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湖北省武汉为明实验学校九年级英语全册《Unit 9 When was it invented》单元基础测试题

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《Unit 9 When was it invented》单元基础测试题


1. A glass is used for ________(drink) water. 2. What is the most (use) invention in the world? 3. Do you know the (heat) ice cream scoop? 4.This kind of bicycle was (invent) by a middle school student. 5.What do you think of these (invent)?

1A: What (do) you think is the most helpful invention ? B: I think the most helpful invention 2 (be) the light bulb. A: Why 3 (be) that ? B: Well ,it 4 (give) people more time 5 (work) and play every day.

6.____ a new library ______ ( build ) in our school last year ?

7.Cotton __________ ( grow) in the southeast of China.

8. How many trees ____ ____________(plant) yesterday?

9.Your shoes ______________ (wear) out .You need a new pair. 10.When _____ this kind of computers _____ (use) ? Two years ago.

11.Was the cup used for ________ (drink) tea by the people at that time ? 12. The shoes with __________ (adjust) heels were invented by Jayce Coziar and Jamie


13. What do you think is _________________(useful) invention among them ?

14. I think it will be _______(good) to have a car than to have a bus . 16. Do you think who is the most famous _____________ (invent) in the world ? Thomas


17. The mother puts too much salt in the soup so it tastes quite ______ (salt) .

18. Is there a place _________ (name) Xicheng near here ? Sorry , I don’t know.

1. The cars _________(make) in Shanghai in 2002.

2. Do you know when that tall building _________(build)? 3. We __________(tell) not to play computer games on weekdays.

4. The project _________(finish) next month. 5. The young man was seen _________(get) on a bus just now.

Section B & Self check

Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示,填写单词。

1. I’d like to have two apple p________.

2. Boys, stop t_______ stones at the poor dog.

3. The dish Mom cooked p_________ a nice smell.

4. One c_________ means a hundred years.

5. In a_________ times, it was hard for people to travel around.


1. ___________(根据) the weather forecast, there will be rain in most parts of China.

2. Yesterday I took Jenny’s dictionary home ____________(错误地).

3. Boys and girls, be careful enough not to____________(落入) the lake.


4. In our free time, I taught her Chinese and she taught me English. ___________(用这种方式), both of us learned a lot.

5. — Why did you come home so late this afternoon?

— I met one of my old friends in the street _____________(意外地) and we had a long talk.



1. At her birthday party, several ________(basket) of fruit were eaten. 2. The price of coffee has _________(rise) by ten cents.

3. The room is full of ________(wood) furniture (家具).

4. Chicago _________(develop) into a big city in the late 1800s. 5. Dad was so tired that he fell asleep while ________(read) the newspaper.

Ⅱ 选择填空

( ) 3. Keys _____ used for _____ the doors.

A. is, opening B. is, opened C. are, opening D. are opened

( ) 4. My mother told me that my homework must _______ on time.

A. finish B. be finish C. be finished D. finished

( ) 5.The police found the lost car _______.

A. with mistake B. by accident C. by mistake D. in accident

( ) 6. I won’t go ________ he comes back.

A. until B. while C. when D. why

( ) 7. Everyone knows Thomas Edison ________a lot of useful inventions.

A. invents B. invented C. discovers D. discovered

( ) 8 We have decided ________a picnic in the bush this Sunday. A. have B. to have C. has D. had

( )9. China is a _______country

A. developing B. develop C. developed D. being developed

( ) 10. He lived in place _____ Gum Tree.

A. called B. name C. named D. Both A and C

( ) 11. Look around while _____ the street. A. cross B. crossing C. crossed D. to cross

( ) 12. The boy was seen ______on the sports ground.

A. to play B. play C. played D. to playing

( ) 13. The trees must _______three times a week.

A water B watering C be watered D. waters

( ) 14. In his free time, he often teaches me how ________.

A. swim B. swimming C. to swim D. swims ( ) 15. The number of teachers in our school ____60 and a number of them ______ male teachers.

A. is; are B. are; is C. am; are D. be; are ( ) 16. ----Would you like some tea, please ? ----Yes, I prefer tea____sugar. 2

A. to B. for C. with D. than 3

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