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1.I’m tired . I want to stop 2.More than one student (be) on the playground now .

3.What about (visit) the zoo today ?

4.Shall we go (shop) today .

5.“Am I wrong?”

6.7.’s go .

8.We should take good (carefully ) of the old man .

9.We (write) to her ten days ago .

10.for sleepng in cold winter .


1.She is the first to come to school usual .

2.It made a sound a ghost.

3.the litter (垃圾) on the floor .

4.his way home ,he lost his watch .

5.Do men sleep their eyes open ?

6.Please turn and look me .

7.Don’t worry 8.There is a stone bridge the river .

9.Walk the path ,and you’ll find the police station .


( )1.not to touch(触摸) tigers.

A.care B.careful C.carefully D.careless

( )2..

A.One B.Anyone C.Someone D.Nobody

( )3.and to me carefully.


A.to talk,listening

C.talking,listen B.talking,to listen D.to talk,to listen

( )4.Don’t worry.There is time left(剩下的).

A.1ittle B.a few C.a little D.few

( )5.We hope you to our house for lunch next Sunday.

A.to come B.coming C.to coming D.will come

( )6.some photos in that park.

A.will take B.take C.are taking D.took

( )7.“you?”asked Jim.

A.to B.with C.on D.for

( )8..

A.sat down B.turned around

D.looked for

B.found,looked for

D.found,found out C.said to themselves A.looked for,found out C.looked for,found


A.I do B.I did C.I will D.I am


1.Millie and Amy went to Sunshine Park.(改为一般疑问句) to Sunshine Park?

2.She told me something about the ghost.(改为否定句)

about the ghost.

3.I could find nobody in the library.(改为同义句)

4.I met Andy when 1 went to the park.(改为同义句)

the park.

5.Did you answer Jim’s e-mail?(改为同义句)

s e-mail?

6.What else can you see in the tree ?(改为同义句)

What can you see in the tree ?

2 ( )9.We the old books and them in the corner of the box. ( )10.一Did you there with them?



Millie and Amy nere very the little cat .


his classroom .


Mum often tells me to after every meal .


I met one of my old friends the park last Saturday afternoon .


What Amy yesterday ?


I found learn Maths .


He went to school breakfast .


Jack loses his Job.tells him that He decides to get .

So he goes to the and train.He is the only one in the train.The train startsa gun and says to him,“Your money ”up.

“I any money.”Jack answers.

“Then why are you me?”the man asked angrily.

“.and I don’t buy fl ticket,”answers Jack.

( )1.A.to B.from C.for

D.of D.one

D.No one


D.off ( )2.A.work B.iobs C.ones ( )3.A.Nobody B.Somebody C.Anybody ( )4.A.for getting B.get ( )5.A.from B.farther C.to.get C.away


( )6.A.by bike B.on foot ( )7.A.stop ( )8.A.off ( )10.A.with ( )11.A.but

B.station B.on

C.by train C.street C.up C.have C.so

D.by bus D.platform D.to D.suddenly D.there was D.or D.stand D.from D.don’t think

( )9.A.Sudden B.sudden

B.has B.and


( )12.A.stands B.standing C.stood ( )14.A.to ( )15.A.know 六、阅读理解(10分)



( )13.A.don’t have B.have no C.doesn’t have D.has

B.don’t know C.think

Australia is one of the greatest islands in the world.It is a little than China.It is in the south of the earth.So when there is hot summer in our country,it is cold winter in Australia.

Australia is big,but the population(人口)is small.The population of Australia is the same as that of Shanghai,a city in China.

Australia is famous for its sheep and kangaroos(袋鼠).After a short drive from any town,you will find yourself in the middle of white sheep.Sheep,sheep,everywhere are sheep.Have you seen a kangaroo?It has a“bag”in its body.The mother kangaroo keeps its baby kangaroo in the“bag”.It is very interesting,isn’t it? 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。 ( )1.China is larger than Australia. ( )2.Australia is an island country.

( )3.The population of Australia is as large as that of China. ( )4.Kangaroos are small animals like mouse in our house. ( )5.Kangaroos always carry bags on their backs.


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