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七下英语 Unit 1 SectionB

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? Japanese ? world: n. 世界 在世界上:in the world 全世界: around the world = all over the world 世界地图: a map of the world ? There are many countries in the world. 世界上有 许多国家。 ? There is a map of the world on the wall. 在墙上 有一张中国地图。 ? French ? like—dislike


Match the countries with the languages.






Match the countries with the languages.

Japanese for Kids!
Chinese Is Fun!

少儿日语 趣味汉语

Our World in English 英语世界 French for Today 今日法语

Task:talk about pen pal

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

What is your name? How old are you? / What is your age? Where are you from? Where do you live? What language do you speak? What do you like? What’s your favorite …?


Listen and number the questions you hear:



3 5


Listen and number the questions you hear: ( 1 ) 1. What’s her name? ( 2 ) 2. Where is she from? ( 3 ) 3. Where does she live? ( 4 ) 4. Does she have any brothers and sisters? ( ) 5. What’s her favorite subject? ( 5 ) 6. Does she speak English?


Listen and write short answers:

1. Maria

2. Canada
3. Toronto 4. Yes, she does.

Page 83 A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Is that your new pen pal. Lucy? Yes, it is. Oh, what’s her name? Her name is Maria. Uh-huh. And where is she from? Um, she’s from Canada. Uh-huh. Where does she live? She lives in Toronto. Does she have any brothers or sisters? Yes, she does. She has two brothers and two sisters. Does she speak English? Yes. She speaks English and Spanish.

Lucy’s pen pal
pen _____ Lucy’s ____ pal is a girl. Her name is Maria. She is _____ in from Canada. She ______ lives ____ ______ speaks English Toronto. She _________ French She ______ and _________. has two sisters brothers and two __________.

Dear Student, My name is Bob.I live in Toronto, Canada,and I want a pen pal in China. I think China is a very interesting country.I’m 14 years old and my birthday is in November.I can speak English and a little French.I have a brother,Paul,and a sister,Sarah.They have pen pals in The United Kingdom and Australia.I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports. My favorite subject in school is P.E. It’s fun.But I don’t like math. It’s too difficult! Can you write to me soon? Bob

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? be from…=come from… live in+小地点+大地点 want +n. speak +语言 I think +(that)引导的宾语从句 like +doing sth./to do enjoy +doing sth. write to sb. tell sb. about sth.

I live in Toronto, Canada, and I want a pen pal in China. 1) 汉语中,我们习惯从大到小表达事物,但是在英语中,正 好相反,事物的排列顺序是从小到大。 e.g. He is a student from Class One, Grade Three. 他是三年级一班的学生。 My grandparents live in Haidian District, Beijing. 我的爷爷奶奶住在北京海淀区

。 2) 说到语序问题,英语中如果主语是好几个人同时出现, 一 般把自己放在最后面。 e.g. There are four people in my family, my father, my mother, my brother and I. 我们家有四口人,爸爸,妈妈,弟弟和我。 Tony and I are good at English. 托尼和我的英语都不错。

I think China is a very interesting country.
think v. 想;认为 e.g. What do you think of my new bicycle? 你觉得我的新自行车怎么样? I think you are right. 我觉得你是对的。 I don’t think this movie is good. 我觉得这部电影不怎么样。 I am thinking what to do next. 我正在考虑下一步该怎么做。

I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports. 我喜欢和朋友去看电影,还喜欢体育运动。 1)and 表示并列,因此其前后的谓语动词在形式上应该保持 一致。 2)sb. like doing sth. 某人喜欢做某事 (是一种 爱好) sb. like to do sth. 某人愿意/乐意做某事 (一种意 愿) e.g. I like running, but I don’t like to run on rainy days. 我喜欢跑步,但我不爱在下雨天跑步。 3) enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事 e.g. I enjoy watching TV. 我喜欢看电视。

But I don’t like physics. It’s too difficult.

但是我不喜欢物理。物理太难了。 too adv. 也;太 He drives too fast. 他开车太快了。 I like bananas, and I like oranges, too. 我喜欢香蕉,可我也喜欢柑橘。

Bob’s Card City (live in): ___________ Toronto Country (from): _________ Canada 14 (years old) Age: _________________ November Birthday: _____________ Language:English __________________ and a little French Favorite subject: _____________ P.E. Family: ________(Paul) : ________( brother England pen pal) sister ________(Sarah):________( Australia pen pal)

Bob ? Name:_______ 14 ? Age:_______ Canada ? From:_______

English and French ? Language :_________ going to the movies ? Like:____________ playing sports ? ___________ ? Favorite P.E. subject:_______

Read the letter and write answers to the questions below.

1.Where is Bob from?
2.What does he want?
He wants a pen pal in China. He’s from Canada.

3.What languages does he speak? 4.What does he like?
He speaks English and a little French.

He likes going to the movies with his friends and playing sports.

Ask questions about Bob as more as possible.

1.Where is Bob from?

2. What does he want?
3. What languages does he speak? 4. What does he like? 5. How old is he? 6. Does he have pen pals? 7. What’s his favorite subject? …


Translate and underline.
1.住在 2.笔友 3.14岁 live in a pen pal 14 years old

4.说英语和一点儿法语 speak English and a little French


like going to the movies
like playing sports


write to sb
be from


on weekends

10. 告诉我关于你自己的情况

tell me about yourself

Do you want a pen pal? Where do you want a pen pal?

name is Tom King. I’m 14 ______ years old My _______ English and I’m from Australia ________. I speak _________. I have soccer a brother, Sam, and a sister ______, Lisa. I play ______ on weekends. It’s my favorite sport. I like music ______ at school. It’s fun! My favorite movie ______ is The Long Weekend. Do you know it? It’s an action movie. Please write and tell me about yourself.

