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1、When Mr Smith retired(退休), he bought a small 1 in a village near the sea. He2 it and hoped to live a quiet life in this house.
But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the most 3 building in the village. From morning to night there were 4 outside the house. They kept looking into the rooms through the windows and 5 of them even went into Mr Smith’s garden. This was too much for Mr Smith. He decided to ask the visitors to 6 . So he put a notice on the window. The notice said, “If you want 7 your curiosity(好奇心),come in and look round. Price: twenty dollars.” Mr Smith was sure that the visitors would 8 coming, but he was wrong. More and more visitors came and Mr Smith had to 9 every day showing them around his house.“I came here to 10 not to work as a guide(导游),”he said angrily. In the end, he sold the house and moved away.
( )1.A. gardenB. shopC. houseD. school
( )2. A. liked B. hatedC. soldD. built
( )3. A. bigB. interestingC. smallD. clean
( )4. A. children B. studentsC. parentsD. tourists
( )5. A. noB. noneC. manyD. much
( )6. A. comeB. leaveC. stayD. play
( )7. A. to satisfyB. satisfyC. to satisfyingD. satisfying
( )8. A. go onB. stopC. continueD. not
( )9. A. takeB. costC. spendD. pay
( )10. A. playB. workC. watchD. retire
2、One day, a boy had a fight with one of his classmates. Then he went to his 31 and told him his story angrily. “He is really bad,” the boy said, “and I 32 him.”
The grandfather said, “ 33 me tell you a story. When I was a boy, I too, sometimes hated others for what they did. …..”
As the boy 34 carefully, the grandfather went on, “There are always two tigers inside my heart. One is 35 and kind. He gets on well 36 everything around him. But 37 is bad and unfriendly. Even the smallest thing will make him angry. He fights with everyone all the time, and for no reason. He can’t think carefully 38 he always hates others. It is difficult to live with these two tigers inside my heart. They both try to control(控制) me. ”
The boy looked into his grandfather’s 39 and asked, “ 40 tiger always controls you, Grandfather?”
The old man said slowly and seriously, “The one that I feed. I always feed the good and kind tiger, so I never hate others and seldom(很少) get angry now. ”
31. A. motherB. fatherC. teacherD. grandfather
32. A. loveB. hateC. knowD. enjoy
33. A. MakeB. HelpC. LetD. Ask
34. A. sawB. feltC. talkedD. listened
35. A. goodB. badC. lazyD. quiet
36. A. atB. onC. withD. about
37. A. otherB. othersC. anotherD. the other
38. A. becauseB.thoughC.before D. but
39. A. eyesB. earsC. noseD. mouth
40. A. WhoB. WhichC. WhereD. When
3.A day a mother rat an

d her babies were out in an open field. They were playing and having a good time when suddenly a hungry cat came on the scene! It hid 41__ a big tree and then looked forward through the tall grass 42__ it could almost hear them talk. Before the mother rat and her babies knew 43 had happened, the cat jumped from its hiding place and started to run 44_ them.
The mother cat and her babies all fled at once. They hurried towards 45 home, which was under a pile of large stones. But the baby rats were so scared (害怕) that they could not run very 46_ . Closer and closer the cat came. In no time the cat would be upon them. What was to be done?
The mother rat stopped running, 47 round and faced the cat, shouting,"Bow Wow! Bow Wow! "just like 48 angry dog. The cat was so surprised and frightened that it ran away.
The mother rat turned to the babies, "Now you see 49 important it is to learn __50 second language!"
( )41 A. on B. between C. by D. behind
( )42. A. before B. when C. until D. while
( )43. A. where B. what C. which D. when
( )44. A. over B. through C. after D. against
( )45. A. to B. for C. its D. their
( )46. A. freely B. hardly C. soon D. quickly
( )47. A. turned B. walked C. jumped D. ran
( )48. A. a B. an C. their D. that
( )49. A. so B. why C. what D. how
( )50. A. out B. the C. a D. an
4.London is a beautiful city. It is very large. The Thames River runs 42 the city from west to east. So the city has 43 parts: the South and the North. In the North, there are important buildings, shops, big parks and interesting places.
The weather in London is good. In winter it is not very cold and in summer it is not very hot 44 the city is near the sea. People say 45 London is a foggy city and it often rains. It is true.
