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2013-2014学年七年级英语寒假作业1(无答案) 人教新目标版


( )1. The paper plane is ________ the tree. It’s too ________.

A. on, high B. in, tall C. on, tall D. in, high

( )2. They ______ their homework in the evening.

A. don’t do B. don’t C. do, not D. not do

( )3. Tom and Lily learn _______ each other and help each other.

A. of B. at C. from D. to

( )4. There are many _______ in the fridge.

A. bottle apple juice B. bottles of apple juice C. bottle of apples juice D. bottle of apple juice

( )5. _______ is his English teacher.

A. Some of the men B. One of the man C. One of the men D. One of man

( )6. These are ____ and _____ rooms.

A. Lily, Lucy’s B. Lily’s, Lucy’s C. Lily’s, Lucy D. Lily, Lucy

( )7. I can see only one sock. Where’s my _______ one ?

A. others B. other C. the other D. the others

( )8. There is something wrong _______ my bike. Can you help me?

A. of B. with C. in D. for

( )9. Li Ping’s Uncle isn’t a worker ________ a doctor. He’s a postman.

A. and B. but C. or D. no

( )10. How old is Miss Lin? Do you know?

—— Sorry, I don’t know. But she is not old. She ______.

A. look young B. looks fine C. looks very young D. is not young

( )11. There is not _________ in the purse.

A. some money B. some money’s C. any money D. any moneys

( )12. It’s time to go to school. Let ___________.

A. he go B. him go C. he to go D. him to go

( )13. Are you and Li Lei in the same school? -- _________

A. Yes, he is B. Yes, We are C. Yes, they are D. Yes, I am

( )14. Wang Hai goes to school _______ every morning.

A. in, car B. in, bus C. by a bus D. by bus

( )15. ____does Lily like England and ____ does she like about England?

A. How, how B. What, what C. What, how D. How,what

( )16. _____ do the doctors do ______ your machines? Oh, a lot of things.

A. How, of B. What, on C. What, with D. How, for

( )17. Hi, Mary. Here’s a post card ________ you, Who is it _________?

A. to, for B. for, from C. for, for D. to, to

( )18. That is ______ old photo of _______ Green family. It’s a family of three people.

A. am, / B. the, / C. the, a D. an, the


( )19. There is no orang in the bottle. Would you like ______ to drink?

A. Something else B. else something C. else D. something

( )20. He doesn’t want red flowers. He want _______.

A. purple ones B. purple one C. the purple D. purple

( )21. — When is Tom’s birthday? — ___________ birthday is May 6th.

A. My B. Your C. His D. Her

( )22. I like these pants. ___________ nice.

A. It’s B. That’s C. You’re D. They’re

( )23. ___________ Lili and Yaoyao have lunch at school?

A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

( )24. — Joy, can you sing for the school concert?

— Sorry, I can’t. ___________ I can play the piano.

A. And B. So C. But D. Or

( ) 25. ______ do you go to the movies?

--- We go to the movies on weekdays.

A. Who B. When C. What time D. Why

( ) 26. Ben ______ P.E. He thinks it’s boring.

A. Likes B. don’t like C. doesn’t like D.doesn’t likes

( ) 27. I usually books in the morning.

A .look B. read C. watch D. see

( ) 28. Mr Green is _______ father.

A. Jim and Kate B. Jim’s and Kate’s C. Jim’s and Kate D. Jim and Kate’s

( )29. Do you want to play_____ tennis?

---Yes, I ______.

A. a, want B. the, do C. an, does D. /, do

( )30._______ does Tom like math? Because _____ fun.

A. Why, it’s B. When, it C. Why, It’s D. When, it


I’m always very busy (忙

的) every day. I usually 1 up early at 6:30 in the morning. But 2 . I’m still sleepy (睡着的) . I put on my clothes, I wash my hands 3 face?

Do this! Do that. 4 I have my 5 . I go go school. I usually leave home at 7:00. At school we all study 6 . We study English. Chinese, maths and so on (等等). 7 noon (中

午) I gethome and have lunch. At 1:30 I go to school again. Sometimes we play 8 football in the afternoon. I go home at 4:30. In the evening I do 9 homework. I go to bed at 10:00 and I go to sleep (入睡) very 10 .

