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(14)(无答案) 人教新目标版


1. 来吧,孩子们!该吃晚饭了。

Come on, children. ______ ______ to have lunch,

2. 每天多喝水对你有好处。

To drink more water every day is ______ ______ ______.

3. 昨天因为交通拥堵,他们上学迟到了。

They ______ ______ ______ school because of the heavy traffic yesterday.

4. 稍微休息一下后,他又继续看英文报纸。

After a short rest, he went ______ ______English newspapers.

二、阅读理解 Peter wanted very much to be a soldier when he was a child. So he joined the army(军队) when he was eighteen, and for several months he was taught how to be a good soldier. He did quite well in everything except shooting. One day he and his friends were practicing their shooting(射击), and all of them were doing quite well except Peter. After he had shot at the target(靶) nine times and hadn’t hit it once, the officer who was trying to teach the young soldiers to shoot said, “You are quite hopeless, Peter. I don’t waste your last bullet! Go behind that wall and shoot yourself with it!”

Peter felt ashamed(难为情).He went behind the wall and a few seconds later, the officer and the other soldiers heard the sound of a shot.

“Oh, dear!” the officer said. “Has that silly man really shot himself?” He ran behind the wall as quickly as he could, but Peter was all right. “I’m sorry, sir,” he said, “but I Missed again.” ( ) 1. Peter joined the army in order to ?

A. be a soldier B. be good at shooting C. make friends D. get a good

job ( ) 2. The officer thought Peter was hopeless because . A. he didn’t know how to use a gun. B. he didn’t get along well with other soldier.

C. he was poor at shooting.

D. he couldn’t do anything well.

( ) 3. What the officer said at the end of the first paragraph(段落) shows that .

A. the officer really wanted Peter to die

B. the officer was very angry with Peter C. the officer was not a kind-hearted man

D. the officer was afraid that Peter would shoot himself ( ) 4. The officer felt when he heard the sound of a shot.

A. ashamed B. frightened C. excited D. disappointed (失望)


( ) 5. What happened at the end of the story? A. Peter became a good soldier.

B. Peter killed himself behind the wall.

C. The officer was pleased with Peter in the end.

D. Peter missed the target for the tenth time. 家长签名: 时间


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