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八年级英语上册 同义句转换专项练习50题

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1. Jim did well in swimming when he was young.

Jim ____ ____ ____ swimming when he was young.

2. I often borrow some books from my uncle.

My uncle often ____ some books ____ ____.

3. Please give this book to your brother.

Please ____ ____ ____ this book.

4. Could we go to the zoo together this afternoon?

____ ____ ____ to the zoo together this afternoon?

5. A Chinese farm is different from an American farm.

A Chinese farm is ____ ____ ____ ____ an American farm.

6. John has the same idea as Jim.

John ____ ____ Jim.

7. They no longer use animals to do farm work.

They ____ use animals to do farm work ____ ____.

8. Tom is ten. Kate is eleven.

Tom is ____ ____ Kate.

9. Lilei is heavier than the other two.

Lilei is ____ ____ of the three.

10. Can I help you?

____ ____ I ____ for you?

11. Mr. Li is the oldest teacher in the school.

Mr. Li is older than all ____ ____ teachers in the school.

12. Perhaps she is at school today.

She ____ ____ at school today.

13. We can finish the work alone.

We can finish the work ____ ____ ____.

14. She often helps her mother do the housework.

She often ____ her mother ____ the housework.

15. I can look after the baby.

I can ____ ____ ____ the baby.

16. May I borrow your knife, please?

Could you please ____ your knife ____ me, please?

17. It’s only ten minutes on foot from his home to school. It only ____ ten minutes ____ ____ to school from his home.

18. How do you like the transportation of our city?

____ do you ____ ____ the transportation of our city?

19. There are some differences between my friend and me. My friend is ____ ____ me.

20. Jim is more athletic than any other student in his class. Jim is the ____ athletic ____ all the students in his class.

21. She doesn’t want to drink milk now.

She doesn’t ____ ____ ____ milk now.


22. It’s time for our lunch.

It’s time for ____ ____ ____ lunch.

23. Don’t worry. I’ll look after your baby carefully.

Don’t worry. I’ll ____ ____ ____ ____ your baby.

24. People in Japan eat a lot of fish. We eat a lot of fish, too.

People in Japan eat a lot of fish. ____ ____ ____.

25. All the other girls are standing behind the tallest one.

The tallest girl is standing ____ ____ ____ ____ the line.

26. It takes about fifteen minutes on foot.

It is about ____ ____ ____.

27. I didn’t have a rest. I went on writing.

I went on writing ____ a rest.

28. If you don’t study harder, you won’t catch up with the others. If you don’t study harder, ____ ____ ____ the others.

29. Lin Tao runs faster than the other two boys.

Lin Tao runs ____ of the ____ boys.

30. He was surprised to find the girl was blind.

____ ____ ____, he ____ the girl was blind.

31. I bought this dictionary for 58 yuan.

I ____ 58 yuan ____ this dictionary.

32. What’s the matter with him?

What’s ____ ____?

33. Everyone is healthy.

____ one is ____.

34. Math is more difficult than physics.

Physics is ____ difficult than math.

Physics isn’t ____ ____ ____ math.

35. I can help my father with the farm work, or my brother can help him with it.

____ my brother ____ I ____ ____ my father with the farm work.

36. My father is working here. My uncle is also working here.

____ my father ____ my uncle ____ ____ ____.

37. Jim doesn’t know how he can swim.

Jim doesn’t know ____ ____ ____.

38. Hangzhou is very famous, because of its beautiful West Lake.

Hangzhou is ____ ____ ____ beautiful West Lake.

39. Bruce will have to go back to Beijing next week.

Bruce will have to ____ ____ ____ next week.

40. He lent me a ruler last week.

I ____ a ruler ____ him last week.

41. He was too tired to walk.

He was ____ tired ____ he ____ ____.

42. I don’t know how to call it in English.

I don’t know ____ Englishmen ____ it.


43. Mary doesn’t know much about China.

Mary ____ ____ about China.

44. His father took a plane to the USA three days ago.

Three days ago his father ____ ____ the USA.

45. Every one of us had a nice time last night.

____ of us ____ ____ last night.

46. To learn a foreign language is not easy.

____ ____ ____ ____ learn a foreign language.

47. What do you think of the TV play?

____ ____ ____ ____ the TV play?

48. “Don't play with the cat any more, Jim,” Mum asked.

Mum told Jim ____ ____ ____ ____ the cat any more.

49. The boy was very clever. He could make a model plane alone.

The boy was clever ____ to make a model plane ____ ____.

50. How is the weather in Nanjing?

____ the weather ____ in Nanjing?

Key:1.was good at 2.lends; to me 3.give your brother 4.Why not go/What(How) about going 5.not the same as 6.agrees with 7.don’t; any longer 8.younger than 9.the heaviest 10.What can; do 11.the other 12.may be 13.all by ourselves 14.helps; with

15.take care of 16.lend; to 17.takes; to walk 18.What; think of 19.different from

20.most; of 21.feel like drinking 22.us to have 23.take good care of 24.So do we

25.at the head of 26.fifteen minutes’ walk 27.without 28.you’ll fall behind

29.fastest, three 30.To his surprise, found 31.spent, on 32.his trouble 33.No, sick/ill

34.less, as/so difficult as 35.Either, or, can help 36.Both, and, are working here 37.how to swim 38.famous for its 39.return to Beijing 40.borrowed, from 41.so, that, couldn’t walk 42.how, call 43.knows little 44.flew to

45.Each, enjoyed ourselves 46.It isn’t easy to 47.How do you like 48.not to play with 49.enough, by himself 50.What’s, like


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