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(12)(无答案) 人教新目标版

一、用括号中所给词的适当形式填空 1. Take the medicine ______ a day after meals. (two)

2. Do you know the ______ between the two words? (different) 3. We hope you children grow happily and ______. (health) 4. Of all the subjects, which do you think is ______. (difficult)

5. Tim will come back on the _______ of next month. (twelve)

6. Several ________ came to visit our school last Friday. (foreign)

7. At the ______ of the class, Mr Tang told us a funny story. (begin) 8. You should brush your ______ twice a day to keep them healthy. (tooth)

9. It’s very ______to cross a busy street. (danger)

10. Jane’s mother looked tired and ______. (worry)


Mr Smith made many tests (作试验) with different animals and the monkey was the cleverest of all the animals.

One day Mr Smith put a monkey in a room. He also put some small boxes in it. In one of the boxes there was some food. " How long will it take the monkey to find the food? " Mr Smith said to himself. " Let me wait and see. " He left the room and waited outside. Three minutes later, he put his eye to the keyhole (钥匙眼). What did he see? He saw the eye of the monkey. The monkey was on the other side of the door and looked at Mr Smith through the keyhole. 1. Mr Smith made tests with __________.

A. different animals B. the monkey only

C. all the monkeys D. all of the cleverest animals

2. There was some food in _______ of the small boxes.

A. some B. none C. one D. each

3. Mr Smith put a monkey and some boxes in a room because he wanted to know__________. A. how much food monkey could find

B. how many boxes the monkey could carry C. how long it would take the monkey to put its eye to the keyhole

D. how long it would take the monkey to find the food 4. What was the monkey doing when Mr Smith was putting his eye to the keyhole?

A. The monkey was eating food.

B. The monkey was looking for food.

C. The monkey was eating on the other side of the door.

D. The monkey was looking at Mr Smith through the keyhole. 5. Mr Smith is a ________.

A. teacher B. scientist (科学家) C. doctor D. farm worker


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