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九年级(上)Unit 8

I. Phrases 1.clean up 2.give out

3.cheer up=make…happier 4.after school study program 5.come up with=think up 6.put off 7.write down 8.put up 9.hand out 10.call up

11.ser up=establish 12.be home to sb

13.volunteer one’s time to do sth. 14.put…to use… 15.elementary school 16.plan to do sth

17.coach a football team for kids 18. run out of

19.start a Chinese History club 20.take after 21.fix up 22.give away 23.be similar to 24.ask for

25. disabled people

26.hang out (hung-hung)

27.put up signs asking for singing jobs 28.run out of money for singing lessons 29. a call-in center for parents 30.for sure

31.fill…with... /be full of 32.help...out

33.a specially trained dog 34.train sb to do sth 35.fetch my book

36.part of speech 词性

II. Key Sentences

1.We can’ 我们不能推迟制订计划,清洁日离现在只有两周了。

2. at her local elementary school.


3. good about helping other people,

what I love to do. 帮助别人不但自己感到快乐,而且我开始花时间做自己喜欢做的事了。 4. 这三个学生计划在他们校开展一个学生志愿者项目。 5.He also put up some sign asking for old bikes. 他还贴了一些需求旧自行车的广告。

6. 他想出的这个办法很有效。

7.He did a radio interview. 他接受了电台的采访。

8.We need to come up with a plan. 我们需要指定一个计划。

9.You could help clean up the city parks. 你可以帮助打扫城市公园。

10.He now has sixteen bikes to fix up and give away to children who don’t have bikes.


1. Not only … but also … 不仅…而且… 强调后者

1)此结构用来连接主语时,谓语动词按照就近原则,在人称与数上与but also后的名词、代词


Not only ZhouXia, but also her parents ________ (be fond of) watching football matches. 2) 此结构可用来连接两个句子,当not only连接的句子位于句首时,该句要部分倒装。 ①李小姐不但喜欢音乐,还喜欢体育

Not only ___ ____ _____ ____ _____,but also she likes sports. ②他不但来了,而且还很高兴。

Not only _____ ____ _____,but also he was very happy.

2.major ① adj. 重要的,主要的 ② n. 专业,专业学生 ③vi. 主修,专攻 major in 1) He is a history _____. = He chose history as his ______. 2) He ____________ physics. 他主修物理学。 3) We have _______ problems to solve these days. 3.run out 与 run out of

①run out (become used up). 其主语往往为物。如时间,食物,金钱,油等,本

身就含有被动意义。②run out of 主语为人,表示主动含义。 1) His money soon _________________.

2) He is always ______________ money before pay day. 4) My patience has completely __________. 4) 我们剩下的时间不多了。

Our time _______________. =

We ______________ time

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四.单选Unit 8 Grade 9

( )1. They need a lot of money to ______ some schools for the poor children. A. set off B. set on C. set to D. set up

( )2. ______ John _____ Tom wants to buy a new bike, because their bikes are broken. A. Both, and B. Not only, but also C. Neither, nor D. Either, or ( )3. I want to volunteer my spare time _______ the kids. A. to help B. helping C. helped D. helps ( )4. Let’s help Tom to ______ his broken car.

A. set up B. clean up C. fix up D. put up ( )5. We must ______ a plan to protect the environment.

A. catch up with B. think over C. come up with D. make up ( )6. Not only ______ polluted, but also ______ dirty. A. is the air, are rivers B. is the air, rivers are C. the air is, rivers are D. the air is, are rivers

( )7. _____ of them likes playing basketball. A. Every B. Each C. Both D. All ( )8. ---I want to buy some new clothes. ----Sorry, we are _______ out of money. A. getting B. taking C. using D. running

( )9. ---Do you think Mary ______ her mother? ---Yes, they are both friendly. A. looks after B. likes C. takes after D. looks like ( )10. My brothers is too young. He is ______ to drive a car. A. able B. unable C. never D. good

( )11. His parents arrived ______ Guangzhou _____ a rainy evening. A. at, at B. in, on C. in, in D. at, in

( )12. ---Where’s Lucy? ---I’m not sure. She _____ in the school library. A. maybe B. must be C. may be D. can be

( )13.---I don’t know ______. ---The doctor says she is much better these days. A. how is she B. where she is C. how she is D. where is she ( )14.---Can I get you something to drink? ---___________.

