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2013-2014学年七年级英语寒假作业5(无答案) 人教新目标版


( ) 1 Can you play tennis ?

A a B an C / D the

( ) 2 I have a basketball and she have a basketball ,too.

A don’t , doesn’t B am not ,don’t C doesn’t , don’t D don’t , don’t

( ) 3 Here are many ; soccer ,baseball and more.

A sport clubs B sport club C sports club D sports clubs

( ) 4 She sports .She only them on TV

A doesn’t play ,watch B doesn’t play ,watches

C don’t play ,watch D doesn’t plays ,watches

( ) 5 Mary play ? Yes ,she

A Do sport ,do B Does sports , does C Does sports ,does D does sports , do

( ) 6 We five volleyballs .

A have B has C doesn’t have D has not

( )7 BEN has an book.

A fun B difficult C interesting D boring

( ) 8 Let’s watch TV, That good.

A are B look C sound D sounds

( ) 9 He watches them the radio .

A on B in C at D of.

( )10. He _______ his mother very much.

A like B. loves C. love D. is like

( )11. He and I ______ boys.

A is B. am C. are D. be

( )12. He and I ______ her on TV

A watches B. watch C. See D. sees

( )13. He with I ______ her on TV

A. watches B. watch C. See D. sees

( )14. He with I ______ boys.

A is B. am C. are D. be

( )15. —Is this ______ alarm clock? —Yes, _____ is my brother’s.

A. a; he B. a; it C. an; he D. an; it

( )16 Two books and a pencil case are in the ______ of the desk.

A. tape B. floor C. drawer D. chair

( )17. Can you bring my dictionary to school? I _______ it.

A. need B. know C. bring D. take

( )18. —Where are his notebooks? —______ are on the desk.

A. You B. They C. These D. Those

( )19. Jane, bring my math book ______ here, please.

A. to B. at C. in D. /

( )20. —______ is on the dresser? —A key.


A. What B. What color C. How D. Where

( )21. —Excuse ______. Is this ______ book?—Yes, thanks.

A. me; my B. I; your C. me; your D. I; my

( )22. —What fruit does Jenny ______?—She ______ apples.

A. like; like B. like; likes C. likes; like D. likes; likes

( )23. —How are you, Nancy?—I’m not ______. And I can’t eat ______ every day. A. OK; good B. well; good C. well; fine D. fine; well

( )24. —Does Bob have vegetables for dinner?—______. But his sister has some carrots.

A. Yes, he has B. No, he hasn’t C. Yes, he does D. No, he doesn’t

( )25. —Let’s _________ some chicken. —Great! I like chicken.

A. like B. has C. to have D. eat

( )26. —Where ______ your food?—I only have two hamburgers. They ____ on the table.

A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is D. are; are

( )27. I have a computer, ______ I don’t play computer games on it.

A. also B. only C. but D. and

( )28. My grandmother needs ______ carrots and ______ broccoli.

A. a; many B. lots of; some C. some; a D. a lot of; many

( )29. —______ do you spell your family name?—C-L-A-R-K, Clark.

A. How B. What C. Where D. What color

( )30. —Your jacket looks nice.—___________.

A. No, thanks B. Yes, please C. It isn’t nice D. Thank you


Look at the 31. It’

s my desk. 32 books are on it. One is my English book, and the other (另一本) is my math book. You can also see (也能看

见) some 33 on the desk. The plants are green. My pencil case is also 34 the desk. A pen, an eraser and a ruler 35 in it. The pen is black, the 36 is yellow, and the ruler is white. 37 my pencil? Aha, it’s under the desk. Is my computer game under the desk? No, 38 isn’t. The desk has a drawer. 39! It is in the 40.

