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七下英语 Unit 1 Selfcheck

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Listen and practice
Could you please tell me the way to Hilton Hotel? 您能告诉我怎么去希尔顿饭店? Can I take a bus there? 我可以乘车去吗? How long does it take to get to the Hotel? 要多长时间呢? Can I go there on foot? Does this bus go to Hilton Hotel? 这车到不到希尔顿饭店? One ticket to Hilton Hotel. How much is the fare? 一张去希尔顿的票。多少钱? Could you tell me which stop to get off at? 您能告诉我在哪站下车吗

A: Excuse me. Where are you from? B: I’m from China . A: What language do you speak? B: I speak Chinese and a little English. A: Can you speakSpanish? B: No, I can’t. Is there a post office near here? A: Yes, there is. B: Where’s the post office? A: Just go straight and turn left , It’s on Bridge Street, you can find a big sports center. The post office is across from the sports center. A: Thank you . B: You are welcome .

Important structure: 1.Is there a …(near here)? Yes, there is. /No, there isn’t.

2.Where’s the…?
It’s on Center street. It’s across from the bank.

It’s next to/near the post office.
It’s between the video arcade and the supermarket. Go straight the First street and turn left. The bank is on the right. near here = in the neighborhood go straight = walk along

across from, between…and… , next to, on the left, on, go straight , turn right, near here.

1.The bank is ___________the theatre __________the post office . between and 2.Is there a video arcade ______________the school? across from 3.The school is _______________. on the left 4.The park is between the middle school and the garden. So the school is __________ next to the park. 5.The city library is ______ on Bridge Street.

straight and _________, 6.Go __________ turn right the bank is just there. near here 7.Excuse me. Is there a hotel_________?

请根据下图,用所给介词或介词短语造句 :across from, next to, behind, on, between…and…,

Fill in the map:
Bridge Street First Street




Pay phone


Post office


Video Arcade

The supermarket is between the post office and the video arcade. The post office is across from the bank. The hotel is on First Street Go straight the Bridge Street, the WC is on the left. The park is next to the WC. The library is across from the supermarket The pay phone is near a big tree.

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