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1. 来吧,孩子们!该吃午饭了。

Come on, children. ________________________________ to have lunch.

2. 昨天因为交通拥堵,他们开会迟到了。

___________________________ the meeting because of the heavy traffic yesterday.

3. 她遇到了很大的麻烦。让我们帮助她吧。

She is now in great trouble. ______________________________________________ .

4. 你一到上海就给我打个电话好吗?

Will you please call me __________________________________________________ .

5. 这个七岁的小女孩酷爱弹钢琴,以致于她已经坚持练琴两年了。

The seven-year-old girl likes playing the piano_________________________________ _____________________________ for two years.


1. It’s time 2. They were late for

3. Let’s/Let us help her 4. as soon as you get to/arrive in/reach Shanghai

5. so much that she has kept practicing


1. 天黑了,你最好回家吧。

It’s dark now. _________________________________________________________ .

2. 我今天没有时间去看望他们。明天怎么样?

I have no time to see them today. ___________________________________________ ?

3. 这架照相机太旧,不能用了。

The camera is __________________________________________________________ .

4. 刘翔和姚明一样闻名全中国。

Liu Xiang _______________________________________ Yao Ming all over China.

5. 李老师病情严重,但仍坚持工作。硬要她卧床休息恐怕是不可能的。

Mrs. Li is seriously ill, but she still keeps working. I’m afraid ___________________________________ .


1. You’d better go home 2. What/How about tomorrow

3. too old to use 4. is as famous /popular as

5. it’s not possible to make her rest in bed


1. 六点钟了,该吃晚饭了。

It’s six o’clock. __________________________________ supper.

2. 博物馆很近。为什么不走着去呢?

The museum is quite near. __________________________________ on foot?

3. 我的电脑坏了。你能帮我修一下吗?

_________________________________________ my computer. Could you help me mend it?

4. 很抱歉让你久等了。

I’m sorry ____________________________________ for a long time.

5. 他过去玩电脑游戏的时间太多,结果对学习不感兴趣了。



he was not interested in his lessons.


1. It’s time for/to have 2. Why not go (there)

3. There is something wrong with 4. to keep you waiting

5. He spent so much time (in) playing computer games that



It’s seven o’clock, Lily. ___________________________________________________.


Mrs. Wang is ill. ___________________________________________________ to see her.


The party will begin in an hour. The children ________________________ the classroom.


The Bird Nest is _________________________ all of us want to visit it as soon as possible.


Li Lei __________________________________________________________ his classmates. 答案:

1. It’s time to get up 2. Let’s go

3. are busy cleaning 4. so beautiful that

5. not only does well in his lessons but also gets on well with

(五) 根据中文意思完成句子(2008年中考题)

1. 邮局离这里有些远,你最好坐车去。

The post office is a bit far from here. take a bus.

2. 为什么不早点儿把这个好消息告诉他呢?

tell him the good news a little earlier?

3. 王芳还没来,她怎么了?

Wang Fang hasn’t come yet. her?

4. 很多医护人员太忙了,顾不上吃饭。

Many doctors and nurses are have their meals.

5. 战士们已连续工作了18个小时,有必要让他们停下来休息。

The soldiers have kept working for 18 hours, so 答案:

1. You’d better 2. Why not

3. What’s wrong with 4. too busy to

5. it’s necessary to make them stop to have a rest

(六) 根据中文意思完成句子(2009年中考题)

1. 很抱歉今天不能陪你去购物,明天怎么样?

I’m sorry I can′t go shopping with you today. ___________________________ tomorrow?

2. 多吃水果和蔬菜对身体有好处。

___________________________ our health to eat more fruit and vegetables.

3. 北京的援建工人一到什邡就开始了工作。

The workers from Beijing started working ___________________________ they arrived in Shifang.

4. 刘强不仅对家长有礼貌,对邻居们也很有礼貌。


 Liu Qiang is polite ___________________________.