Last year, when I 46 in London I met one of the 47 fogs in years. You could hardly see your hand in front of your face. Cars and buses moved along with their lights on. When evening came, the weather got 48 worse. The fog was as thick as milk. 49 the buses and cars stopped. I had 50 an important meeting on the other side of the town, but it was impossible to find a car. I had to get there 51 .
A. about B. through C. in D. along
A. four B. six C. five D. two
A. because B. so C. but D. or
A. what B. where C. that D. which
A. were B. am C. be D. was
A. big B. bigger C. bigest D. biggest
A. woreB. evenC. veryD. some
A. All B. Each C. Every D. None
A. to join B. to go toC. take part in D. join in
A. by car B. by bus C. on foot D. on the foot
5.Paul got 26 the bus to go to the town. It was very crowded and he had to stand for about five 2

7 . Then some of the people got 28 . Paul sat down next 29 a fat woman. She 30 several shopping bags and Paul didn’t have much place 31 the seat. He wasn’t uncomfortable. 32 last the bus got to the town. All the people started to get off. Paul was very polite, so he stood 33 to let the fat woman get off before him. She said,” 34 .” Then she tried to get 35 the seat with all her bags. But she couldn’t move. She was too fat and her bags were too heavy.
( ) 26.A. off B. on C. down D. up
( )27. A. minutes B. days C. weeks D. years
( )28. A.off B. up C. on D. down
( )29. A. in B. at C. near D. to
( )30. A. carries B. buys C. had D. has
( )31. A. in B. at C. on D. upon
( )32. A. In B. At C. On D.Up
( )33. A.down B. under C. up D. at
( )34. A. Go away B. Go at once C. Look out D. Thank you
( )35. A. down to B. off C. on D. out of
6.There were_46_classes this afternoon,we_47__a party for_48_Day.At about two o'clock in the afternoon, the party began. Two Young Pioneers hosted the party. They talked__49_the school life of the Young Pioneers. The students' parents also_50_. They told us to study harder. Then they__51_us a lot of gifts.__52___,the teachers, students and parents sat around a table with
a__53_, some oranges on it. We sang and danced.__54had a good time.__55_interesting the party was!
( )46.A.not some B.no C.not a D.not
( )47.A.took B.gave C.had D.liked
( )48.A.the Children's B.the Childrens'C.Children's D.the Children
( )49.A.on B.about C.with D.to
( )50.A.said B.talked C.told D.spoke
( )51.A.passed B.gave C.made D.kept
( )52.A.Last B.At last C.First D.At first
( )53.A.apple B.egg C.cake D.fish
( )54.A.Every one B.All us C.All of we D.Everyone
( )55.A.How B.What an C.How an D.What
7.All over the world people enjoy sports. Sports help people to keep __36___, happy and to live _ 37___. People play different games in winter and summer.__ 38___ is good for swimming. And in winter people often go skating. Some sports are very __ 39___ and people everywhere like them. For example, football is very popular. In China, most people, men, ___40___ boys and girls, like to watch football games. They often talk about them__41___ and jumping began long, long ago. But basketball and volleyball are rather __42_____. People began to play them not long ago. And people are___ 43____ new sports or games all the time. Water skiing is one of ___44_____. People ___45____ different countries may not be able to understand each other, but after a game they often become friends.
( )36.A. health B. busy C. healthy D. lazy
( )37.A. long B. longer C. happy D. happily
( )38.A. Winter B. Summer C. Autumn D. Spring
( )39.A. b

oring B. difficult C. expensive D. interesting
( )40.A. woman B. women C. old D. young
( )41.A. Run B. Runs C. Running D. To run
( )42.A. new B. interesting C. popular D. old
( )43.A. start B. play C. playing D. starting
( )44.A. oldest B. newest C. The oldest D. the newest
( )45.A. in B. of C. from D.at
8.Joan is __36__ American girl. __37__ family is in New York. She is thirteen. She__38_ salad a lot.
Now, Joan is__39__China. She likes Chinese food. __40__ lunch she likes eating chicken and carrots. She studies in No.2 Middle School. She reads Chinese every morning. She likes __41__Chinese __42__ class. She usually __43__ Chinese after class, too.
