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八年级Unit 9 Can you come to my party 教学设计

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八年级Unit 9 Can you come to my party ?

Period 1 Section A 1a-2b




教学重点:a. Master the new words : prepare, exam , flu , available

b .Master the phrases : prepare for ,prepare… for … , have/pass/fail the exam , have/get the flu ,give sb the flu

c .Master the sentence patterns : Can you come to my party ?

Sure , I’d love to .Sorry , I can’t .

d. Master the uses of can ,must ,have to

教学难点:Make , accept and decline invitations

Talk about obligations

Step 1:Revision and Lead in

Show the picture of the calendar ( Saturday ).Ask: What day is it today?

Show the pictures of some ball games .

Ask some questions. eg ,What’s your favorite sports ? Can you play … with me on Saturday ? Have the students ask and answer in pairs.


[present the title ] Can you come to my party on Saturday ?

Step 2 :Present the new words and have to :

Explain the new words by pictures .eg prepare for

Explain the new words in situations.


eg exam : Tim had the flu. → He gave me the flu. →So I got the flu.

exam: examination We had an exam last Monday . →I passed the exam →Tim failed the exam. Practice : Have them match the phrases with the pictures then call back the answers.


Step 3:Language goals :

[Present making invitations and answers ].

Today is Kay’s birthday. Now, she is calling to invite her friends to come to her birthday party.Show three pictures in situation .

Summarize : inviting ,accepting and refusing the invitations


Step 4 :Listening practice :

Have them look at the picture. Play the tape .Students listen and write the names next to the correct students in the picture.


Oral practice:

Show an example students find their partners.

A: Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon?

B: Sure, I’d love to.

C: Sorry, I can’t. I have to prepare for an exam.

D: I’m sorry, too. I must go to the doctor.

[设计意图]初输入信息,使学生巩固信息,开展口语教学 Explanation : Explain the uses of can , have to and must


Step 5 :Practice :

Listening practice :

Show 2a and 2b,have them listen and circle then complete the chart

[设计意图] 强化听力教学

Oral practice 1: Choose the best answer

Oral practice 2 : Make an invitation for Lisa

Oral practice 3 : Make a telephone call

[设计意图]巩固新知,情景交际,开放教学,提高口语能力 Step 6 :Homework :

Write a conversation using making ,accepting and decline the invitation


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