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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册《Unit 9 When was it invented》(第五课时)学案

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《Unit 9 When was it invented》(第五课时)

班级_______ 姓名_________ 日期_____

学习目标 巩固使用被动语态描述事物;全面掌握本单元所学知识。

学习重点 1.本单元的阅读课文。2.词汇

1、 世纪_________ 2、积极的 __________ 3、有创造性的___________

4、与-------相撞___________ 5、分开 划分__________ 6、金属________

7、在-------下面_________ 8、朝着 ________ 9发展__________ 10、上升_________

century active creative knock into divide metal below towards develop rise risen

教学流程1.自主学习。2.合作探究。3.小组展示4.总结 课堂导学方案

divide 动词, 意为“分开,划分”,常与介词in,into连用,指把一个整体分成几个部分。 2. It is believed that?.意为“人们相信” 类似的短语还有:

it is hoped that 人们希望,它的基本构成是it is + v-ed + that结构,可以翻译成“人们希望”。类似的短语还有it is said that据说, it is reported that据报道, it is believed that人们认为/相信...

达标检测 用所给的词组填空。

by accident divide...into fall into

aim at in the end according to prefer...to

1.__________an ancient Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nong discovered tea.

2. Tea, the most popular drink in the world was invented__________.

3 . Some leaves from a nearby bush __________the water and remained there for some time. 4. He __________the lion and fired.5. The customer was happy__________.

6. I __________lemons __________ oranges.

7. Mum_________ _the apple __________three parts among the children.

选择填空 ( )1.A Knife is used for ________ things . A cutting B. cut C cuts D to cut

( )2.Anna is _____to choose her own clothes .A. allowed B. allows C. allowing D . allow

( )3. He finished the homework _________.

A. in the end B. o the end C. by the end D. at the end

( )4. Pens ____writing . A . used to B. are used as C. are used by D. are used for

( )5. __________ is used for seeing in the dark .

A The shoes with adjustable heels B. The battery -operated slippers

C. The heated ice cream scoop D. The flying disk

( )6. I can't wake up in the morning . What shall I do ? Buy _______, it may help . A. a light bulb B. a microwave oven C an alarm clock D. a binoculars

( )7. Your city looks beautiful ! Yes . Lots of trees and grass _________last year. A. are planted B. have planted C . were planting D . were planted

( )8. Where is Mary ? She _____in the cinema an hour ago.

A. saw B, sees C. is seen D. was seen

( )9. Look! A boy is falling _______the river. Let's go and save him.

A. into .B. lff C. over D down

( )10. I took the wrong train _____, I didn't even know it until half an hour later. A. by mistakes B. by mistake C. with mistake D. with mistakes



1. The soup is too ______(salt ) I don't like it .

2 Sony is the ________ (thin )boy in the class .

3. The water is _________ (boil) now .

4. The flowers produced a ______(please ) smell .

5. Who were they ____( discover ) by ? 6. It's _____(use ) for scooping really cold ice cream .

7. What do you think is the most _______(invent )?

8.Tea ____(not bring ) to the Western World until 1610.

9. The potato chips were invented by a chef __________(call ) George Grum. 10. This _____(much love ) sport is enjoyed by young people .

11. Do you think the alarm clock is an ________( annoy ) invention ?

12. It is played by more than 100 million people in over 200 countries ______(include ) China .


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