She __44__ TV on Sunday evenings. It’s relaxing at home. She likes helping others. She likes _ 45__tennis.
( ) 36. A.a B. the C. an
( ) 37. A.Her B. She C. His
( ) 38. A.likes B. like C. boing
( ) 39. A. on B. at C. in
( ) 40. A. On B.For C. In
( ) 41. A. speaking B. speaks C.speak
( ) 42. A. on B. of C.in
( ) 43. A. reading B. reads C. to read
( ) 44. A.watch B. watchs C. watches
( ) 45. A.playing B. making C. doing
9.Cinderella lives with a very mean (冷酷的) family. She has to do all the housework. She makes the beds. She does the dishes. She 26 the meals. She even takes 27 the garbage (垃圾).
One day the family goes to a 28 at the prince’s palace (皇宫). Cinderella is 29 . She says, “I want to go and dance, too! ”
Suddenly a fairy princess comes and says, “I can 30 you. ” She gives Cinderella a party dress and a pair of glass 31 . Then she says, “Come home early. My magic ends at midnight. I’m just learning this job. ”
Cinderella goes to the party and 32 with the prince. She forgets about 33 . Then she sees a clock. It is almost midnight. Cinderella 34 home, but she loses one of her glass shoes on the way.
The prince wants to marry Cinderella, but all he has is the glass shoe. Many women try on the shoe, but it doesn’t fit. The prince 35 , “Everyone has such big feet!” Then one day, Cinderella tries it on, and it fits!
The prince and Cinderella get married, and they live happily ever after.
( )26. A. eats B. cooks C. buys D. gives
( )27. A. with B. up C. in D. out
( )28. A. party B. movie C. picnic D. concert
( )29. A. happy B. sad C. excited D. tired
( )30. A. see B. take C. help D. bring
( )31. A. shoes B. hats C. pants D. gloves
( )32. A. sings B. dances C. plays D. talks
( )33. A. clothes B. food C. music D. time
( )34. A. goes B. walks C. runs D. gets
( )35. A. thinks B. hopes C. finds D. knows
10.Jane is 41 English girl. She is a student. She 42 sports. She has a brother. 43 name is Jack. He likes sports ,too.They are in the same school .They play sports 44 .They have a nice house(房子) and a happy 45 .
( ) 41. A. a B. an C. th

( ) 42. A. like B.is C. likes
( ) 43.A. His B. Her C. He
( ) 44.A. every night B. every day C. in the classroom
( ) 45.A. house B. family C. class
11.Hello , everyone . My name is Ted . I like (喜欢) 46 very much and I often play sports with my friends after school . We play many kinds (种类) of 47 games . We all like playing 48 . We all have soccer balls . My friend Jack likes volleyball very much . He has four 49 . My friend Tim likes ping-pong and he can play it very 50 . He 51 six ping-pong balls . I like all the ball games 52 I can't play them all . I have a great 53 collection(收集) . I have four baseballs , seven tennis rackets , and two basketballs . There are 54 sports clubs in our school . We like 55 very much .
( )46. A. sports B. game C. English
( )47.A. balls B. ball C. school
( )48.A. basketball B. soccer C. baseball
( )49.A. volleyballs B. volleyball C. basketball
( )50.A. well B. good C. nice
( )51.A. have B. has C. is
( )52.A. and B. but C. so
( )53.A. sports B. class C. school
( )54.A. no B. a C. many(许多)
( )55.A. them B. it C. we
12.Hello! My name is Mike. I am from the USA. Now I’m in China with my p76. I like China. I like Chinese food, too. I have b77 at home. I eat eggs, b78 and bananas. I don’t l79 milk. I have no time(时间) to go home for lunch. So I have it at school. The lunch in our school is good. I can have different(不同的) f 80 for lunch. I eat r 81, meat and vegetables. Sometimes(有时) I have noodles and dumplings. I have dinner at home w82 my parents. W83 have fish(鱼), meat(肉), vegetables, and f84. Sometimes we go out to e85 with our friends.
I have a good friend. 1 name is Peter. We study in Beijing Sunshine Secondary School. We are in the same (同一个) class. He sits in front of 2 . His favourite lesson is Music.He 3 many CDs. He likes 4 music very much. He likes playing football, too. After school we often play football in the 5 . He is very helpful. We often help each 6 .
