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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册《Unit 9 When was it invented》(第四课时)学案

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《Unit 9 When was it invented》(第四课时)

班级_______ 姓

名_________ 日期_____

学习目标 全面掌握被动语态。


最受欢迎的饮料_______________ 在世界上____________ 偶然的__________ 三千多年________________ 根据_______________决定做某事__________________ 在户外的火炉上_____________________ 用这种方式_____________________

一个古老的中国传说_____________________ 落入_____________________



Accident 1.事故;灾祸 He died in an automobile accident years ago. 他数年前死于车祸

2意外事情;偶然因素,机遇 The discovery was a happy accident. 这一发现出


By accident意外事情;偶然因素,机遇

The discovery was a happy accident. 这一发现出人意料,令人高兴。

Taste的用法 作名词,意为“味道,滋味” 作系动词,意为“尝起来”,后跟形容词作表语。

作实义动词,意为“尝,品尝”, 作形容词,意为“味道好的”。

用单词的适当形式完成句子。 1. Tea ____________(invent) by Shen Nong.

2. The beverrage ____________(descover) over three thousand years.

3. We spent a ____________(please ) evening.

4. I'm ____________ (please )to meet you.

5. The boy _________ (fall) down from the tree.

6. Did you notice the man _________(go) out of the room?

7. The computer is one of the most important ____________(invent). 8. Amy makes fewer mistakes than Peter. She does her homework___ (careful).

9. John is __________(luck) enough to miss the first train.

10. The guide said that much attention must ___________(pay) to these details. 11 .My friend told me that he wasn’t used to __________(travel) by plane and he

used to _________(feel) sick a lot.

12. Thank you for _________ me to the party, I’m grateful to you for your _______(invite). 13. By the time he was 12, he _____________(teach) himself French.

14. He watched the result of the test and then ___________(draw) a conclusion.(得出结论)

15. So far, we ___________(hold) twelve sports meetings.

16. This camera doesn’t belong to _________(he), it’s _________(I). 17. This car costs too much. Don’t you have something _________ (cheap)? 1

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