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常见不及物动词agree, go, work, listen, look, come, die, belong, fall, exist, rise, arrive, sit, sail, hurry, fail, succeed











both… and

either…or, neither …nor和 as well as 就近原则


( ) 1. My aunt asks whether I like a woolen sweater _B__a cotton one.

A. but B. or C. and D. not

( ) 2. Either Mary _A__ Lucy told him to come to see us.

A. or B. and C. with D. nor

( ) 3. Hurry up, __D__ we'll be late for the film.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

( ) 4. Be quick, __B__ we'll be late.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

( )5. We ran to the trees, __B_ we couldn't see any more monkeys.

A. but B. so C. and D. for



Eg I want to know which book you like best.

B 判语序:陈述句语序

Can you tell me how I can get to the railway station?

C判时态:主现从看情况, 主过从过

he woman asked the policeman where the post office was .

D 判语意

That 引导作用 可省略 He said (that) he wanted to stay at home. if或whether 是否 引导

who, whom, whose, what, which, when, where, why, how 有意义 练习:

1.—Do you know ____D____the girl in red is ?

--I’m not sure.Maybe a teacher.

A.when B.how C.where D.what

2.—What did your parents thank about your decision?

--They always let me do___D____I think I should.

A.when B.that C.how D.what

3.I want to know ____A____.

A.when we should arrive at the airport

B.when should we arrive at the airport

C.when the airport we should arrive at

D.when the airport should we arrive at

4. --Would you please tell me _____B_____?

--At 10:00 this evening.

A. when will the train leave

B. when the train will leave

C. when does the train leave

5.—Could you tell me_____A___?

--Fill in this form and I will give you a card.

A.how I can meet Cathy


A:定语从句:把定语变成句子:The man who lives next to us is a policeman.

B 考点:连接词


关系副词:不做成分 引导作用。

B.where I can meet Cathy C.when I can meet Cathy



This is the house where we lived last year.

This is the house in which we lived last year.

1 There will be a flower show in the park ______ we visited last week.

A. who B. when C. what D. Which


2 —Now many people smoke and get ill.

—So we should do something ______ can help stop smoking.

A. what B. who C. / D. that


3.I still remember the time_____we spent together at Xisai Mountain last year.

A.when B.what C.who D.which


4. One of the most delicious drinks _________ I like is orange juice. [

A. which B. that C. whose D. whom


5. —There are so many girls over there. Which one is your sister?

—The one ______hat is yellow.

A. who B. whose C. that D. which



A.时间状语从句:常用when, as, while, before, after, since, till, not....until, as soon as等连词来引导。

B.条件状语从句 常用:if, unless引导

时间句+条件句 +主句祈使句 时态:主将从现

Eg: I will tell him everything when he comes back.

I’ll help you with your English if I am free tomorrow.

Let him call me as soon as he comes back

C原因状语从句 常用:because, since, as引导 because和so不能同用在一个句子里。

D结果状语从句so…that, such…that, so that引导。

so + adj/adv+ that + 从句

such+a/an +adj+n(可数单)+that+从句


Eg He made such rapid progress that he did very well in the mid-term.

如果名词前由many, much, little, few等词修饰时,只能用so, 不用such。 Eg Soon there were so many deer that they ate up all the wild roses.

E比较状语从句 由as…as, 比较级 + than…

F目的状语从句由 so that, in order that引导

G让步状语从句通常由although, though


H 地点状语从句where


1.You will stay healthy _______ you do more exercise, such as running and walking.

A. if B. how C. before D. where


2. ---Shall we go on working?

---Yes, _________ I want to have a rest.

A. when B. if C. because D. though


3.None of us knew what had happened _________ they told us about it.

A. when B. until C. after D. though


4.---I hope you’ll enjoy your trip, dear!

---Thank you, mum. I’ll give you a call _________ I get there.

A. until B. as soon as C. since D. till



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