5. 我确信什么也无法阻止李雷成为一名作家。

I’m sure ___________________________ a writer.


1. What /How about 2. It’s good for 3. as soon as

4. not only to his parents but also to his neighbours

5. nothing can stop Li Lei from becoming

(七) 根据中文意思完成句子(2010年中考题)


It’s fine today. ___________________________ go out for a walk?


___________________________ to think about our plan for the summer vacation.


Beijing ___________________________ its many places of interest in the world.


___________________________ possible in the PE test.


___________________________ your parents, and learn to look after yourself.


1. Why not 2.It’s time 3.is famous for

4. I tried as hard as 5.You’d better not depend too much on

(八) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年中考题)

1. 我喜欢北京的秋天,你呢?

I like the autumn in Beijing. _________________________________ you?

2. 多吃蔬菜水果对健康有好处。

_________________________________ your health to eat more vegetables and fruit.

3. 你愿意参观我们的新学校吗?

_________________________________ to visit our new school?

4. 哥哥花了一个星期教我弹吉他。

_________________________________ to play the guitar.

5. 妈妈常常告诉我,既不要炫耀自己,也不要轻视别人。

Mom often _______________________________________________________.


1. What about /How about 2. It’s good for 3. Would you like

4. It took my brother a week to teach me / My brother spent a week teaching me

5. tell me neither to show myself off, nor to look down upon others


(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年朝阳区一模)

1. 让我帮助你拎这个又大又沉的箱子吧。

________________you carry the big and heavy box.

2. 冰箱出什么故障了? 噪音太大。

________________the fridge? It’s so noisy.


3. 别长时间玩电脑,那对你的眼睛有害。

Don’t play computer games too long. ________________your eyes.

4. 昨晚我的朋友林娜缠着我在电话里说了半个小时。

My friend Lin Na ________________on the phone for half an hour last night.

5. 现在城市里越来越多的成年人花费空闲时间到大学去努力提高自己。

Now more and more city adults________________improve themselves at college.


1. Let me help 2. What’s wrong / the matter with

3. It’s bad for 4. kept me talking 5. spend their free time trying to

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年朝阳区二模)

1. 明天我们要聚会,你愿意来吗?

We are going to have a party tomorrow. ____________________ to come?

2. 他年龄太小不能参军。

He is ________________________________join the army.

3. 雨停了你再走。

_____________________________________until the rain stops.

4. 你应试尽力阻止自己玩电脑游戏。

You should try to __________________________________playing computer games.

5. 我有两个学习英语的方法。一个是大声朗读,另一个是坚持尽可能多做阅读。

I have two ways of learning English. One is reading aloud 答案:

1. Would you like 2. too young to/ so young that he can’t

3. Don’t leave 4. stop yourself from

5. the other is keeping reading as much as possible

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年东城区一模)

1. 今晚,你愿意和我共进晚餐吗?

__________ have dinner with me tonight?

2. 到了一个陌生的城市,买一张地图是很重要的。

When you are in a new city, __________ a map.

3. 因为下大雨,他让我等了两个小时。

Because of the heavy rain, __________.

4. 我花了很长的时间才理解了那幅油画的含义。

__________ the meaning of the painting.

5. 李先生过去总抽烟。直到病得严重了,他才戒烟。

Mr Li used to smoke a lot. __________ he was seriously ill.


1. Would you like to 2. it’s important to buy

3. he kept me waiting for two hours 4. It took me a long time to know

5. He didn’t give up smoking until

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年东城区二模)


We’re free this afternoon. __________ go to the park.



3.他们正在为运动会做准备。 .



The students ___________________________________ the house.


1. Let’s 2. You’d better 3. are getting ready for

4. Don’t be afraid of making 5. are busy helping the old people clean

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年西城区一模)

1. 我一收到邮件,就给你回复。

I’ll give you a reply __________________________ I get your email.

