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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册《Unit 9 When was it invented》(第三课时)学案

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《Unit 9 When was it invented》


班级_______ 姓

名_________ 日期_____


学习目标 学会表达这些创造和发明对你的生活的帮助或对生活质量的提高和认识。 课堂导学方案

导学1.salty 是形容词。意为“咸的,含盐的”。

It is salty. 这是咸的 I don't like salty food. 我不喜欢咸的食物

导学2. Mistake 1动词 弄错,误解

You mistook my meaning entirely. 你完全误会了我的意思。 I mistook the number and went to the wrong room. 我记错号码,走错了房间

2.名词 错误,过失;误会 Tom didn't make a single spelling mistake in his composition.


By mistake 错误地 He put salt into his tea by mistake. 他把盐误放进茶里 达标检测.

( )1 Keys are _____ the doors. A. used for open B. usesd to open C. use for opening D. use to open

( )2 Yesterday I took Tom's bag _____

A. by mistake B. in mistake C. for mistake D. by mistakes

( )3 The worker came up with a good idea______

A. at the end B. in the end C. by the end D. at the end of

( )4 My teacher told me that my homework must ________ on time. A. finish B. finished C. be finished D. be finishing

( )5 The police found a car ________

A. by the way B. by mistake C. by accident D. by then

( )6 Do you know the bank _______ his sister works ? A. where B. that C. which D. who ( )7 Be careful of the cup, it's ___________ A. sour B. crispy C. salty

D. hot

( )8 ____ honest the boy is! A. What an B. What a C. What D. How

( )9._____ a new library _____ in our school last year?

A. is; built B. Was; built C. Does; build D. Did; build

( )10 .An accident ____ on this road last week.

A. has been happened B. was happened C. is happened D. happened

( )11.Cotton ____ in the southeast of China.

A. is grown B. are grown C. grows D. grow

( )12. So far, the moon ____ by man already.

A. is visited B. will be visited C. has been visited D. was visited

( )13.A talk on Chinese history _____ in the school hall next week.

A. is given B. has been given C. will be given D. gives

( )14.How many trees ____ this year?

A. are planted B. will plant C. have been planted D. planted


( )15.A lot of things ____ by people to save the little girl now. A. are doing B. are being done C. has been done D. will be done ( )16. Neither of them ______ in China. A. is made B. are made C. were made D. made ( )17.Look! A nice picture ____ for our teacher. A. is drawing B. is being drawn C. has been drawn D. draws ( )18.Your shoes ____. You need a new pair. A. wear out B. worn out C. are worn out D. is worn ( )19.--When ___ this kind of computers______? --Last year. A. did; use B. was; used C. is; used

D. are; used

( )22.He says that Mr. Zhang _____ to the factory next week.

A. is sent B. would send C. was sent D. will be sent

( )23.Who _____ this book _____?

A. did; written B. was; written by C. did; written D. was; written

( )24.Mary ____ show me her new dictionary.

A. has asked to B. was asked to C. is asked D. asks to

( )25.A story _____ by Granny yesterday.

A. was told us B. was told to us C. is told us D. told us 汉译英



3.你认为什么是最令人讨厌的发明?____________________________________ 2

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