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山东省宁津县育新中学九年级英语下册《Module 3 Now and then》测试题

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Module 3 Now and then

Learning aims

1. Learn about comparative(比较级)and superlative(最高级). ⑴ 规则变化

2. Master(掌握)the sentence patterns(句型) and say sth about life today or in the past. 1. prevent…from… 2. be good at/do well in 3. lead a…life 4.do/try one’s best to do sth

5. talking/speaking of 6. all one’s life 7. get married (to) 8. pick up 9. the number of/a number of 10. fall off 3. Know about the rules, such as:

⑴原级:①as…as…②(much) too, so ,quite,very

⑵比较级:①…than…②比 and比③the 比,the 比④much, even ,a lot⑤the +比 of the two ⑶最高级:①one of… ② the+序数词+最高级

Part 1 Reading

①Read Unit1 and make notes about what people do now and did in the past.


1. People are ______ and live _____ today than 50 years ago. (health)

2. Today we know______ about medicine and we are better at ________ _______, but we don’t take ___ _____ _______ ____ they did.(medicine) 3. Transport is_______, but it makes_____ pollution

4. People don’t have to work _____ _____ _____ they worked 50 years ago.(work)

②Read Unit2 and fill in the table.

Part 2 Words and phrases

1. prevent v. 防止,预防



Can you _______ him ______ smoking?

【联想】 stop…(from) doing…/ keep…from doing… 阻止……做

2.marry (sb) v. (和…)结婚, 嫁,娶

get/be married (to sb) (和…)结婚

She _____an American last month.

A. was married B. got married C.got married to D. married to

3.do/try one’s best to do sth 尽力做某事


We must ____ ____ _____ ____ protect environment.

4. all one’s life 一生,终身

He ____ in Beijing all his life. A.live B.lives C. lived D. has lived

5. lead a… life (=live a… life) 过……的生活

过去人们过着艰难的生活。 People ___ ___ ____ ____ in the past.

6. the number of ……的数量

【联想】 a number of 许多

In our school library, there ___ a number of books on science and the number of them ____ growing larger and larger.


A. is; are B. are; is C. have; is

7. fall off (从…) 跌落


He ______ ______ a tree and hurt his feet.

8.【习语】 talking/speaking of…谈/说到……

____ me, I’d like to have a cup of coffee.

A.Think of B.Talking of C.Talking about

Part 3 Grammar

⑴Do exercises:

1.The boy is as_____ as his father. (tall)

2.It’s very ________ to play on the road. (danger) 3.The boy ran so f___ that I couldn't catch him.

4.It's much too_____,today. (cold)

5.It was quite______, but not perfect.(good)

⑵Do exercises:

1.Shanghai is_______thanBeijing.(busy)

2.Who is ______, your sister or his? (thin)

3._______(much) food you eat, ________ (fat) you will be.

4.She is _________ofthe twins.(short)

5.When spring comes, the weather is getting

______and ______. (warm) 6. Jim has been even____________ in Chinese since Mr. Green taught him.(interest) ⑶Do exercises: 1.The Yellow River is the second_______ river in China. (long)

2.Which skirt is ________________ ,yours,hers or mine?(fashionable)

3.I have _______ books in my family.(many) 4.He is one of _____________(popular) singers in China.


1. –The dish is delicious! (杭州中考)

-- Well, at least it’s ____ the one I cooked yesterday.

A. as good as B. worse than C. as well as

2. There ___ a number of animals in the zoo. The number of them____ two thousand.(宁波中考)

A. is, are B. are, is C. is, is

3.The ticket is on the floor, please____. (烟台) A. pick up it B. look it up C. pick it up

4. Peter drives ____ Amy, so it will take Peter ____ time to get to the hotel. (08常州) A.much faster than; less B. more slowly than; less

C. as fast as; more D. as slowly as; more

5. ----Was Henry late for the concert yesterday? (09扬州)

----No. He got there even ten minutes ________ than us two.

A. earlier B. earliest C. later D. latest

6. ----How are you today, Bob?

----I'm even ______ now. I don't think the medicine is good for me. (08南通) 3

A. better B. worse C. happier D. unluckier



In the past, the life w____ not easy. Most girls never went to school. They helped on the farm or cooked at home for their families. People didn’t have a healthy d____ They knew less about m_______, and that made life less healthy. They didn’t live as long a___ we do today.

There were no houses or cars. People went to work o____ foot or by bike. So they took more e________. Today more and more people use their own cars. They walk l_____ and become lazier. And faster transport makes more p_________.

In the past the family was very big. They lived in a small house. They cooked on the fire. Now there a_____ many tall buildings to l_____ in. life is better than it was in the past, isn’t it?


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