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(13)(无答案) 人教新目标版

一、单项填空 1. Mrs. Wang works in our school, she teaches _____ chemistry.

A. we B. us C. our D. ours

2. Shanghai will host the World Expo. _____ May.

A. in B. on C. to D. at

3. Susan didn’t feel very well yesterday, ______ she went to school as usual.

A. and B. so C. but D. or

4. I think Tony is __________ boy in his class.

A .tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

5. —__________ I return the book next week?

—No, you needn’t. You can keep it if you like.

A. Must B. May C. Can D. Need 6. I enjoy __________ to music. It’s relaxing and enjoyable.

A. listen B. listening C. listened D. to listen

7. I didn’t catch the first bus yesterday because I ______ too late in the morning.

A. get up B. will get up C. got up D. have got up 8. Mr. Green is very busy every day. So he has________ time to watch TV.

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

9. My mother will cook supper for us as soon as she ______. A. will get home B. get home C. gets home D. got home

10. —Where is your sister?

— I guess she _____the piano in the room.

A. is playing B. played C. play D. plays

二.1. Paul did his homework yesterday evening. (改为否定句)

Paul ______ ______ his homework yesterday evening. 3. Lucy asked him to turn down the radio. (对划线部分提问)

______ ______ Lucy ask him to do?

4. They will be back in two weeks. (就划线部分提问)

______ ______ will they be back? 5. The box is too heavy for him to carry. (改为同义句)

The box isn’t ______ ______ for him to carry.


All around the world, people drink tea. But tea does not m________(1) the same thing to e________(2). In different countries people have very different i________(3) about drinking tea.

In China people always have tea t________(4) with their friends. They may drink tea at any time of the day. They only put tea leaves in their cups. They p________(5) the tea with n________(6) else in it.

Tea is also i________(7) in Japan. It is very p________(8) there. People drink tea every day. But they have it in a way different from that in China. 1

In the USA people drink tea at breakfast or after m________(9). They usually use tea bags to make their tea. Making tea with bags is faster and e________(10) than making it with tea leaves in teapots. 家长签名:



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