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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册《Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks》学案

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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks》

班级_______ 姓名

_________ 日期_____

1. 写出下列短语:.fix up________ be similar to ___________ 要,要求 give away___________ use up ________ run out of ___________ 产生结果

put up__________与...相像__________与?相似_____________ 修理 _________/_______赠 送 ________用 完 _______提出,想出 ______ 建立一个笔友网站 闲逛 张贴寻找唱歌工作的告示

任务一 1a Match the sentences with similar meanins

任务二 1b Make sentences with the phrases in the box

任务三Listening skills -----2a、2b听2a,2b两部分的录音材料并完成任务要求

2 听完后你能将下列的活动按正确顺序排列?

( _) Jimmy gives away the bikes to kids

( ) Jimmy fixes up the bikes

( ) Jimmy has run out of money

( ) Jimmy finds or buys old bikes Read the dialogue (2a) and finish the sentences.

(1) Jinmy修自行车然后把它们赠送出去。

Jimmy is the boy who ____________old bikes and ____________


Then I __________the bikes and _________to kids who don't___________.

(3)我猜我像我父亲。 I guess I________________My father.

(4) 但现在我已用完了买自行车的钱。

But mow I've ______________________________to buy old bikes.

(5) 我必须要想某个办法弄到钱,不然的话我就要停止了。

I _____________some way of getting money or I'll have to stop.

(6) 你的父母一定会为你感到自豪。

Your parents __________________________you.


读文章并写出划线部分短语的意思 Last week everyone was trying to cheer up ( )Jimmy, the Bike Boy. But this week, Jimmy is happy again. On Monday he told a radio interviewer that he had run out of ( )money to buy old bikes. He also put up( ) some signs asking for( ) old bikes and called up ( )all his friends and told them about the problem. He even handed out( ) advertisements at a local supermarket. Then he told the teachers at school about his problem and they set up( ) a call-in center for parents. The strategies that he came up with ( )worked out( ) fine. He now has sixteen bikes to fix up( ) and give away( ) to children who don’t have bikes.


1.I’ve run out of it. 我已经用完了它。

run out 与 run out of的用法区别:

(1) run out. 其主语往往为物。如时间,食物,金钱,油等,本身就含有被动意义。 His money soon . 他的钱很快就花光了。


Our time 。 我们剩下的时间不多了。

(2)run out of 主语为人,表示主动含义。与use up 同义。 He always / always money before pay day.


(3)run out of 还可以表示“从??跑出来”。 例如: We are afraid that the tiger runs out of its cage. 我们害怕老虎从笼子里跑出来。

2.I take after my mother. 我长得像我的妈妈。

take after 和 look like 的用法区别:

take after 指在外貌、性格等方面与父母等相像。例如: She her mother in appearance. 她的长相随她母亲。

look like 也表示“像”,只指外表上“看起来”(look)“像”(like)。例如: Lucy her sister, Lily. 露西看上去像她的姐姐,莉蕾。

3.I fix it up.我把它修好了。fix up是动副型短语。如果宾语是代词,放于两者之间。 如:My radio doesn’t work.Could you ?


fix ,mend和 repair 的用法区别:

repair 用于建筑、堤坝、机器、车辆等的修理;fix是美语用法,等于repair; mend一般用于衣服,鞋袜等小东西,偶尔也用于道路、门窗等。例如: Can you / ? 你给我修修自行车行吗? He his shoes.. 他正在修他的鞋子。 4. Last week everyone was trying to cheer upJimmy,the Bike Boy.


try to do sth.试图做某事。

例:They the study but failed.他们试图继续那个研究但失败了。

【归纳拓展】(1)try to do和try doing 辨析

try to do表示试图做某事。

例:I try the others.我试图赶上其他人。

try doing 表示尝试做某事。

例:Why not try ?为什么不尝试征求他的允许呢?


①try one’s best (to do sth.)尽全力(做某事)例:The Japanese goverment solve the problem.日本政府尽全力解决这个问题。

②try sth. on试穿 例:The scarf looks beautiful.Can I ?这丝巾真漂亮,我可以试一下吗? 5. The strategies that he came up with worked out fine.他相处的办法收效很好。 2

work out产生结果;发展;成功

例:—How’s the new company?新公司怎么样?

—I’m afraid this job ,either.恐怕这份工作也不怎么样。

【知识全貌】(1)work out相关修饰语

work out quite well 例:Things have for us.事情的结果对我们很不错。 work out fine 例:Yunhai’s ideas —Yuxun falls in love with him. 云海的主意很不错——雨荀喜欢上他了。

(2)work out其他意义 ①算出 例:The problem is so difficult that nobody can 这道题太难了,没人做的出来。

②解决问题,弄清疑团,破译密码 例:I couldn’t where the voice came from.我弄不清声音是从哪儿来的。

6. They are both clever and a bit quiet.他们两个既聪明又有点儿安静。

意为“有点儿”,在句中修饰形容词quiet,相当于a little, a little bit或kind of。 辨析:a little 与a bit


今天有点儿热。 .

(2)a little可直接修饰不可数名词,而a bit则不能。a bit修饰名词时后须加of。即a bit of后接不可数名词。



1. The boy takes after his mother. The boy _________ ________ _______ his mother.

2. Can you come up with a good way to learn English well?

Can you ______ __________ a good way to learn English well?

3. We can repair your watch at once. We can _______ _________ your watch at once.

4. We want to make the girl happy. We want to ________ __________ the girl.



1.She doesn’t have any more of it.

A. takes after B. looks out C. runs out of D. gives away 2.Have you fixed them up?

A. repair B. repairs C. repairing D. repaired 3. They take after me.

A. be similar to B. is similar to C. be similar with D. are similar to 4.Could you put up the pictures on the wall?

A. hang B. take C. give D. bring 5. Did you think up a good idea?

A. set up B. cheer up C. come up with D. ran out of 6.Mother is ill. I have to look after it.

A. look up B. look over C. take care of D. look around 7.We are no longer students. We should find a job.

A. never B. still C. not?any more D. not?any longer

8.They tried and in the end they won the game.

A. at first B. at last C. at the beginning D. at once


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