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Sreious Pollution

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Sreious Pollution

The drinking water is less and less. The air becomes dirtier and dirtier. *Many people cut down the trees. *There are fewer and fewer trees on Earth. Some animals die out. Some plants can’t live without light and water well. I think people’s life becomes worse and worse. It’s time for us to protect the Earth !

We can plant lots of trees , because they can provide us with lots of things. 二

We mustn’t throw away rubbish everywhere. If we put rubbish into the rivers ,plants and animals form all for the rivers will die. If we see rubbish on the land we should pick uo rubbish ,it can make roads clean. The Tourist will think this is a beautiful city.

Don’t use plastic bags.If we put the plastic bags into the land

Don’t waster water. We need water to drink. We need water to surrive. 五

Don’t kill the animals and plants. They are our good friends. Plants can provide us air.

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