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1. —What does Lucy look like? --___________________. A. She is good. B. She has a brother. C. She likes apples. D. She’s tall. 2. –What ______ they_______? --They were kind-hearted. A. were, like B. do, like C.does, like D. was, like 3. ---What does your English teacher look like? --She’s tall and thin______long hair. A. have B. has C. there is D. with 4. He ______ in Dalian in 2003, and he ______ in Qingdao now. He ______ back in 2014. A. was, is, will be B. was, were, will C. was, was, is going D. is, is, is going 5. I have something _________ in the classroom. A. do B. doing C. to do D. does 6. That is a storybook __________some beautiful pictures. A. have B. in C. with D. to

7. It is great ________ on the beach. A. to playing B. plays C. to play 8. --- When and where ______ you born? --- I _______ born in Shanghai _________ August 10,1995. A. was , were, at B. were , was , in C. was, was, in D. were, was, on 9. ---Was Tom’s first teacher’s name James? --- ___________. ? Yes, it was. B. Yes, he was. C. Yes, she was. D. No, they weren’t. 10. My mum is really busy because she has ___________ housework to do today.A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too 11. Mr . Li is a teacher. He ______ us English, and he has fun ______ us. A. teacher, teaching B. teach, teaching C. teaches, teaching D. teach, teaches 12. Everybody in my class ______ a new book. A. have B. has C. having D. will has 13. Lingling with her sister ______ going out to have a picnic ______ a warm afternoon. A. are , on B. is , in C. are , in D. is , on .

14. — What can I do for you? — I want __________.Thank you. A. three kilos of tomatos B. three kilo of tomatoes C. half kilo of tomatoes D. half a kilo of tomatoes 15. If you finish __________ the work, you may ________ a rest. A. do, have B. to do, have C. doing, have D. doing, to have 16. He is looking forward to ______. A.have a picnic B. do some sightseeing C. going sightseeing D. watch TV 17.The price of the sweater is very______, so I can’t buy it. A. expensive B. cheap C. high D. low 18. It ________ me twenty minutes to get home from school. A. takes B. spends C. pays D. cost 19.We learn _______ 1000 English words now. A. more B. over than C. more than D. better than 20.There is an old stone bridge _______ the river. A. over B. on C. under D. in 21. The price of the dress is very _______. I can't buy it. A. expensive B. cheap C. high D. low

22.I have two favourite colours. One is blue and ______ is yellow. A. another B. other C. the other D. others 23. Be careful of cars when you walk_______ the street. A. over B. off C. through D. across 24. The best way ________ visit London __________. A. to, by boat B. to, take a boat C. /, take a boat D. to, is by boat 25. There is a big tree ______ the house and the river. A. between B. in C. over D. of 26.Opposite our school ______ some shops. A. have B. has C. are D. is 27.After _______ the Great Wall. we will go back home. A. visiting B. visits C. v


二.用所给词的适当形式填空 were 1. He and his brother ________(be) born in Shanghai. weren’t (be not) students last year. 2. They __________ travels 3. My uncle__________(travel) a lot every month. to visit (visit) the Great Wall in China. 4. It’s great ____________ was (be) sunny the day before yesterday. 5. It _______ heroes 6.They are_________(hero) of our country. 7. I hope _____________ (fly) kites with my parents to fly tomorrow. worried (worry). 8. This makes Tony very _____________ 9. Lucy’s mobile phone is broken (坏). She spends 600 buying (buy) a new one. yuan ____________ to pay 10. Some people don’t think it is safe ____________ (pay) over the Internet.

was (be) Saturday 1. It is ______ (be) Monday today, it ______ the day before yesterday, and it ________ will be (be) Tuesday tomorrow. were (be) fifty students in our class last year, 2. There ________ but now there ______ are (be) only forty students. was (be) was (be) born in 1982, his father ______ 3. John _______ born in 1955. 4. Who ______your first friend ? was lives (life) are lost (丧生) in the fire. 3. Several ____________ 4. Not only Kate but also Mary likes reading interesting ____________ (interest) stories. players (play) come from? 5. Where do these ____________ third 6. March is the _____________ (three) month of the year.

1.What’s the weather like today?(用last Sunday作时间状 语改写句子) like What was ______ the weather_________ last Sunday? 2.Sara was in Taiwan last Monday.(改为一般疑问句并作肯 定回答) Was Sara in Taiwan last Monday? ---_____________________________________. Yes,__________________. she was 3. My first teacher was Mr Wang. (划线提问) Who was your first teacher ? ____________________________________________ 4. He is going to fly home. (改为同义句) home He is going to _________ a plane ________. take 5. This is the best way to answer the question. (改为同义句 answering This is the best way __________ _____________ the of question.

5. The museum is famous in the city. There are many old things in it. (合并成一句话) with many The museum __________ _____________ old things is famous in the city. __________ __________ 6. He can speak English, and he can speak French as well. (改写同义句) as well He can speak English __________ __________ as __________ French. 7. It takes her half an hour to finish reading this book. (改写同义句) spends half an hour ____________ finishing She __________ ______________this book. reading

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