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山东省临沭县青云镇中学七年级英语上册 短语归纳 人教新目标版

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短语归纳 Starter Unit 1-3

1. Good morning/afternoon/evening(to sb)!


2. –How are you? –I’m fine, thanks.


3. –Hello! –Hi !你好!

4. –What’s this/that in English ?

– It’s a jacket./an orange.



5. Spell it, please. 请拼写。

6. --What color is it ? – It’s yellow.


Unit1 My name is Gina.

1. -What’s your name?

- My name's Gina. = I’m Gina.



2.-What’s his/her name?

- His /Her name’s Tom/ Gina. =

He’s /She’s Tom/ Gina.




3.- Is she Mary? –Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t. 她是玛丽吗?是的,她是。不,她不是。 4.-Are you Helen? –Yes, I am。/ No, I’m not. 你是海伦吗?是的,我是。不,我不是。 5. A: What's your telephone number? B: My phone number is 281-9176.

It's 281-9176.



7. -Nice to meet/see you. -Nice to meet/see you, too. 1

见到你很高兴。见到你也很高兴. 8.lastname=family name=last name姓氏

first name = given name名字

9.telephone number=phone number电话号码

Unit2 This is my sister.

1. This/That is my friend Jane.

这是/那是我的朋友简。 2. These/Those are my brothers.


3. Have a good day! 玩得开心。 4. Here are two nice photos of my family. Here is a photo of my family.


5.in the next picture.在下一张照片里

6.in the first photo 在第一张照片里 7.a photo of your family 你家人的照片

Unit3 Is this your pencil?

1.-Is this/that your pencil? 这/那时你的铅笔吗?

-Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.是的,它是。/不,它不是。

2. Are these/those her keys? 这/那些是她的钥匙吗? -Yes, they are ./ No, they aren’t. 是的,它们是。/不,它们不是。

3. It’s mine. /hers./his. 它是我的。/她的。/他的。

They’re mine.它们是我的。

4. Excuse me 打扰一下。

5. what/how about…怎么样

What about this dictionary? 这本字典怎么样呢?

6. Thanks for+n./doing sth为…而感谢

Thank you for your help.谢谢你的帮助。

7.You’re welcome. 不用谢。

8. How do you spell it? 你怎么拼写它。

9. in the school library. 在学校图书馆里

10. ask …for … 向某人要某物

ask the teacher for it 向老师那里拿它

11. call/e-mail sb at … 打电话/发邮件给某人。

12. I must find it.我必须找到它。

13. I lost/ found sth. 我丢失/ 找到某物


14. a set of…一副/套 a set of keys一串钥匙

15. Lost and Found失物招领

Unit4 Where’s my schoolbag?

1. -Where’s the map? 地图在哪里?

-Where’re my books? 我的书在哪里?

2. on the sofa 在沙发上

in the schoolbag 在书包里

under the bed 在床下

3.I don’t know.我不知道。

4.I’m tidy, but Gina is not.我很整洁,但吉娜不。

5.in our room 在我们的房间

6.books and tapes (are) 书和磁带

7.Gina’s books are everywhere.

吉娜的书到处都是。 8.Gina always asks.吉娜总是问。

Unit5 Do you have a soccer ball?

1.- Do you have a soccer ball?你有一个足球吗?

-Yes, I do./ No, I don't. 有,我有。/不,我没有。

2.- Does she have a tennis ball? 她有一个网球吗?-Yes,she does./ No, she doesn't 有,她有。/不,她没有。

3.I have a volleyball./ I don’t have a volleyball.

我有/没有一个排球。 4. He has two ping-pong bats.他有两个乒乓球拍。

He doesn’t have two ping-pong bats.


5.let’s = let us + do sth 让我们做某事

Let’s go. 让我们走。Let me get it.我去拿它。

6.play basketball打篮球

play volleyball打排球

play soccer 踢足球

play ping-pong打乒乓球 play baseball 打棒球 play tennis 打网球

play computer games打电子游戏

7.We’re late. 我们要迟到了。be late 迟到 8.That sounds good.那听起来很不错。


That sounds



9.wacth TV 看电视 10.play sports with our classmates

和我的同学做运动 11.go to the same school 去同一间学校上学。

12.at school 在学校

13.only watch them on TV 只在电视上看它们

14.It’s adj(形容词)for sb.对某人来时怎么样。

It’s easy for me. 对我来说它很容易。

15.after class 下课后 after school 放学后

Unit6 Do you like bananas?

1. A: Do you like tomatoes?

B: Yes, I do./No, I don't. I don't like tomatoes



-Does your father like carrots?

- Yes, he does./ No, he doesn't. He doesn’t like carrots.

