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1.Take some rest after lunch and you won’ t feel in the afternoon.

2.When the child saw her parents waiting at the school gate,she ran them.

3.After years of planning,my dream of the European tour last month.

4.To protect ,scientists suggest that people stop fishing in some parts of the oceans.

5.This morning I was two minutes late for the train,but ,I didn’t miss it as the train was late,too.


Tom:Hi,Dad,do you have time for a chat?I have 6. some problems.

Dad:Oh,Tom,what’s 7. ?

Tom:Dad,you and mum are always around me.I don’t have my own time and 8. .

Dad:Are we?

Tom:Yes.I always have to obey you,but I’m able to decide my own business now.

Dad:Oh,I didn’t realise that we hardly 9. you to make your own decision in the past. Tom:Dad,I have grown up.Please don’t treat me like a child.

Dad:I’m sorry.We’ll try to change ourselves.

Tom:That’s 10. .

Dad:Son,remember,we are always open for a chat.


John Allen,an American scientist once said,“the Internet is the world’s largest library,but all the

11. (书) in it are on the floor!” What he meant is that the Internet is full of 12. (信息).But it can be difficult to find what you really need.The Internet has 13. (另一个) disadvantage.Anyone can 14. (创建) a website,so you can find websites about whatever you can imagine.Unfortunately,a lot of what is written on them is not always true.

At the same time,the Internet provides many other things.On some websites,you can download music and films.They are usually very 15. (便宜) and some are even free.On some other websites,you can connect with people from all over the world.And there are some great online 16. (商店),too.For example,on eBay,people 17. (卖)used clothes,CDs,and even cars at very low prices.

It is true that the Internet has changed the way we work and 18. (交流).But we should not depend on it too much.Some people are also afraid that 19. (网上冲浪) the Internet has taken the place of other healthier activities,especially for 20. (年轻的) people.Whether you love it or hate it,though,you’d better get used to it because it is right here to stay!


Dear Annie,

Everyone thinks I am so lucky to have parents who are always 21. (度过) their time with me.I don’t feel that way,though.Mum and dad have made many 22. (规则) at home.For example,they don’t allow me to have fun with friends on weekends.23. (代替),I have to stay at home,busy with endless 24. (家庭作业).They are watching over me all the time.I want to 25. (加入) the afterclass activities I’m interested in,and not the ones they think are 26. (有用的),but I have to obey them.Can you tell me what I should do?


Dear Tom,

Thank you for your message.It 27. (似乎) that your parents want to protect you,though you may feel uncomfortable sometimes.Why don’t you have an 28 (诚实的) chat with them?Show your parents that you are old enough to take 29. (照料) of yourself and make your own decision.Express your feelings to them.Then,work 30. (一起) to reach an agreement.Be patient,and I am sure things will be better from now on.



I had always tried to do something for the children in some poor villages.On a hot 31. (七月 ) day,I joined a group of volunteers and came to a small village in the 32. (西部) of China to build a library at a primary school.

After a threehour ride,we 33. (到达) there at last.The school was poor,and had to 34. (选择)a small room as the library.Our job was to move the books into the room,place them on the shelves

and set up small tables and 35. (椅子) for the children.

I soon found the work wasn’t as 36. (有趣的)as I had expected.We did the same tiring things for the whole morning.But in the 37. (下午),students began to borrow books from the library and went back to their 38. (教室) to read.One student said that he had never seen so many books and 39. (感谢)us again and again.How happy I was to 40. (听见) that! Then we worked on and in the end,a library was created.

It only took us one day to build the library,but it will make a difference to the children’s lives.


It was Christmas time in 2008.I had no idea that this would be the last Christmas we would 41 (度过)with Mom.It was snowing hard and very cold.It was a very 42 (特别的)Christmas for me—you see Mom never owned a new coat.

Mom got ill when she was a 43 (年轻的)child and she became disabled.One of her legs was larger than the other.At times she would have trouble walking,but she never complained.Mom always treated my friends with kindness and they were always welcome at our house anytime.I 44 (记得)my good friend Glen coming over and talking with Mom even when I wasn’t at home.Mom was always willing to lend a listening 45 (耳朵).

Mom’s all clothes were four dresses,four pairs of shoes,a 46 (白色的)blouse,and a yellow 47 (毛衣).

I decided that I would buy Mom a coat that year,so I took her down to find something for Christmas.As we went past the coat store,one of the coats in the store caught Mom’s eyes.I asked her to try on the coat for fun.She said that we did not have the money to buy the coat.But after a long talk with Mom, 48 (最后)we left the store with Mom wearing that nice coat.She agreed that the coat did look good on her.I will ever thank for this opportunity,being able to give back just a little.This was the nicest coat she ever owned.

In 49 (三月)of 2009,Mom died at age 42.As I look back on my mother’s life,it was filled with acts of kindness.Giving came from her heart.She was willing to help others whenever it was 50 (可能的).I learn a lot from my mother.

七、根据短文内容,用方框中的单词或其恰当形式填空(每词限用一次)。(2013,新疆) for,give,easy,allow,so,cool,they,sell,parents,at

Some students often smoke cigarettes in school’s washing room.Tang Liang started smoking 51. the age of 14.One day he knew that Yao Ming,an ambassador(大使) to the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control(中国控烟协会),asked people not to smoke.Yao Ming was Tang’s favourite star,52. his words meant a lot to him.He decided to 53. up smoking.

According to the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control,about 350 million Chinese smoke.50 million is teenagers among 54. .Sun Ping of Beijing University said,“When their parents smoke or shops 55. cigarettes to them,teenagers can get cigarettes more 56. .It’s very important 57. parents to help their children stop smoking.”

A fifteen boy called Li Chen from Shanghai said his 58. didn’t smoke.Because they thought smoking could make people feel badly ill,they didn’t 59. him to play with friends who smoked.Living in such a good family helped kids say no to cigarettes.Some of his smoking classmates once told Li Chen that smoking made boys look 60. ,but he disagreed.He said,“Smoking is unhealthy and it’s not cool at all.Please stop smoking now!”


61.I plan to go on a trip in (七月).(2013,盐城)

62.The world is (充满) of chances,and we must make a quick decision when we meet one.(2013,盐城)

63.People who eat a balanced diet should be (健康) than those who only eat biscuits and hamburgers.(2013,烟台)

64.The customs in Qingdao are (相似的) to those in Yantai.(2013,烟台)

65.I could hear her sweet (嗓音) from the next room.(2013,安徽)

66.It’s polite to (敲) on the door before entering a room.(2013,安徽)

67.Driving on mountain roads always makes me (紧张的).(2013,宁夏)

68.August is the (第八个) month of a year.(2013,宁夏)

69.Don’t disturb him.He is busy w an important report.(2013,黄石)

70.Please give me a hand.I’m not tall e to reach the book on bookshelf.(2013,黄石)

71.If you are far away from your parents for a long time,you will m them.

72.Some students have to w glasses in class because they can’t see the blackboard.(2013,吉


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