( )1. A. get B. gets C. getting D. getting

( )2. A. often B. usually C. sometimes D. always

( )3. A. and B. or C. but D. so

( )4. A. Before B. After C. When D. If

( )5. A. lunch B. supper C. breakfast D. meal

( )6. A. easy B. different C. difficult D. hard

( )7. A. on B. On C. at D. At


( )8. A. the B. × C. a D. an

( )9. A. many B. a lot of C. any D. a lot

( )10. A. next B. soon C. first D. last 三、阅读理解(20分)


It’s Sunday. There are many people in the bus. And an old man is looking here and

there. He wants to find an empty seat(座

位). Then he finds one. He goes to it. A small bag is on the seat. And a young man is sitting beside it.

“Is this seat empty?” asks the old man.

“No, it’

s for a woman. She goes to buy some bananas.” Says the young man. “Well,” says the old man, “Let me sit here please. When she comes back, I will(将) leave here.”

The bus starts(启动).

“She doesn’t come, but her bag is here. Let me give her the bag.” Then the old man

throws the bag out of the bus window.

The young man jumps up and shouts, “Don’t throw! It’s my bag!”

( )1. The old man wants to find an empty seat _____.

A. in the room B. in the bus C. beside the driver D. in a car

( )2. The old man finds an empty seat. He goes there and finds there is ____ on it.

A. a man B. woman C. a bag D. a coat

( )3. The young man says the seat is for ________.

A. a man B. a woman C. a boy D. a girl

( )4. The bus starts. The old man ______.

A. asks the woman to sit on the seat B. takes the bag to the woman

C. throws the bag to the young man D. throws the bag out of the window

( )5. The bag is ________. The young man doesn’t want the old man to throw it away.

A. the woman’s B. the old man’s C. the driver’s D. the young man’s


Wang Ping and Wang Bin are the twins. They are students. They go to school five days a week. They don’t have classes on Saturday and Sundays.

Today is Sunday. They want to go to the shop. Wang Ping wants to buy(买) a pen and Wang Bin wants to buy a pencil—

box. In the shop there are many nice things and a lot of people . Some of them buy apples and bananas. And some of them buy food and clothes. The people in the shop are very friendly. Wang Ping and Wang Bin are very glad(高

兴)to come back home with their things.

( )1. The twins go to school from Monday to Friday. ( )2. They go to the shop on Sunday. ( )3. Wang Bin wants to buy a pen. ( )4. The twins want t 3

o buy some food, too. ( )5. They are very glad today.


It is in autumn(秋天). A young man comes to a forest(森林). He’

s walking beside the forest. On his right is a river. On his left is the forest. Suddenly(突

然)he sees two green eyes looking at him from the trees. A tiger(老

虎)is getting ready(准备)to jump on him.

What does he do? He must jump into the river. But in the river there is a big crocodile(鳄

鱼). Its mouth(嘴)is very big. The young man closes his eyes. The tiger jumps over him. And the young man opens his eyes. The tiger jumps over him. And the young man opens his eyes. The tiger is now in the mouth of the crocodile. ( )1. When does the story take place(发生)? ______.

A. In winter B. In spring C. In summer D. In autumn

( )2. Where is he walking? _______.

A. Near the river B. Beside a forest C. By the river D. Be the lake

( )3. What does he see looking at him? _______.

A. Two green eyes B. A tiger C. A crocodile D. A man

( )4. Does he close his eyes at first(起初)? _________.

A. Yes, he does B. No, he does not C. Yes, he must D. No, he mustn’t

( )5. What does the man see at last(最

后)?__________. A. The tiger is in the mouth of the crocodile

B. The crocodile is in the mouth of the tiger C. A fish in the mouth of the crocodile D. A ship is in the mouth of the crocodile


1. Li Ping, _______ (not be) late next time, please. 2. What about __________ (run) up the tree? 3. Listen! Some one _______ (sing) in the next room. 4. Let’s ______ (play) class after school.

5. He ______ (do) his homework in the evening. But he ______ (not do) it at this time. 6. He usually likes _____ (dance), but he’d like ________ (go)fishing today. 7. ______ (walk)is good for health.

8. They must ________ (work) hard at English.

9. Mr Brown works in a ________ (child) hospital in Chongqing.

10. Please look at the two photos. Can you find any _________ (different)? 五、. 根据所给标点符号,将每组单词按照正确的顺序组成句子。(共6分,每题1

分) 1. eating , are , my, different , yours ,habits, from ____________________________________________. 2. come out , can, you, play ,me ,to ,with ____________________________________________?

3. well, from, speak, is, America, but , Chinese, she, can, she, ____________________________________________. 4. don’t, on, you, why , swimming, Sunday , go ____________________________________________? 5. bananas , like, would , you , some ____________________________________________?


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