A. With pleasure B. It’s very nice of you C. You can D. You’re welcome ( )15. I hardly knew anything about it _______ you told me. A. since B. after C. so D. until

( )16. There is _____ “u” in the word “useful”. A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )17.---Is there _______ in today’s newspaper, Tom? ---Yes. Have a look please.

A. something special B. special something C. special anything D. anything special ( )18. If you ____ up earlier, you can finish the work in time. A. get B. will get C. gets D. is getting

( )19. ---______ important language English is! ----I think so. A. What a B. How C. What an D. How an

( )20.---You don’t like playing the piano, do you? ---______. I like playing the violin. A. No, I do B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I don’t D. No, I don’t ( )21. Mr. Black, together with his wife, _______ going shopping. A. are B. is C. were D. does

( )22. ---_______ bike did you borrow? ----Jane’s. she isn’t going to be out. A. What B. Whose C. Where D. Which

( )23.---Did you see Tom at the party? ---No, he _____ by the time I got there. A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. has left ( )24. This pen is _____ Jane’s _____ Jerry’s. it’s our teacher’s.

A. either, or B. not only, but also C. both, and D. neither, nor ( )25._____ trees should be planted on the mountains.

A. Three thousand of B. Thousand of C. Three thousands D. Thousands of ( )26. Stop smoking, _____ you will get better soon. A. and B. or C. that D. after

( )27.---It’s very nice _____ some money to me. ---With pleasure.

A. of you to lend B. for you to lend C. for you lending D. of you lending ( )28. The teacher warned boys _____ football in the street.

A. to play not B. not to play C. not playing D. not to playing ( )29. This is the place _____ my grandfather lived. A. which B. where C. who D. that

( )30. ---Would you like a cup of coffee? ---________.

A. No, thanks B. I think so C. That’s all right D. Yes, I would ( )31.Twenty _____ were hurt, but no ______ were lost in the accident. A. person, life B. people, lives C. peoples, lives D. persons, life ( )32.---Where are the boys? ---They are in ______.

A. Room 8 B. the Room 8 C. the 8 Room D. 8 Room ( )33. My little brother wishes to be ________.

A. Lei Feng B. the Lei Feng C. this Lei Feng D. a Lei Feng ( )34. ---Mike has been in Japan for about one year. ---He can speak ______ Japanese, but not ______.

A. some, much B. any, much C. much, many D. many, any

( )35.---What’ wrong with her mother? ---She is ill and doesn’t feel like _______.

A. to eat something B. to eat anything C. eating something D. eating anything ( )36. Lucy is taller than ______ in her class.

A. any other girls B. any of the other girl C. the other girl D. any other girl ( )37.---May we leave the classroom now?

---No, you ______. You ______ to leave until the bell rings. A. mustn’t, are allowed B. don’t have to, are supposed

C. needn’t, aren’t allowed D. can’t, aren’t supposed ( )38.---Look! There ______ lots of traffic in this city.

---______ we should be careful when we cross the streets. A. is, But B. are, But C. is, So D. are, or

( )39.---Mum, can I go skating now? ---Well, you may go after your homework ______. A. has finished B. will finish C. is finished D. was finished ( )40. ---I want to be a Chinese teacher when I grow up.

---That’s great. Chinese teachers _____ in China and some foreign countries. A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need ( )41.---I’m very tired these days because of studying for physics. ---Why not _____ music. It can make you ______.

A. listen to, relaxed B. to listen to, to relax C. listening to, relax D. listened to , relax ( )42. He is ______ of the two boys. A. young B. younger C. the younger D. the youngest ( )43.---Liu Dong, would you like to have ______? ---NO, thanks. I’m full.

A. something more B. more something C. anything more D. more anything ( )44.---You should do your homework a bit ____ next time. ---Sorry, Mr Smith. I will do better.

A. careful B. carefully C. more careful D. more carefully ( )45.Her ____ brother is four years _____ than her.

A. older, elder B. elder, older C. older, older D. elder, elder ( )46.---Did you play a game in class yesterday morning?

---Yes. The students in front of the class kept their hands _____ and their eyes ______. A. opened, closed B. opening, closing C. open, closed D. opened, close ( )47.---Here are some presents ____ you _____ our best wishes. ---Thanks a lot. A. to, with B. for, with C. of, about D. for, for

( )48.---______ delicious the bread is! Would you like _____? ---No, thanks. I’m full. A. How, one more B. What, a few more C. How, some more D. What , some more ( )49. You as well as _______ bright. A. I are B. I am C. I is D. he is ( )50. Nothing but grass and trees ______ the mountains.

A. covers B. cover C. covering D. is covering

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