2. 有空儿你给我打个电话好吗?

__________________________ call me when you are free?

3. 太累了,我们停下来歇会儿吧。

We’re so tired. Let’s __________________________.

4. 外边正在下雨,但莉莉忘记带雨伞了。

It is raining now, but Lily_____________________.

5. 往往是灾难来临的时候,我们才意识到互相帮助共渡难关的重要性。

Usually we _______________________________________disasters happen.


1. as soon as 2. Would/Could/Will you please

3. stop to have a rest 4. forgot to take an umbrella with her

5. don’t realize the importance of helping each other and getting through difficulties together until

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年西城区二模)

1. CCTV新楼大约30米高。

The new building of CCTV is about _______________________ .

2. 我认为我不是英雄。任何人都会救那个落水的孩子。

__________________________ I’m a hero. Anyone would save the child in the water.

3. 中国和印度都是发展中国家。

__________________________ and India are developing countries.

4. 做练习时你越仔细,出的错就越少。

__________________________ you do exercises, _____________________ you will make.

5. 西单女孩任月丽过去以在街上唱歌为生。

Ren Yueli, known as “Xi Dan Girl”, _________________________________________ in the street. 答案:

1. 230 meters high/tall 2. I don’t think

3. Both China and 4. The more carefully, the fewer mistakes

5. used to make a living by singing

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年海淀区一模)

1. 苏珊一到学校我们就出发。

We will set off __________________________ Susan gets to school.


2. 爷爷奶奶很高兴今年暑假我要去看望他们。

Grandparents ___________________________ that I will visit them this summer vacation.

3. 您愿意本周六和我一起看电影吗?

__________________________ go to the cinema with me this Saturday?

4. 我上周用了两天时间为妈妈选了一件礼物。

_____________________________ find a present for Mom last week.

5. 这里的景色太美了,我们停下来拍了很多照片。

The sights here were _________________________________________.


1. as soon as 2. are glad / happy / pleased

3. Would you like to 4. It took me two days to

5. so beautiful that we stopped to take / stopped and took a lot of photos / pictures

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年海淀区二模)

1. 让我们忘记分歧,做好朋友吧。

____________________ forget our differences and be good friends.

2. 你最好别再浪费时间了。

_____________________________ not waste your time any more.

3. 昨天你没去听音乐会,你怎么了?

You didn’t go to the concert yesterday. ____________________________________ you?

4. 对不起,但我认为您把车停在这里是不对的。

Excuse me, but I ____________________________________________ park the car here.

5. 在科学俱乐部里,孩子们不是忙着做模型,就是忙着解决遇到的难题。

In the science club, the kids are _____________________________________ that they meet. 答案:

1. Let’s

2. You’d better

3. What was wrong with/ What was the matter with

4. don’t think it’s right for you to / think it’s wrong for you to

5. busy either making models or dealing with/ working out/ solving the problems

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年丰台区一模)

1. 彼得,十点钟了!你该上床睡觉了。

Peter, it’s ten o’clock! ____________________ to go to bed.

2. 你看上去很累,为什么不好好休息一下呢?

You look very tired. ______________________ have a good rest?

3. 我每天都花半个小时骑车上学。

__________________________ half an hour to go to school by bike every day.

4. 孩子们正忙着准备妈妈的生日聚会。

The children _________________________ their mother’s birthday party.

5. 很多学校都需要加固装修,这可以使学校变得既安全又美观。

Many schools need to be reinforced and decorated, and it can _________________________________. 答案:

1. It’s time 2. Why not / Why don’t you

3. It takes me 4. are busy preparing for / are busy getting ready for

5. make the schools not only safer but also more beautiful


(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年丰台区二模)

1. 今天真热啊!我们去游泳吧!

It’s so hot today! ____________ go swimming.

2. 我的电脑出了毛病,发不了邮件了。

________________________my computer and I can’t send e-mails.

3. 外面冷,你最好多穿点衣服。

It’s cold outside. __________________ put on more clothes.