Name: _____________ First Name: _________ Last Name: _________ Age: _______ City (live in): _________ Country (from): __________ Language: ____________ Favorite Sport: ________ Favorite Subject: ___________ Favorite Movie: ________________ Favorite Color: ______________ Family: ______________________

What kind of pen pals do you want?
(city, country, age, language, likes and dislikes)

Make a survey
Make a card about your pen pal and tell us something about him/her.

Name ___________ Age ____________ Sex_____________ Country_________ City_____________ Language_________

Likes___________ Dislikes _________

Information about your pen pal:
? Is that your pen pal? ? Where is she/ he from?/ Where does she come from? ? Where does she/ he live? ? Does she/ he have any brothers and sisters? ? What language does she/ he speak? ? Can she/ he speak English? ? When is her birthday? ? What’s her/ his favorite …?

来自…,从…来 be from (is, am, are) = come from
1. Maria ______ is _______ from France.

comes ___________ from France. = Maria __________ are ________ from Japan. 2. Andrew and Paul _______ come ________ from Japan. = Andrew and Paul ________ come ________ from ? 3. Where does Sam ________ is/comes _________ from the United States. He __________
= Where does your pen pal come

4. Where is your pen pal from ?

from ?

1. Maria is from France.
Maria isn’t from France . Is Maria from France ? Yes, she is . / No, she isn’t. Where is Maria from ? 2. Maria comes from France. Maria doesn’t come from France. Does Maria come from France ? Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t . Where does Maria come from ?

A: Hello! Where are you ______? from B: I ____ am from ____ the USA. What ______ about you? am ____ from Australia. A: Oh, I___

A: Are ___ they _____ from Canada? B: No, they___ __ UK. are fromthe A: What about ____ her ? B: She __ ____ Japan, is from I think.

A:______ Excuse me! Are you ____ from ___ USA? the

B: No, __ I am from England. B: Only __ _____ . a little

A: A: ___ Do you ______ speak Chinese?

1.你来自于哪里? ______ are you ______? Where from 2.我来自于澳大利亚. I ___ am from ___________. Australia 3.他们来自于加拿大吗? _____ Are they from ________ Canada ?

her 4.她怎麽样? What about____? 5.她来自于日本. She ___ is from ______. Japan 6.你说汉语吗? ____ Do you ______ speak Chinese? 一点点。 Only ____ a _____ little

B England. 1.Lo

ndon is __ A. on B. in C. at A 2.What about ___? A. him B. he C. his 3.___ B they from Canada? A. Am B. Are C.Is 4.____, C are you from Canada?
A.Sorry B.Hello C.Excuse me

A English? 5.Can you ____
A. speak B.say C.tell D.talk

6.They are from France. They _____ come ________ from France. 7.What about a cup of tea? How ______ about a cup of tea? _____

一.每空一词,使句子完整. 1.My pen pal is f____ rom Japan. anguage does she speak? 2.What l_______ nteresting country. 3.I think China is a very i________ ubject in school is P.E. 4.My favorite s______ rite to me soon? 5.Can you w____ ifficult 6.I don’t like physics. It is too d_______. ive 7.Where does your pen pal l_____? nglish 8.She is from America. She speaks E_______. hina 9.They are from C_____. They speak Chinese. ny brothers and sisters. 10.Does she have a___ going to the movies with my friends 11.I like _____ listening to music. (go, listen) and _______ tell him about it. (tell) 12.I want to _____

Task:talk about pen pal
? ? ? ? ? ? What is his/her name? What is his/her age? Where is he/she from? Where does he/she from? What language does he/she speak? What does he/she like?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

What day is it today? What’s the date today? When do we have P.E. class? Can you play soccer? Where are you from? Where do you live? What language do you speak? Do you have any sisters and brothers? Which is your favorite country? Do you want to have a pen pal from another country? ? Which city do you like best, Paris, Sydney or New York? ? Where is Paris?

Name: Albert Black First Name: Albert Last Name: Black Age: 18 From: America Language: English Favorite Sport: Skiing Favorite Subject: Physics Favorite Color: Black Favorite Movie: Spider Man Favorite Food: Hamburgers Family: father and mother

Check the sentences that are correct.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Where does they live? She’s from Japanese. What language do she speak? Mary speak French. Jim lives Tokyo. She is fifteen year old. Where is you pen pal from? 8. He have two pen pals. 9. I live in China, beijing . 10. French is a beautiful country. 11. I like chess and swim. 12. Alan enjoys play the guitar. 13. She is Japanese and I am China. 14. I play basketball at weekends.

1.London is _____ England. 2.Is he friendly _____ you? 3.We often play basketball _____ them. 4.What does she like _____ Japan? 5.The letter is _____ Tom _____ Jim. 6.They play games _____ Friday. 7.Listen _____ the tape and fill _____ the blanks in your workbook. 8.I can borrow a book _____ him. 9.Tony is _____ Japan. 10.How many days are there _____ a week?

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