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山东省临沭县青云镇中学七年级英语上册 第五单元复习题

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( )1.—Does Jack______ a TV?

—Yes. He often ______sports programs on______ TV.

A.has;watches;/ B.have;watches;/

C.have;watches;the D.has;watches;the

( )2.—______you have soccer balls?

—Yes,I do. And I have two baseballs.

A.Does B.Are C.Do D.Can

( )3.—Let's watch TV. —______.

A.Sorry,I don't B.That sounds good.

C.Yes,I do D.No,I don't

( )4.—What are the girls doing? —They are playing___ basketball now.

A.a B.an C.the D./

( )5.______Bill ______two Ping-Pong balls?

A.Do;have B.Does;have C.Do;has D.Does;has

( )6.Peter's father often watches basketball games ______TV.

A.in B.on C.at D.of

( )7.—Do you have a TV? —______

A.Yes,it is. B.Yes,we are. C.Yes,we have. D.Yes,we do.

( )8.—Your English is very good. —______

A.You're right B.Thank you

C.You are OK D.Don't say so

( )9.—Let's play computer games. —That ______ good.

A.looks B.watches C.sounds D.listens to

( )10.The music(音乐)is______.I like it.

A.well B.relaxing C.boring D.bad ( )11. Kate gives some books, but I must give back soon. 1

A. I; it B. me; them C. my; they D. me; they

( )12. Let’s and football on the playground(操场).

A. to go; to play B. go; play C. to go; play D. go; to play

( ) 13. I don’t have a soccer ball, but my brother .

A. is B. have C. does D. doesn’t ( )14. class, we play soccer our friends.

A. After; with B. In; for C. After; for D. In; with ( )15. We go to school, and we classmates.

A. same; are B same; is C. the same; are D. the same; is

二、根据汉语写出单词。 1.She likes ______ __(运动)very much.

2.________(让我们) play tennis.

3.Sue has two ________ (篮球).

4.My mother ________(打) ping pong every day.

5.I have a computer game. It’s ____________(有趣的).

6.My mother _______(想要) a nice book.

7.That music ____________(听起来) good.

8. He likes ______________(看) soccer games on TV.

9.To play soccer is ____________(困难的).

10.Welcome to ____________(我的) school.


1.My sister ______(not have)a soccer ball.

2.Bruce only ______(watch)sports on TV!

3.Michael ______(have)a computer.

4.Let’s ______(go)to play soccer.

5.Does your father ______(play)sports every day?

6.Where ______(be)your books?

7.That ______(sound)fun.

8.We can see some ______ (basketball) in the classroom.

9.Please take ______ (they)to your English teacher.


10.—Is that your book? —Let ______(I)see.


41. 亨利收藏了很多体育用品。

Henry has a _______ _______ collection.

42. 我的父母早上做运动。

My parents ________ _______ in the morning.

43. 他们天天玩电脑游戏。

They play computer games _______ _______.

44. 他只在晚上看电视。

He _______ _______ TV in the evening.

45. 那听起来很无聊。

That _______ _______.


1.Jeff has two computers.(改为一般疑问句)

______ Jeff ______ two computers?

2.I play sports every morning.(改为否定句)

I sports every morning.

3.His friend watches TV every morning.(改为否定句)

His friend ______ ______ TV every morning.

4.They have five English books.(改为一般疑问句) They five English books.

5.—Does Tom have a watch?(作肯定回答)

—______,he ______.

Peter is sixty-six. But he looks young. He has two children-one is a son and the other is a daughter. He has 10 tennis rackets,12 soccer balls,8 baseballs,6 basketballs and 18 volleyballs. But he never plays sports. He only collects sports things. His son, Carl, likes soccer. He is a member of the city soccer club. He plays soccer every day with his friends. And his daughter, Nancy, likes volleyball. But she doesn’t play it. She watches it on TV.



1. Does Peter look old?


2. How many children does Peter have? __________________________________

3.Who plays soccer every day in Peter’s family?


4.Does Peter do sports every day?


5.Does Nancy play volleyball?



Mike: Hi, Tony, let’s___1_____ baseball. Tony: ____2____sounds good, Mike. That ____3____ fun.

Mike: Do you___4____ a baseball or a baseball____5___?

Tony: Oh, no. I don’t have a baseball and I don’t have a baseball


Mike: ____6___your sister have a ball or a bat?

Tony: Yes, ___7___ does. Hi, ____8____! Where____9___ your baseball

and bat?

Gina: They’re under the bed.

Tony: OK!___10____ play. 1 2. 3. 4. 5 6 7 8 9 10 .


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