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1.welcome (back) to + 地点

2. on your right / left
3. a tour of + 地点 / the tour of + 地点 4.the middle of … / in the middle of

5.a famous museum with lots of famous paintings 6. live in + 地点 / live there
7. It takes you 135 meters above the River Thames.

8. most of London
Most of the water is free. Most of the students are from Liaocheng. 9. on a clear day ;

on a cold winter morning
10. be tired;be tired of sth./doing sth. I am tired after a day’s work.

Tony is tired of winter.

11. the best way to do sth.
The best way to see London is by boat. The best way to learn English is working hard. 12. get off the boat ; get on the boat get into the car ; get out of the car

13. next to 靠近, 挨着
14. It’s over 900 years old.

多于 more than

15. after + n. / pron. / V-ing 介 after visiting London after school; 词 16. take the boat back along the river along, 介词,沿着 , walk / go along

17. go past the station / church
18. Turn left into King’s Street . 19. finish + n. / V-ing I’ll take a walk after finishing doing my homework.

20. above ; over ; on

21. be famous for 因为事或者是作品 be famous as 作为职业

Lu Xun is famous as a writer, and he is also famous for his books. 22. How high is the building ? 多高?

1.Lost of t________ ourists come to China every year. 2. Walk a________ long the road and you’ll see a market. 3. Mary is going to have a short t_________ our of London.

4. The square is big and f________ amous in our city. 5. W________ elcome back to school.

6. 他每天经过那家超市。 He goes past the supermarket every day. 7. 银行的旁边有一个书店。 The bank is next to the bookshop.

8. 我在Tower Bridge 下船。
I get off at Tower Bridge. 9. 公园在我家的右侧。 The park is on the right of my home.

10. 大多数男孩都喜欢篮球。 Most of the boys like basketball. 11. 沿着街走, 右转弯进入国王街。 Walk along the street, turn left into the King’s street. 12. 我每天晚上9点完成作业。 I finish doing my homework at 9 pm. 13. 杭州因为西湖而出名。

Hangzhou is famous for the West Lake.

14.陈奕迅作为歌手而出名。 Chen Yixun is famous as a singer. 15. 我厌倦了学音乐。 I am tired of learning music.

16. 百货大楼在聊城的中间。 Baihuo Building is in the middle of Liaocheng. 17. 做完作业之后, 我喜欢听音乐。 After finishing doing my homework, I like listening to music.

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