Peter is not a Chinese. He is from 7 . He comes to Beijing 8 his family. His father is a doctor and his mother is a nurse. They work from Monday 9 Friday. At weekends, his mother likes shopping and his father likes fishing. Sometimes they go to the park. They all like Chinese food.They 10 very happy.
( ) 1.A.He  B.His C.She D.Her
( ) 2.A.I   B.my C.mine D.me
( ) 3.A.have   B.has    C.there is D.there are
( ) 4.A.listen    B.listen to   C.listening   D.listening to
( ) 5.A.classroom B.library C.playground D.bookshop
( ) 6.A.one   B.other   C.others   D.some
( ) 7.A.England B.Chinese   C.English    D.American
( ) 8.A.from   B.on    C.with  D.for
( ) 9.A.in   B.to    C.with  D.of
( ) 10.A.be   B.am    C.is D.are
13.I like my Chinese teacher very much. He is a 16 man, about 25 years old. He is tall 17 black short hair. He is a very humorous(幽默的) person. He often 18 us jokes(笑话) and 19 to make our class more 20 .

In class, he is a very 21 teacher. If we don’t listen to him carefully, he will give us some punishment(惩罚) by 22 us some questions. But after class, he becomes a very good 23 of us. He often talks with the girls and plays 24 with the boys. All of us really like him. He is our 25 teacher.
( )16. A. old B. young C. very old D. aged
( )17. A. and B. for C. with D. at
( )18. A. tells B. says C. speaks D. speak
( )19. A. a story B. storys C. story D. stories
( )20 A. tired B. difficult C. interesting D. boring
( )21. A. busy B. strict C. interested D. well home
( )22. A. ask B. asks C. asking D. asked
( )23. A. teacher B. teachers C. friend D. friends
( )24. A. a basketball B. the basketball C. basketballs D. basketball
( )25. A. favorite B. the favorite C. favoritest D. a favorite
14.I have a good friend. 1 name is Mary. She 2 from America. She is 3 China with her father and mother. She can 4 a little Chinese. She is in the No. 15 Middle School in Shanghai. Her father and mother 5 . They are in the No. 50 Middle School. Mary is a good student. She 6 school five days a week. She 7 up early. She 8 to be late(迟到). She often goes to school very early. But today she got up late. So she got to the classroom at seven thirty. 9 there weren’t any students in the classroom. She wasn’t late. She was still early. It was Saturday today. The students were all 10 .
( )1.A.She B.He C.Her D.His
( )2.A.come B.comes C.are D, go
( )3.A.at B.in C.of D.from
( )4.A.say B.tell C.talk D.speak
( )5.A.is teacher B.are teachers C.is doctor D.are doctors
( )6.A.is go B.is C.go to D.goes to
( )7.A.like getting B.likes getting C.like get D.likes get
( )8.A.like B.likes C.don’t like D.doesn’t like
( )9.A.And B.But C.So D.Too
( )10.A.at home B.in home C.at school D. in school
15.Jenny is my good friend. She is an 1 girl. She comes to China 2 her parents. She likes 3 very much, so she gets up early and 4 morning exercise, like running, jumping, playing 5 and so on. Then she has breakfast. She usually has eggs, milk and bread 6 breakfast. After breakfast, at around 7:30, she goes to school. She has six classes a day. Her favourite 7 are Chinese and Chinese history. Now the school year is over. She 8 go to school. Every year, she and her parents 9 back to America for Christmas Day (圣诞节) on December 25th. She 10 a good time with her grandparents and cousins.
( ) 1. A. America B. American C. English D. England
( ) 2. A. with B. and C. has D. have xKb1.Com
( ) 3. A. play sports B. playing sports C. do sports D. play sport
( ) 4. A. has B. plays C. makes D. does
( ) 5. A. the basketball B. the piano C. basketball D. piano
( ) 6. A. for B. to C. on D. at
( ) 7. A. days B. clothes C. subjects D. sports
( ) 8. A. needs not B. doesn’t need to C. doesn’t need D. needn’t to
( ) 9. A. goes B. comes C. come D. go
( ) 10. A. is B. takes C. has D. have
16.One day there was an argument(争论)between the wind and the sun. “ I

’m much 1 than you, ”said the wind.“No, I don’t agree with you!”said the sun. While they were arguing, they saw a man 2 along the road. He is wearing a heavy coat. The sun said to the wind, “Now, let 3 see who can make the man take 4 his coat. Then we will know who is stronger.”