4. 我很高兴能与同学们相处得很好。

I _____________________________________ other students.

5. 你的单位离家很近,我认为你没有必要天天开车上班。

Your workplace is quite near my home. I ___________________________________________. 答案:

1. Let’s 2. There is something wrong with

3. You’d better 4. am glad that I can get on well with (am glad to get on well with)

5. I don’t think it is necessary for you to drive to work everyday.

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年顺义区一模)

1.妈妈,我今天没时间陪您去购物, 明天怎么样?

I have no time to go shopping with you, Mum. tomorrow?


I ______ I’ve made great progress in English.


It is known to all that smoking _______________ our health。


He couldn’t wait to tell his father the good news __________he heard it.


Jack keep going over his lessons for two hours every evening.


1. What about/How about 2. I’m so/ very glad that

3. is bad/not good for 4. as soon as

5. I’m afraid that it is impossible / difficult to make

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年顺义区二模)


________________ punish the person who drives after drinking alcohol.


The listening is _______________.


Through those days I have felt his progress, ___________________.


The purpose of the PE test is that students __________ more exercise every day.


Nowadays,it __________________________to lead a low carbon life.


1. It’s (high) time to


2. too fast for me to understand/so fast that I can’t /understand/catch up with/follow it

3. not only in English, but also in math

4. are made/ asked/encouraged to do

5. is becoming/getting more and more popular

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年通州区一模)

1. 咱们停下来歇会吧。

Let’s _________________ a rest.

2. 既然路很远,为什么不乘汽车呢?

Since it is far, ___________ take a bus?

3. 学生们都在忙着为下周的运动会做准备。

All the students ____________________ ready for the sports meeting next week.

4. 我一到上海,就给你打电话。

I’ll call you ____________________ I arrive in Shanghai.

5. 对我们来说,每天在阅读上花些时间是必要的。

_______________________________________________________________________ every day. 答案:

1. stop to have 2. why not

3. are busy getting 4. as soon as

5. It’s necessary for us to spend some time (in) reading

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年昌平区一模)


I’m sorry I _________________ class.

2. 噢,你不喜欢这个颜色。那件蓝色的怎么样?

Oh, you don’t like this color. _______________ that blue one?

3. 他不仅擅长体育,唱歌也不错。

He is __________________ doing well in sports ____________ good at singing.

4. 我会争取明天放学前完成这项任务。

I ___________________________________ before school is over tomorrow.

5. 我们想告诉老师,不要阻止我们尝试我们的新想法。

We want to_______________________________________________________________________. 答案:

1. am late for 2. What about

3. not only, but also 4. will try to finish the work (it)

5. tell the teacher(s) not to stop us (from) trying out our new ideas

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年昌平区二模)

1. 到集合的时间了。

______________ get together.

2. 每天跑步对身体有好处。

___________________ for your health to jog every day.

3. 铃声响了,咱们开始上课吧。

There goes the bell. ________________ our class.

4. 北京以悠久的历史和许多著名景点闻名世界。

Beijing __________________ its long history and many interest places.


5. 我认为临阵磨枪,最后突击复习不会取得好效果。

I ______________________________________________________________________ good results. 答案:

1. It’s time to 2. It is good

3. Let’s begin /start 4. is famous for

5. don’t think starting preparations only at the last moment / doing too much revision work in the last days will bring

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年石景山区一模)

1. 当你遇到困难时,为什么不请求帮助呢?

 __________ ask for help when you’re in trouble?

2. 我的自行车昨天出问题了,我只好步行去学校。

____________________ my bike yesterday. I had to go to school on foot.

3. 利比亚人民对和平的渴望和全世界人民一样强烈。

Libyans’ wish for peace is ___________________ that of the people all over the world.

