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What’s the weather like today?
It is rainy, isn’t it ? What’s the weather like last Friday? It was sunny, wasn’t it ?

He likes playing baskerball,doesn’t he?

You’re Anna’s brother, aren’t you?

It’s delicious, isn’t it?

The train is always late, isn’t it?

It’s really crowded, isn’t it?

Your mobile phone is too cheap, isn’t it?

语法: 反意疑问句

在一个陈述句之后附上一个简短的疑 问句,对陈述句提出相反的疑问,这种疑 问句叫反意疑问句。 如:

1. SARS is scary, isn’t it? 2. We speak Chinese, don’t we?

结构一: 前肯,+ 后否

eg. SARS is scary, isn’t it?
结构二: 前否,+ 后肯

eg. SARS isn’t scary, is it?

结构一: 前肯,+ 后否

Be 动词:
aren’t _____ you ? 1. You are an actor, ________ 2. He is a good boy, ________ isn’t ______ he ? 3. It was fine yesterday, _______ wasn’t ___ it ? 4. You were studying when I called weren’t _____ you ? you last night, __________ 5. She is going to visit me, _____ isn’t ____? she 6. I am Chinese, ______ aren’t ______? I

doesn’t ___ it ? 1. It often rains here, ________ 2. He likes soccer, _________ doesn’t ____ he ? 3. You have a headache, _______ ___ ? don’t you 4. I called you yesterday, _______ didn’t __? I

1. You will go to America, ______ won’t ___ you? 2. We have ever been to Shanghai, _________ haven’t ______ we ?


1. His mother is a doctor, ______ isn’t ____ she ? 2. The dogs are fighting, _______ aren’t _____? they 3. There is a boy in our classroom, _______ isn’t _______ there ? 4. There were many cars in the street, _________ weren’t ________ there ? 5. There will be robots in our families, ________ won’t ______ there ?

6. Sit down please, _______________ will / won’t you ? 7. Please call me, _________________? will / won’t you 8. Let’s go home, ________________ shall / shan’t we ?

9. Let us go home, ________________ will / won’t you ?
10. Let me see, __________________ will / won’t you ?

结构二: 前否,+ 后肯

1. You aren’t an actor, ______ are ____ you ? 2. He isn’t a good boy, ______ is _____ he ? 3. It wasn’t fine yesterday, ____ was ____ it ? 4. It doesn’t rain here, ______ does ____ it ? 5. His sister doesn’t have a headache, ________ does _____ she ? 6. You didn’t call me yesterday, did _____? you _______

7. You won’t go to U.S.A., ______ will ____? you

8. There isn’t a boy in our classroom,
______ is _______ there ? 9. There weren’t many cars in the street, _______ were _______ there ? will _____ you ? 10. Don’t smoke, _______ shall _____ we ? 11. Don’t let’s do it, _______

2a To have successful small talk, both people need to ask questions. Listen to the three conversations. Are they examples of successful or unsuccessful small talk? Write “S”(

for successful) or “U”(for unsuccessful) in the blanks.

U Conversation 1
U Conversation 2

S Conversation 3

1b Listen and number the 2 pictures above in the order 3 1 you hear them. 1c PAIROWRK Look at the pictures and make other conversations. You can use the expressions in the box. The train is always late, isn’t it? You love violin music, don’t you? It looks like rain, doesn’t it?

eg. 1) It looks like snow. 2) She looks like her mother.

A: It looks like rain, doesn’t it?
B: Yes, it does. And I forgot my umbrella.
n. 雨伞;伞

2b Listen to Conversation 3 again. Put the sentences and questions below in order.

a. I hope so. I want to go swimming. A. (Opening Question) b. Yes. It rains every Saturday! B. (Answer) c. At Franklin Lake. 富兰克林湖 (Question) d. Oh? Where do you swim? n. 中午 e. Do you think it’ll stop by noon? A. (Answer) f. It always rains on the weekend, B. (Question) doesn’t it? A. (Answer) g. Do you ever go there? (Question) by noon 在中午之前 by: not later than (不晚于;…之前) eg. I will call you by 10:00 this evening.

f (1) b (2)
e (3) a (4) d (5) c (6) g (7)

2c PAIROWRK Imagine you are at a bus stop. Make your own small talk. You can use the expressions in the box below. It’s really cold today, isn’t it? The No. 15 bus stops here, doesn’t it? A: It’s really cold today, isn’t it? B: Yes, it is. I hope the bus

comes soon.

It’s really windy today, isn’t it? Yes, it is. You’re Ben’s sister, aren’t you?

Yes, I am.
The No.15 bus stops here, doesn’t it? Yes, it does.

3a Complete the conversation. Write sentences in the blanks. A: This is great weather, isn’t it? B: It sure is. But it’s a little hot for me.

A: Oh, I love hot weather. I’m going to the beach today .
B: Which beach are you going to?

A: I’m going to Today Beach. Where do you usually go ?
B: I usually go to Sandy Beach. adj. 沙的


Is it very crowded


B: No, it’s never crowded. Well, have a good day! A: Thanks. Goodbye B: Goodbye. int. 再见 .

3b PAIRWORK Practice the conversation in activity 3a. Then write and practice another conversation with your partner. You can use situations like these: ?Two people looking through books in a bookstore. ?Two people waiting in line to buy ice cream. ?Two people alone in an elevator. n.电梯
浏览 n.书店

?Two people waiting to cross a busy street.
Here are some possible opening questions:
v. 穿过;横过;越过

?Their prices are really low, aren’t they?
?This line is slow, isn’t it?
adj. 低的

?Nice day, isn’t it?

adj. 慢的;缓慢的

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