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山东省临沭县青云镇中学七年级英语上册 第8单元测试题

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II. 根据汉语提示填入正确的单词:

1. Students in Xinjiang go to school from _________ (四月) to ____________ (九月).

2. June _______ (一日) is Children’s Day. All the children are very _________ (高兴).

3. The _______ (老的) man is _________ (九十) years old now.

III. 写出下列数词的序数词:

1. one ________ 2. two __________ 3. three _________ 4. five ________

5. eight ________ 6. nine _______ 7. twelve __________ 8. nineteen ____________

9. twenty __________ 10. thirty-six ____________

V. 选择填空:

( ) 1. —____ is your birthday? — It's Dec. 9th.

A. How B. When C. Where D. What

( ) 2. She is eleven ____.

A. years B. years-old C. year’s old D. years old

( ) 3. Monday is the ____ day of a week. A. first B. second C. third D. fourth

( ) 4. Is it ____ today?

A. Teachers’s Day B. Teacher’s Day C. Teachers Day D. Teachers’ Day

( ) 5. —When is ____ birthday? —His birthday is May 2nd.

A. Tom’s B. Mary’s C. Kathy’s D. Ann’s

( ) 6. John’s date of ____ is November the first.

A. birth B. born C. birthday D. bear

( ) 7. May is ____ month of the year.

A. five B. the fiveth C. fifth D. the fifth ( ) 8. The boy is only ____. Today is his ____ birthday.

A. twelve, twelve B. twelfth, twelve

C. twelfth, twelveth D. twelve, twelfth

( ) 9. —Do you have a school trip? —____, I don’t know. A. Yes B. Sorry C. No D. Good

( ) 10. _— ___ today? —It’s September third.

A. What day is B. When is C. What’s the date D. What time is ( ) 11. —When is your birthday? —It’s ____.

A. February B. second C. February second D. 1990

( ) 12. ____ shirt is white.

A. My brother B. My brothers C. My brother’s D. My brothers’

( ) 13. Do you have a pop concert? Yes, ____.

A. we have B. we do C. we are D. I am

( ) 15. ____ is your mother? She’s forty.

A. How old B. How C. How age D. What age

( ) 17. ____ is very difficult.

A. lesson fifth B. The lesson fifth C. Five lesson D. The fifth lesson

( ) 18. Our school has a sports meeting ____ October 15th.

A. at B. on C. in D. for


( ) 19. There are ____ months in a year. The ____ month is December.

A. twelve, twelve B. twelfth, twelfth C. twelve, twelfth D. twelfth, twelve

( ) 20. —What’s the ____ today? It’s October twelfth.

What ____ is it today? —It’s Sunday.

A. date, day B. day, date C. date, date D. day, day

( ) 21. ____ Day is on June first and ____ Day is on September tenth.

A. Children’s, Teacher’s B. Children’s, Teachers’

C. Childrens’, Teacher’ D. Children’, Teachers’

( ) 22. Mrs Green is ____ mother.

A. Jim and Kate B. Jim’s and Kate’s C. Jim and Kate’s D. Jim’s and Kate

( ) 23. The baby is only ____.

A. ten months old B. ten monthes old C. ten month old D. ten old months

( ) 25. —When ____ you have a school trip? —Sorry, I ____ know.

A. are, don’t B. do, aren’t C. are, aren’t D. do, don’t

VI. 句型转换: 1. She is fifteen years old. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ is she?

2. We have an English party every month. (改为一般疑问句)

_____ ______ ________ an English party every month? 3. My birthday is July fourteenth. (对划线部分提问)

_______ ____ your birthday?

4. Tom likes basketball games. (改为否定句) Tom ________ _______ basketball games.

5. How old is he? (改为同义句) What’s ______ _______?

6. Is Mother’s Day in June? (做出完整回答)

No, _____ _______. It’s in _________. 7. Today is June 18th. (对划线部分提问) What’s ______ _______ today? 8. Today is Monday. (对划线部分提问) ________ _____ is today? 9. We have a Music Festival each year. (对划线部分提问)

_______ do ______ have each year? 10. Has she an English book? (改为同义句)

_______ ______ have an English book?

VIII. 从方框中选择正确的选项,将序号填在横线上,其中有两项多余: Tom: Mary. (1)

Sally: Sure, Tom. Tom: (2) Sally: My birthday party is October 1st. Tom: OK. (3)

October 2nd. Tom: Good. And, um. (4) Sally: The school trip is September 27th. Tom: (5)

Sally: Oh, that’s Monday, September 29th.

IX. 选词填空,其中有两项是多余的:


Today is Friday, October (1) . It’s my birthday. I’m 13 (2) old. My cousins, Xiao Ming and Xiao Chuan (3) in our home. My parents buy me a big birthday cake. It’s on the table. You can see some birthday candles (蜡烛) on the cake. My cousins bring me some (4) and school things as (作为) their presents (礼物). They sing the “ (5) ”

Song to me and I blow out (吹灭) the candles. I’m very (6) today.

X. 阅读短文,根据首字母提示填入正确的单词:

The Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year’s Day. It usually comes in (1) F . Everyone in China (2) l the Spring Festival. When the Spring Festival comes, Li Lei usually (3) h his parents clean their (4) h and do some shopping and other housework. On that day everyone in China (5) e jiaozi, New Year’s cakes and some other delicious food. Li Lei likes New Year’s cakes, but Lanlan says jiaozi is nicer than New Year’s cakes. The (6) C people eat the New Year’s cakes and jiaozi in their houses. How (7) h

they are!

XI. 阅读理解:


stToday is February 21.It’s Kate’s birthday. She is twelve now. Lucy and Linda want to

go to her home to have a birthday party. Kate asks,“When is your birthday,Lucy?”“Oh,

thit’s on March 16.”“What about yours , Linda?”“My birthday is in September.” They

sing some songs and eat lots of fruits, they’re all very happy.


( )1 Today is Linda’s birthday.

( ) 2 Lucy’s birthday is on February 21st.

( ) 3 Lucy and Linda want to go to school and have the birthday party.

( ) 4 The three girls eat lots of fruit today.

( ) 5 They’re very happy

( B )

Mary, Lucy, Xiao Wang and Wei Fang are talking about their favorite months in a year. Mary loves December because she loves Christmas (圣诞节). She can play happily and receive (收到) many presents. And she doesn’t like June because it rains (下雨) often at that time.

Lucy chooses (选择) July because she can go on holiday (假期). Every summer holiday, her parents take her to travel (旅行) around the country.

Xiao Wang thinks March is the best month in a year. It’s very sunny, but not too hot. People can go camping and enjoy fresh air (新鲜空气).

Wei Fang enjoys October a lot because there is Mid-autumn Festival (中秋节). It is sunny as well.

They all agree (同意) that the worst (最坏的) month is September because they have exams (考试) in that month.


( ) 1. Who loves December?


A. Lucy B. Mary C. Xiao Wang D. Wei Fang

( ) 2. Why does Lucy like July? Because she can ____. A. go shopping B. go to school C. join the art club D. go on holiday

( ) 3. Which month don’t they like?

A. September B. January C. February D. December

( ) 4. Why don’t they like that month?

A. It’s too hot. B. It’s cold C. There are exams D. It’s sunny


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