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Part1: 单项选择题(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)

1. Tomas Edison is a great _______ in the world.

A. inventor B. chairman C. doctor D. secretary

2. When ______ people ________ the computer?

A. was , invention B. does, invent C. did, inventor D. did, invent

3. When you don’t know the meaning of the word, you may __________.

A. look up the dictionary B. look it up in the dictionary

C. look up it in the dictionary D. look the dictionary up

4. .Do you have __________________ to say for our travel?

A. else anything B. anything else C. else something D. something else

5. The poor old man ___________ a week ago.

A. dead B. death C. dies D. died

6. In the piano contest, my brother didn’t play well and I did _______.

A. very well B. much better C. very good D. even worse

7. .Don’t look _____________ the windows in class. We must listen to the teacher carefully.

A.out of B.out C.into D.up

8. Nobody ___________ me English .I have to learn it by myself.

A.teach B.teaches C.teaching D.to teach

9.——Wow! You look different! You _______ wear glasses.

——Yes, I did. But now I am wearing contact lenses.(隐形眼镜)

A. could B. must C. used to D. would

10. -----Which basketball player do you like best, Kobe. James, or Jordan? ---- ___________ of them. Lin Shuhao is my favourite.

A.All B.None C. Either D. Neither

11.Let’t _______ a rest, shall we?

A. to have B. having C. have D. had

12.There must be __________ wrong with the computer. It doesn’t work.

A.nothing B.something C. everything D.anything

13.The moonlight is shining in _______ the window. Everything in the room looks so nice.

A over B. across C. through D. past

14.The restaurant is nice and the food is not bad, ______ I still prefer eating at home.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

15.Mary ______ to bed 1hour ago.

A. went B. has gone C. goes D. go

Part 2:语法选择题 (每小题1分,共10分)


Da Vinci, Leonardo

Da Vinci ____(16)____ in the countryside. From ___(17)____ early age, he showed great intelligence and artistic ability. ___(18)___ he grew older, he learnt ___(19)____ many different things. His painting are very famous, and one, the Mona Lisa, is perhaps the most famous painting in the world.


Dinosaurs __(20)___ Earth more than 60 million years ___(21)____ human beings. They lived ____(22)____ on Earth. Some dinosaurs were as small as chickens. ____(23)____ were as big as ten elephants. Some could___(24)___ fly.

Many dinosaurs ate plants. ___(25)____, some dinosaurs liked to eat meat.

16. A. is born B. was borned C. was born D. born

17. A. a B. an C. the D. /

18. A. as B. for C. so D. which

19. A. doing B. to do C. did D. do

20. A. live on B. lived in C. lived into D. lived on

21. A. before B. after C. when D. as

22. A. somewhere B. anywhere C. everywhere D. nowhere

23. A.The other B. Other C. Others D. Any others

24. A. every B. even C. because D. seldom

25. A. Whatever B. Therefore C. However D. So


Charles Dickens, one of the greatest English writers ___(26)__born in 1812, in one of the small__(27)__ of England.

When Dickens was nine years old, the family __(28)__ to London, the capital of England. There was several young children in the family. Their life was hard, so Dickens could not __(29)__to school.

Only until his father was __(30)__ of prison, could Charles go to school. At that time, he was already twelve years old. But he did not finish school. Two years later he began __(31)__. The future writer often went to the library__(32)__ books He read ___(33)___. Then Dickens wrote lots of novels all his life. Dickens __(34)__over a hundred years ago, but people are still reading his books __(35)__ great interest.

26. A. is B. are C. was D. were

27. A. town B. towns C. family D. country

28. A. moves B. moved C. moving D. to move

29. A. went B. go C. to go D. going

30. A. out B. at C. off D. up

31. A. work B. works C. worked D. to work

32. A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads

33. A. a lot B. many C. a lot of D. very much

34. A. died B. die C. dying D. death

35. A. to B. in C. with D. out



Do you know that fish come out of eggs when they were born? After the baby fish comes out of the eggs, it eats the food in the eggs. When it is big enough, it leaves the egg. It swims in the water. You can see the eyes and the nose. Its ears are hidden (藏) in the head.

Some fish eat other fish. The fish that eat plants have smaller mouths and teeth. The fish that eat other fish need larger mouths and strong teeth. Fish are usually dark on the top and light on the bottom..

36 .Fish starts as __________.

A. eggs B. fish C. food D. Plants

37.Fish leave eggs when___________.

