zhang Li _____.

A. do B. did C. will D. carried

15. If I have no ticket, the man won’t____. A. let me into B. let me in C. allow me in D. allow me into

16. What _____ if they ______ to the class late?

A. will happen, go B. will happen, will go

C. will be happening, will go D. will be happened ,go

17. They didn’t go to bed________ they finished their homework. A. until B. because C. when D. if

18. We shouldn’t _ A. to laugh B. laugh at C. laugh D. to laugh at

19. ----I don’t know if my mother ________tomorrow.

----If she________, I’ll meet her at the train station.

A. will come; comes B. comes ; will come C. will come; will come D. comes; comes

20. ----Listen! Somebody is coming. ----No, _____ is coming. I can’t hear_____.

A. somebody, anybody B. anybody, somebody C. nobody, anything D. somebody, somebody

21.I'm late for school today. I think my teacher must be ______ me.

A.worried about B.pleased with C.friendly to D.angry with

22.Unless we ______ the problem,we won't be happy. A. solve B.will solve C.solved D.solving

23.He often makes ______ mistakes,because he doesn't read ______.

A.careful;carefully B.careless;careful

C.careless;carefully D.careful;carelessly

24.—I don't remember the teacher's telephone number.

—If you______,we can call her for help. A.are B.will C.do D.did

25.______ a problem is like ______ it in half.

A.Share;cut B.Sharing;cut C.Share;cutting D.Sharing;cutting

26.Do you think the worst thing is _____nothing? A.do B.does C.to do D.done

27.When they move ______ there,they live in ______.

A.to;apartment B.to;an apartment C./;apartment D./;an apartment

28.Do you know ____ I miss you? A.how many B.how much C.how long D.how far

29.Please reply to the invitation ______ by next Tuesday.

A.call B.in call C.in calling D.for calling

30.I have two brothers. One is a doctor, ____ is a teacher. A .another B .others C .other D .the other

31.I don’t like this black jacket. Can you show me ____ one?

A .another B .others C .other D .the other

32.Now we are cleaning the classroom. Some students are cleaning the windows, ____ are cleaning the floor. A. another B. others C. other D. the other


There is something about New Year’s Eve. In Scotland the last day of the year is the important holiday of the winter, more important than go about from house to house drinking to each other and wishing good luck, New Year’s Day all shops and factories are closed and no is done. Families meet party.

In England New Year’s Day is not and people go to work as . But on New Year’s Eve most people sit up till see the New Year in or they parties and dances. 2

Most of the big London hotels a New Year’s Eve dance.

( )1、A、more B、most C、much D、such

( )2、A、summer holiday B、Sunday C、Spring Festival D、Christmas

( )3、A、In B、To C、On D、For

( )4、A、study B、exam C、work D、reading

( )5、A、gathering B、together C、get-together D、with

( )6、A、a B、an C、the D、one

( )7、A、always B、usually C、sometimes D、usual

( )8、A、midnight B、afternoon C、noon D、morning

( )9、A、run B、jump C、go D、rush

( )10、A、take B、bring C、have D、held

四、阅读理解 A

In Canada and the United States,people enjoy entertaining(请客)at home. They often invite friends over for a meal,a party,or just for a coffee and conversation.

Here are the kinds of things people say when they invite someone to their home:

―Would you like to come over for dinner Saturday night?‖

―Hey,we're having a party on Friday. Can you come?‖

To reply to an invitation,either say thank you and accept,or say you're sorry,and give an excuse: ―Thanks,I'd love to. What time would you like me to come?‖or ―Oh,sorry,I've tickets for a movie.‖

Sometimes,however,people use expressions that sound like invitations but which are not real invitations. For example: ―Please come over for a drink sometime.‖

―Why not get together for a party sometime?‖

―Why don't you come over and see us sometime soon?‖

They are really just polite ways of ending a conversation. They are not real invitations because they don't mention a specific(确定的)time or date. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly. To reply to expressions like these,people just say ―Sure,that would be great!‖or ―OK,yes,thanks.‖

So next time when you hear what sounds like an invitation,listen carefully:Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?

1. Why do Canadians and Americans often invite friends for meals at home? A.Because they can save time. B.Because they can spend less money.

C.Because they enjoy entertaining at home. D.Because they have modern and beautiful house.

2.Which of the following is a real invitation?

A.―If you are free,let's go for a dinner sometime.‖

B.―Please go to the cinema with me someday.‖

C.―Would you like to have a cup of tea with us sometime?‖

D.―I've two tickets here. Can you go to the movie with me?‖

3. If people say ―Let's get together for lunch some day.‖,you just say ―______‖

A.That would be nice. B.How about this weekend?

C.Oh,sorry. I'm very busy. D.That's great. I'll be there on time.

4. People use ―an unreal invitation‖ in order to(为了)show that ______.

A.they're trying to be friendly B.they're trying to be helpful

C.they're trying to make friends with others D.they haven't got ready for a party yet

5. The passage is mainly about______.


A.entertainment at home

C.expressions of starting a conversation B.real invitations or not D.ways of ending a conversation


Most people who work in the office have a boss (老板). So do I (我也是). But my boss is a little unusual. What's unusual about him? It's a big dog. Many men have dogs, but few men bring their dogs to the office every day. My boss's dog. Robinson, is big and brown. My boss brings him to work every day. He takes the dog to meetings and he takes the dog to lunch. When there is telephone call for my boss, I always knowif he is in the office. I only look under his desk. If I see something brown and hairy (毛绒绒的) under it, I know my boss is somewhere in the office. If there is no dog , I know my boss is out.

6. People _________bring dogs to the office. A. usually B. often C. seldom (几乎不) D. sometimes

7. My boss is Robinson's _______. A. boss B. master C. classmate D. teacher

8. Robinson goes to meetings _________ my boss. A. for B. without C. instead of (代替) D. with

9. Robinson is always under the desk if the boss is _________.

A. in the office B. at meetings C. out of the office D. out of work

10. The passage tells us the boss _________ the dog very much.

A. looks like B. hates (恨) C. likes D. trust(信任)


Traveling is one of the most important activities and people have been interested in it for many years. Modern traffic develops fast,so traveling to different places has become much easier than before.

Staying healthy while traveling can make your trip happier. But do you know how to keep healthy during a trip?The following information may be useful for you.

Before traveling:

●Wear comfortable shoes,a hat and sunglasses.

●Take some necessary medicine with you. They can be used when you get sick or have other problems.

●If you do lots of sports like walking or climbing during your trip,you should do some exercise for weeks or months before you leave.

While traveling:

●Be sure not to eat dirty food or bad fruit.

●Have enough time to take a rest during your trip.

●Tap water is not safe,so drink bottled water and always clean the cover on the bottle.

11.Traveling has become much easier because of the ______.

A.modern technology B.modern traffic development

C.travel agencies D.development of people's lives

12.You should______ before you leave your home for a trip.

A.take some medicine with you B.clean the cover

C.drink much water D.wear warm clothes

13.You had better not______ while you are having a trip.

A.wear glasses B.be too tired C.wear a hat D.take a rest

14.If you ______while traveling,your trip will be happier.

A. walk fast B. eat too much C. keep healthy D. climb a mountain

15.The passage mainly talks about______.

A.traveling development B.how to keep healthy during a trip

C.activities before traveling D.activities while traveling


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