( )31. A. chair B. sofa C. desk D. bed

( )32. A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

( )33. A. keys B. tapes C. CDs D. plants

( )34. A. in B. on C. of D. To

( )35. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )36. A. eraser B. map C. Pencil D. Hat

( )37. A. What B. Where C. What’s D. Where’s

( )38. A. she B. he C. it D. That

( )39. A. Thank B. Look C. Spell D. Meet

( )40. A. drawer B. bag C. backpack D. bookcase、




Hi! I’

m Tina. This is a photo of Class 2. This class has twenty-five students, twelve girls and thirteen boys. These are Amy and Bob. Amy is Bob’

s sister. Amy is 12 and Bob is 13. Amy likes math and English. Bob likes music (音

乐). He has a CD collection. This is Bruce. He is 14. He likes sports and has a sports collection. Jerry is a teacher (教

师). He is twenty-four. He likes blue, black and green. Many of his clothes are in these colors. Do you know the relationship between Jerry and Bruce? Aha! Jerry is Bruce’s uncle. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

( )41. ______ girls are in Class 2.

A. 12 B. 13 C. 24 D. 25

( )42. What does Bob like?

A. Math. B. Music. C. English. D. Sports.

( )43. What color does Jerry NOT like?

A. Blue. B. Yellow. C. Black. D. Green.

( )44. What’s the Chinese meaning of (??的汉语意思) relationship?

A. 性别 B. 国籍 C. 关系 D. 爱好

( )45. ______ and Bruce are in a family.

A. Bob B. Jerry C. Amy D. Tina


Bill likes hamburgers, eggs and oranges for breakfast. For lunch, he eats French fries, chicken and salad. For dessert(甜点),he likes ice-cream. He doesn’t like pears or bananas for dinner. He likes tomatoes, broccoli and strawberries. Sandra has French fries, eggs, apples and bananas for breakfast. She doesn’t like chicken for lunch. She eats hamburgers, salad and pears for lunch. For dinner, she has strawberries and broccoli. She likes ice-cream for dessert.

Bill and Sandra are healthy because they eat lots of (很多)healthy food. 46 What does Bill have for breakfast?

A French fries, chicken, apples and bananas.

B Hamburgers, tomatoes and oranges.

C Hamburgers, eggs and oranges.

47 What does Bill like for dessert?

A Ice-cream B Bananas

C Apples

48 Bill doesn’t like _______ for dinner.

A tomatoes B pears C strawberries

49 Sandra has ________ for lunch.

A chicken and pears B hamburgers, salad and pears C hamburgers, bananas and pears

50 What does the word “because” mean(单词because是什么意思?)

A 然后 B 所以 C 因为


Mason's Clothes Store


Clothes Color Price socks white, blue $4 pants black $11 sweater red, white $8 T-shirt red, green, black $7 hat

black, red


( )51.Which is the cheapest(最便宜的)of all?

A. hat B. T-shirt C. pants D. socks

( )52.How much are two sweaters and a hat?

A. $14 B. $20 C. $21 D. $22

( )53.You can buy ______ in Mason's Clothes Store.

A. black pants B. a blue sweater C. a green hat D. red socks

( )54.You like red and you only have $6. You can buy________.

A. a sweater B. a hat C. a T-shirt D. none(全无)

( )55.You have $16.You can buy ___________.

A. a sweater and a pair of pants B. two T-shirts and a pair of socks

C. two sweaters

D. a sweater and two hats 四.连词成句

56 is really this a term busy

57 games always he plays us with

58 very all we prices at our sell clothes good

59 next John’s dinner week is birthday

60 play school our with it we at friends


61.The book is very (interest),I like it very much.

62.He (watch) TV at home every day.

63. I like playing ping pong,but I (not have) a ping pong ball now.

64. My brother __________ ( have ) a baseball bat .

65.—Let 's watch TV. —That ___________( sound) interesting .

66. Where ________ (be) my video tapes?

67. Excuse me, Jane. Is it ________ (you) watch?

68. Are those his _____ (baseball)?

70. Jim, can you bring two ________ (bag) to me?


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