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姓名 家长签字


coat _______ skirt _______ dress _______ house _______ watch _______ car ______ brush _______ box_______ toy_______ umbrella _______ ticket _______ fox_________ teacher _______ son _______ student _______ job _______ fly _______ radio_________ life__________ shelf__________ piano_________ sheep___________ foot_________

child_________ Chinese_________ baby_________ country___________ bus___________ photo_________


1. We are ________ (student).

2. I have five ________ (watch).

3. Her father is a ________ (doctor).

4. What’s your ______ (job)?

5. What are their ________ (job)?

6. These _________ (shelf) are not very good.

7. Two ________ (wolf) are in the forest.

8. The ____________ (housewife) are very lazy.

9. I have two ________ (knife). Do you need one?

10. There is a _______ (hero).

11. This _______ (potato) is very nice.

12. There is a red _________ (tomato) on the table.

13. We have four ________ (piano) in our school


( ) 1. The _____ are on the table.

A. knife B. knifes C. knives

( ) 2. We need three more _____ to cook chips.

A. potato B. potatos C. potatoes

( ) 3. What big _____ the tiger has!

A. tooth B. toothes C. teeth

( ) 4. Please remember to give the horse some______.

A. leafs B. leaves C. leaf

( )5. I have two uncles. They are A. man drivers B. men driver C. mans drivers D. men drivers

( ) 6、on the wall .They are very beautiful.

A. are photoes B. are photos C. is a photo D. is photos

( A. Japanese, Germen B Japaneses, Germen

C. Japanese,German C.Japanese, Germans

( )8. That’art book.

A. an B. a C. the D are

( A. is ,fish B. are, fishs C. is, fishs D. are ,fish

( the box.

A. is watch B. are watches C. are watch D. is watches


( twice a day. A .our tooth B. we tooths C. us teeth D. our teeth ( )12.The ________reading-room is big and bright.

A.student’s B.students’s C.students’ D.student ( )13.He has _________. A .two bread B. two pieces of bread

C. two piece of bread D. two pieces of breads

( )14.Some fish ______swimming. A. is B .are C.I D .be ( )15.I am buying ________trousers. A. a B. two C. a pair of D. two pair of ( )16.This is ________.

A. Tom and Bob’s B. Tom and Bob C. Tom’s and Bob’s D. Tom’s and Bob ( )17.The news _______good. A. is B. are C. no D. not ( )18. What are_______ ? They are apples. A. you B. this C. these D. there 四、写出下列句子的复数句子。

五、用a/an填空: 1.Is there _____ umbrella on the desk? 2.There is _____ island in the sea. 3.There is _____ picture on the card. 4.I have _____ old book. 5.It takes me half hour to go to school every day. 6.There is _____ armchair in the living room. 7.I'd like _____ egg. 8.Look, there is _____ bird in the tree. 9.Is there _____ map on the wall? 10.There is _____ bench in the park 六、从所给的单词中选出恰当的词填空

cup piece pair glass bowl plate box bottle 1.a _______of paper 2.a _______of milk 3.two_______of shoes 4.a _______of rice 5.two_______ of bread 6.three_________of water 7.a __________of tea 8.ten_________of pencil 七、翻译 1.四条鱼五块面包 4.Tom的自行车 5.女孩们的玩具 6.儿童节7.两盒子书


1.________(我) am a teacher.

2.My father is talking with _______(我).

3._______(他) often plays basketball after school.

4._______(他的) teacher is good.

5._______(我们) buy a pair of shoes for _______(他).

6.Please show _____(我们) the map of Shenyang.

7._______(他们) are listening to the radio.

8.This is _______(我的) book. That is__________(他的)

9._______(他的) chair is blue. _____________( 我们的) is yellow.

10._______(我们的) classroom is big.__________( 你们的) is small.

11._______(他) often plays basketball after school.

12._______(他的) teacher is good. _____(她的)is good too.

13.My book is blue. _________(you) is red.

14.Our chair is better than _________ ( they).

15.I will give the presents to________(they).

16.These books are________(I), and those are____(you).

17.My ruler is long. ________ ( you ) is short.

18.My bike is broken. May I borrow______ ( she)?

19.Can you show _______(I) your book?

20.It’s time for ______(they) to go home.

21.Mr. Green often tells _______(we) some stories.

22.These are not your desks. They are _____(our).

23.This is not my shirt. It’s _______(he)

24.I saw ________(she) in the shop yesterday.

25._____ is my friend. 他是我的朋友。

26.My dog likes _____. 我的狗喜欢她。

27.Who is there? It’s _____. 是谁啊?是我。

28.Come with _____. 跟我来。

29.______ classroom is bigger than _____. 你们的教室比我们的要大。

30.______ are Chinese. 我们是中国人。

31.I want to buy some balloons for ______. 我想买些气球送给他。

32.These are ______ photos. 这些是我们的照片。

33._____ like ______ very much. 他们非常喜欢它。

34.Let _____ give _____ a book. 让我给你一本书。

35.This is _____ father. 这是我的爸爸。

36.Is that bike ______? Yes, it’s ______. 那辆自行车是你的吗?是,它是我的。

37._____ like ______ car. 我喜欢他们的小汽车。

38.Our school is here, and _______ is there. 我们的学校在这儿,他们的在那儿。

39.Whose bike is this? It’s ______ (= _____ ______). 这是谁的自行车?是她的。

40.Is that car ______? Yes, it’s ______. 那辆车是你的吗?是的,它是我的。


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