你的爸爸喜欢胡萝卜吗? 是的,他喜欢。/不,他不喜欢。他不喜欢胡萝卜。

2. sb’s birthday dinner 某人的生日晚宴

3. next week 下周

4. think about 考虑

5. some fruit/food 一些水果/食物

6. Let’s have ice-cream. 让我们吃冰激凌吧。

7. eat well 吃得好

8. ask…about …向某人询问某物

9. eating habits 饮食习惯

10. What fruit do you like?你喜欢什么水果?

11. for breakfast/lunch/dinner 就早/午/晚餐而言

12. It’s healthy. 它是健康的。

13. I really like it. 我真的喜欢它。

14. I like chicken for dinner. 晚餐我喜欢吃鸡肉。

15. one last question 最后一个问题

16. after dinner 晚饭后

17. I don’t want to be fat.我不想变胖。


Unit7 How much are these socks?

1. Can I help you ?= What can I do for you ? 我能帮助你吗?

2. (单数)It looks nice.它看起来很漂亮。

(复数)They look nice.它们看起来漂亮。

3. three dollars for two pairs 两双三美元

4. Here you are. 给你。

5. I’ll take it/ them .我将买下它/它们。

6. -How much is the hat?帽子多少钱?

-It’s five dollars. 它五美元。

6.-How much are these socks socks? - They’re two dollars. 这双袜子多少钱?两美元。 7.come and buy sth 来买某物

Come/go to do sth 来/去做某事

16. at our great sale 商品大减价、大甩卖

17. at good prices (复数)/ at a good price(单数)


18. green sweaters for only 15$ 绿色毛衣仅售15美元

19. skirts in purple 紫色的短裙

sb/sth in + 颜色 着某颜色的人/物

20. clothes store 服装店

21. a pair of shorts/ trousers/ socks/ shoes


14.基数词 ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fifteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, thirty thirty-nine.

10 ,11,12,13,15,19,20,21,30,39

Unit8 When is your birthday?

1. -When is your/ his/ her/Alice’s birthday?

- My/His/Her/ It’s on May 2nd.



2. 序数词 first, second, third, fourth, fifth, ninth,

twelfth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first, thirtieth, thirty-second. 第一,第二,第三,第四,第五,第九,第十二,第十九,第二十,第二十一,第三十,第三十二。

3. Happy birthday! 生日快乐!

4. -How old are you ? - I’m twelve.



-How old is he? – He’s 5 years old.


5. on January 17th 在1月17日(具体日期date) in February / 2013 在二月 (月份、年) at three 在三点钟 (具体时刻)

6. Do you want to come to my birthday party?


7. See you != Goodbye!再见!

8. English test 英语考试

9. school trip 学校郊游

10. School Day 学校庆祝日

11. English Day 英语节

12. art festival 艺术节

13. Sports Day 运动会

14. some interesting and fun things for you 为你们准备了一些既有趣又好玩的事情

15. this term 这个学期

16. October is a great month.10月是一个很棒的月份。

17. You parents can come to our school


18. We have an art festival.


19. have a book sale in the school library 在学校图书馆举办一个旧书销售会

20. This is a really busy term!


21. Have a good time!= Have fun! 玩得愉快!

22. have a party for sb 为某人办聚会

23. Children’s Day 儿童节

24. National Day 国庆节

25. Women’s Day 妇女节

26. New Year’s Day 新年

Unit 9 My favorite subject is science.

1. What’s your/his/her favorite subject? 6

My/His/Her favorite subject is Chinese.

你/他/她的 最喜爱的科目是什么?

我/他/她的最喜爱的科目是 语文。

2.-Why does Bob like history?

- Because it’s interesting.


3.-Why do Frank and Bob like P.E.?

- Because it’s fun.


4.-Who is your music teacher?

-My music teacher is Ms. Xie.


5.-When is your geography class?-It’s on Monday and Friday. 你们什么时候上地理课?星期一和星期五

6.-How’s your day? –It’s OK.

你过得怎样?不错。 7. I like Monday because I have P.E. and history.


8.play games with us 跟我们一起玩

9. I think history is interesting.

我认为地理很有趣。 10. Because the next day is Saturday. 因为第二天是星期六。

11. That’s for sure.那是肯定的。

12. I’m very busy. 我非常忙。be busy with sth/

be busy (in) doing sth 忙于做某事 13. I have math. 我上数学课。

14. The teacher says it is useful.


15.difficult but interesting 困难但很有趣

16. easy and fun 有容易有好玩

17.from 12:00 to 1:50 从12点到1:50

18.after that 从那之后

19. My classes finish at 1:50.我的课在1:50结束。

20.Have an art lesson for two hours.


21. It’s really relaxing. 它真的很放松。


22.It is cool. 它很酷。

23. Let’s meet on Saturday.


24. Is that OK with you.那对你来说合适吗?

25. Thank you for your E-mail. 谢谢你的邮件。 8

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