4. 妈妈得知哥哥在日本地震中安全后才上床睡觉。 she knew my brother was safe in the earthquake in Japan.

5. 他那么喜欢听音乐,我想有必要给他买个ipod touch作为生日礼物。

 He __________________________________________________________ as a birthday gift. 答案:

1. Why not / Why don’t you 2. There was something wrong with / Something was wrong with

3. as strong as 4. didn’t go to bed until

5. likes listening to music so much that I think it’s necessary to buy him an ipod touch/buy an ipod touch for him

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年怀柔区一模)

1. 今天天气很热。去游泳怎么样?

It’s hot today. _________________going to swim?

2. 他太兴奋了以至于他说不说话来。

He is ____________________ excited _____________________ say a word.

3. 玩电脑游戏太久对你的眼睛不好。

Playing computer games too much_______________________ your eyes.

4. 我不但喜欢英文书籍,而且也喜欢英语歌曲。

I like__________________________________________________________.

5. 在生活中,对于我们来说, 与别人相处的好是有很必要的。

__________________________________________________ in our daily life.


1. What/How about 2. too, to / so, that he can’t

3. is bad for 4. not only English books but also English songs

5. It’s necessary for us to get on well with others / other people

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年怀柔区二模)

1. 英国皇家婚礼的现场直播挺有趣的。为什么不看看呢?

The British Royal Wedding Live is interesting. __________________watch it?

2. 一到父亲节,我就会送我父亲一个礼物。

I will send my father a gift__________________ Father’s Day comes.


3. 日本的核泄漏不会影响到中国,但是我们还是应当尽可能多的关注事态的发展。

Japan’s nuclear leakage would not affect China, but still we should watch for developments of it ___________________________________________.

4. 你看起来很不舒服,你怎么了?

You look uncomfortable and ____________________________________?

5. 我相信我们的政府一定能够尽它最大的努力来阻止一些人再次使用瘦肉精。

I believe our government can ______________________________________________________the lean meat powder again.


1. Why not 2. as soon as

3. as much as possible 4. what’s wrong with you

5. try its best to stop some people from using

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年平谷区一模)

1. 该吃晚饭了。

___________________________________ supper.

2. 春天来了,咱们去植树吧。

Spring is coming. __________________to plant trees.

3. 河水过去很脏,但是现在很干净。

The river ______________ dirty. But it’s very clean now.

4. 父母和邻居都为他而自豪。

_________________________________________ him.

5. 学生们作业太多,用在体育锻炼上的时间很少。

The students have ________________________________________________ physical exercises. 答案:

1. It’s time to have / It’s time for 2. Let’s go

3. used to be 4. Both his parents and neighbours are proud of

5. so much homework that they spend less time doing

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年房山区二模)

1. 李平一回到家就开始做作业。

Li Ping begins to do his homework __________________________ he comes back home.

2. 我们经常乘高铁或公共汽车去北京。

We often go to Beijing ________________ by sky train _________________ by bus.

3. 郭明义在他的生活中总是尽力帮助别人。

Guo Mingyi always helps others ____________________________ in his life.

4. 不要害怕犯错误,因为没有人总是对的。

___________________________________________because nobody is right all the time.


“Let the bullet fly ”is _________________________________________________ it twice.


1. as soon as 2. either, or

3. as much as possible 4. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

5. so interesting that both my friends and I have seen

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年密云区一模)


1. 你看上去很累了。为什么不请人帮忙呢?

You look very tired. __________________________ ask someone for help.

2. 我认为你没必要为那件事担心。

_____________________ you need to worry about that.

3. 你一到美国就给我打电话好吗?

Will you ring me up __________________________________ ?

4. 你最好不要让他抄你的作业。

____________________________ let him copy your homework.

5. 必须采取措施阻止他花大量时间玩电子游戏。

Something must be done to _________________________________________________ .