A. their mothers tell them to B. they know how to swim

C. they are big enough D. they are still very small

38 .At the very begining the baby fish _____________.

A.Eats the food in the water B.eats the food in the eggs

C.drinks milks D.drinks water

39 .While fish are swimming in the water, you cannot see their__________.

A. tops B. heads C. eyes D. ears

40 .The fish with larger mouths and strong teeth are _________.

A. dark on the top and light on the bottom.

B. light on the top and light on the bottom.

C. Fish eaters. D. plants eater.


The computer is fast, and never makes a mistake. While people are too slow, mistakes sometimes happen. That’s what people often say when they talk about computers. For over half of a century(世纪), engineers have made better computers. Now a computer can do a lot of daily jobs wonderfully. It is widely used in factories, hospitals and banks. A computer can report, decide and control in almost every field. Many computer scientists are now thinking of making the computer “think” like a man. With the help of a person, a computer can draw pictures, write music, talk with people, play chess, recognize voices, translate languages and so on. Some people think it is cleverer than a man. Perhaps computers will really think and feel one day. Do you think that people will be afraid when they find that the computer is too clever?

41. Engineers have worked on computers for ________.

A. about a hundred years B. more than fifty years

C. over three years D. about ten years

42. According to this article, some people think a computer is _________ people.

A. more stupid than B. as clever as

C. slower than D. cleverer than

43. Computers are ________ people.

A. doing more and more jobs for

B. are going to laugh at

C. are going to listen to

D. thinking as

44. With the help of a person, a computer can _______.

A. draw pictures B. write music

C. talk with people or play chess with people D. do all the above

45. People will ________ the computers in the future.

A. really be afraid of B. make better use of

C. fail to use D. help


I did a survey(调查)about our new school uniform. I asked students in our school what they think about our school uniform.

I asked five students this question— What do you think of our new school uniform? Three of them like the uniform. One of the students thinks that the school uniform is smart and the colour is nice. Another student thinks that the uniform shows that you are part of the school. He also thinks that it is clean and tidy. The last student who likes the uniform thinks that the skirt is comfortable and the blazer(运动衣)looks smart.

In the group, two students do not like the uniform. One of them thinks that it is the colour is bad.

The survey shows that the students have different ideas about the new school uniform. They have different ideas about the colour, comfort and style.

46. What does the underlined word “old-fashioned” mean?

A. 时尚的 B. 过时的 C. 流行的 D.糟糕的

47. How many students in the group like the uniform?

A. 40% B. 50% C. 60% D. 70%

48. The two students do not like the uniform because_______________.

A. they think the colour is not good

B. they think it’s too large.

C. they think it’s too small

D. they think it’s dirty

49. The best title for the passage is ___________________.

A. The Uniform Is Nice

B. The Uniform Is Terrible

C. I Like the Uniform

D. Report On the New School Uniform Survey

50. Which of the following is true?

A. The writer likes the new school uniform.

B. Three of the students don’t like the new school uniform.

C. All the students have the same idea about the new school uniform.

D. More students in the group like the new school uniform.


Part 1:单词拼写 (每小题1分,共5分)

51. He was b_________ in a poor family.

52. _____________(科学家) say that many plants and animals are going extinct.

53. My grandparents live in the c____________ so I visit them during the holidays.

54. I am sure he has the a__________ to finish drawing the horse soon.

55. H__________, we can learn about them from their fossils.

Part2: 完成句子(每空1分,共10分)


He drove his car __________ __________ in the rain.


I think science is _______ __________ ________ math.


The little girl is running _________ the street.


He _________ had many _________.


I would like to ________ _______ the information about my travel.

Part 3:用some和any填空 (每空1分,共5分)

61.--- Are there ______ apples in the basket?----Yes, there are.

62.—There is _______ meat and fish for lunch.

63.---Have you got ______ sisiters?

---Yes, and I have ______ brothers too.

64.There isn’t ______ cheese in the frige.

Part 3: 书面表达(15分)

假如你是Wang Ming,是个中学生,经常收听音乐节目,请你用英语给节目主持人写一封信,信的要点如下:

1. 你很喜欢这个节目,特别(especially) 是英语歌曲;

2. 学习很忙,疲劳时会打开收音机听这个节目;

3. 从英语歌曲中你学会了很多单词;

4. 在所有的歌曲中,你最喜欢 “Yesterday Once More”这首美国歌曲;


Dear Sir,


_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Best wishes,

Wang Ming

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