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Module 2 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis

Teaching Procedures:

Step 1 Warming-up

1. Ask the students: What is the Olympic flag? What do the five rings mean? What is the motto of the Olympic Games?

2. Show a program—the exciting moment, and then ask some questions.

Step 2 Learning

1. Show the pictures to teach the adjectives.

(1) Talk about the song and some pictures. What do you think of …?

(2) Give the Ss the words and let them circle the adjectives.

happy swim ticket in Olympic fast sport world easy

strong run and America expensive jump badminton

bad basketball plan stadium

(3) Match the opposites with each other: dangerous-safe, difficult-easy, exciting-boring,

(un) popular, relaxing-tiring.

(4) Let the Ss try to find some more opposites. tall - short …

2. Revise and learn the names of some sports.

(1) Guessing: What kind of sports is it?

(2) Look at the signs and write down the sports.

(3) Design a sign and write down the name of the sport.

(4) Listen and number the sports as you hear them.

3. Learn to describe these Olympic sports using the adjectives and their opposites.

(1) Show some pictures and then ask the students: Which sport is difficult / easy / dangerous / safe / exciting / boring?

(2) Match the sentences with the pictures.

(3) Listen and repeat the sentences in Activities 2 & 3.

(4) Show the students some more pictures and let them try to answer the question: Which one is more …? using the structure “… is more … than …”.

(5) Help the students to summarize: A is more adj. (多音节词) than


Step 3 Listening and reading

1. Let the students listen to the tape of Activity 4 and check the sentences True or False.

● Chinese people are good at gymnastics.

● Table tennis is more popular than gymnastics.

● Running is more interesting than basketball.

● Cycling is more dangerous than skiing.

● Daming likes both running and basketball.

2. Let the students listen again and tick for Betty and Daming.

3. Let the students read and try to finish the conversation.

Betty: Chinese people are very good at gymnastics. Do you like gymnastics, Daming?

Daming: Yes, I do. But Chinese people are good at table tennis, too, and table tennis is ______ ______than gymnastics.

Betty: I love gymnastics. I think it’s ______ ______ than table tennis. What Olympic sports do you like?

Daming: Basketball is my favourite sport, but I also like running. Betty: Oh no, running is _____ boring _____basketball. I also like cycling. Cycling is _____ relaxing _____ running.

Daming: No, it isn’t. I think cycling is _____ tiring _____ running.

And do you like skiing? Betty: Yes, I do .But it’s _____ dangerous _____ running and cycling.

Step 4 Speaking

Ask the students to choose an Olympic sport he / she wants to join in

best and tell us why if he / she wants to be a volunteer in 2008 Olympic Games.

I want to join in ________. It is my favourite Olympic sport. Because it is _______ than ______, and it’s _________________. Step 5 Homework

1. Read the conversation as fluently as possible.

2. Write a short composition: “My favourite Olympic sport”. Why do you like it? About 50 words.

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