1. Why not / Why don’t you 2. I don’t think

3. as soon as you get to / arrive in America 4. You’d better not

5. stop/prevent him from spending plenty of/much time playing computer games

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年密云区二模)

1. 你想喝一杯咖啡吗?

________________________ a cup of coffee?

2. 参加锻炼对你有好处。

_______________________ you to take exercise.

3. 我将尽快把这个消息告诉他。

I'll tell him the good news________________________.

4. 我妈妈既不在网上购物,也不在网上阅读。

My mother _____________________________________ on line.

5. 姚明篮球打得那么好,不仅在中国有名,而且在全世界也很有名。

Yao Ming plays basketball__________________________________________________________. 答案:

1. Would you like (to have/ drink) 2. It is good for

3. as soon as possible/ as soon as I can 4. neither does shopping nor reads

5. so well that he is famous(well-known) not only in China but also all over the world

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年延庆区一模试题)

1. 学习压力令我们透不过气,是时候放松一下了!

Work pressure makes us feel down. ____________________to relax!

2. 我一收到你的电子邮件,就告诉你妈妈。

I’ll tell your mother about it ____________________I get your E-mail.

3. 这篇文章很容易,大家都能读懂。

The article is __________________ everybody can understand it.

4. 好的教师应该既不太严厉又不太软弱。

A good teacher must be ____________________________________.

5. 他服药以防止感冒恶化。

He took medicines _______________________________________________________.


1. It’s time 2. as soon as

3. so easy that 4. neither too strict nor too weak

5. to stop/keep/prevent the cold from getting /becoming worse


(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年延庆区二模试题)

1. 对不起,我迟到了。

I’m sorry I _______________ class.

2. 迈克,放学后和我一块去购物怎么样?

________________ going shopping with me after school, Mike?

3. 我每天都花半小时步行上学。

______________________ 30 minutes to walk to school every day.

4. 学生们都在忙着为下周的考试做准备。

All the students _____________________________ the exam next week.

5. 刘先生过去总抽烟。直到病得严重了,他才戒烟。

Mr Liu used to smoke a lot. ______________________________ he was seriously ill.


1. am late for 2. How/What about

3. It takes me 4. are busy getting ready/preparing for

5. He didn’t give up/quit smoking until

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年门头沟区一模试题)

1. 多喝水,对你健康有好处。

Drink more water. It’s2. 你女儿只有四岁,太小了不能上学。

go to school.

3. 我们的英语老师生病了。我们打算给他买些花。

Our English teacher is ill. We’re going to 4. 她爸爸非常生气,因为她昨天夜里11点才回来。

5. 我认为老师不会阻止我在周末玩电脑游戏的。

my teacher will _______________________ computer games at weekends.


1. good for 2. is too young to go/is so young that she can’t go

3. buy him some flowers/ buy some flowers for him 4. didn’t come back until

5. don’t think, stop me from playing

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年门头沟区二模试题)

1. 我们一到北京就去了颐和园。

2. 吉姆病了,我们去看看他吧。


3. 我每天读半小时英语。

an hour to read English every day.

4. 今天天气很好,出去散步怎么样?

It’s fine today. __________________________ out for a walk?

5. 夜深了,格林先生强迫汤姆停止玩电脑游戏马上去睡觉。


1. as soon as 2. Let’s go and see

3. It takes me half 4. What/How about going


5. made Tom stop playing computer games and go to bed

(九) 根据中文意思完成句子(2011年燕山二模试题)

1. 十点了,该睡觉了。

It’s already ten. to go to bed.

2. Bill现在没空。今天下午怎样?

Bill has no time now. this afternoon?

3. 李老师太忙了,她没有时间看电视。

Miss Li is she has no time to watch TV.

4. 我认为他不在家里。

he is at home.

5. 我们应该阻止他们花太多时间玩电脑游戏。

We should 答案:

1. It’s time 2. What about / How about

3. so busy that 4. I don’t think

5. stop them from spending too much time playing / on computer games.


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