First the wind tried. It began to blow very hard. It blew 5 hard that the man pulled (拉)his coat around him. The wind was 6 with the man. Then it said to the sun,“Now, it’s your 7 . ” The sun started to 8 on the man. Soon it got very 9 ! The man took off his coat. The argument was over. We know the 10 was stronger now.
1.A. strong B. strongly C. stronger
2.A. walking B. walk C. walks
3.A. we B. our C. us
4.A. up B. on C. off
5.A. not B. so C. such
6.A. sad B. happy C. angry
7.A. way B. turn C. turns
8.A. shines B. shine C. shining
9.A. hot B. hotter C. hottest
10.A. wind B. sun C. man
17.I like my Chinese teacher very much. He is a 1 man, about 25 years old. He is tall 2 black short hair. He is a very humorous(幽默的) person. He often 3 us jokes(笑话) and 4 to make our class more 5 . In class, he is a very 6 teacher. If we don’t listen to him carefully, he will give us some punishment(惩罚) by 7 us some questions. But after class, he becomes a very good 8 of us. He often talks with the girls and plays 9 with the boys. All of us really like him. He is our 10 teacher.
( )1. A. old B. young C. aged
( )2. A. and B. for C. with
( )3. A. tells B. to tell C. tell
( )4. A. a story B. storys C. stories
( )5 A. boring B. difficult C. interesting
( )6. A. busy B. strict C. well
( )7. A. ask B. asks C. asking
( )8. A. teacher B. friends C. friend
( )9. A. a basketball B. the basketball C. basketball
( )10. A. favorite B. the favorite C. a favorite
18.Scott works very long hours. He usually gets up at 17:00. He brushes his ______31______ and has a shower. Then he eats his breakfast. What a funny time to eat breakfast! ______32______ breakfast he plays his guitar, and then he goes to work. To get to work, he ______33______ the number 17 bus to a hotel. The bus usually takes him to work at 19:15. He works all ______34______. People love to listen to him! He gets home at 7:00, and he watches morning TV. He goes to bed at 8:30. Can you think ______35______ his job is?
( )31. A. feet B. teeth C. shoes D. clothes
( )32. A. At B. With C. Before D. After
( )33. A. takes B. goes C. gets D. wants
( )34. A. evening B. afternoon C. morning D. night
( )35. A. how B. why C. what D. when
19.Cinderella lives with a very mean (冷酷的) family. She has to do all the housework. She makes the beds. She does the dishes. She ______36______ the meals. She even takes ______37______ the garbage (垃圾).
One day the family goes to a ______38______ at the prince’s palace (皇宫). Cinderella is ______39______. She says, “I want to go and dance, too! ”
Suddenly a fairy princess comes and says,

“I can ______40______ you. ” She gives Cinderella a party dress and a pair of glass ______41______. Then she says, “Come home early. My magic ends at midnight. I’m just learning this job. ”
Cinderella goes to the party and ______42______ with the prince. She forgets about ______43______. Then she sees a clock. It is almost midnight. Cinderella ______44______ home, but she loses one of her glass shoes on the way.
The prince wants to marry Cinderella, but all he has is the glass shoe. Many women try on the shoe, but it doesn’t fit. The prince ______45______, “Everyone has such big feet!” Then one day, Cinderella tries it on, and it fits!
The prince and Cinderella get married, and they live happily ever after.
( )36. A. eats B. cooks C. buys D. gives
( )37. A. with B. up C. in D. out
( )38. A. party B. movie C. picnic D. concert
( )39. A. happy B. sad C. excited D. tired
( )40. A. see B. take C. help D. bring
( )41. A. shoes B. hats C. pants D. gloves
( )42. A. sings B. dances C. plays D. talks
( )43. A. clothes B. food C. music D. time
( )44. A. goes B. walks C. runs D. gets
( )45. A. thinks B. hopes C. finds D. knows
20.Mr Bush comes from 1 .He is now 2 a middle school in our city. He has sixty students. He often says his class is too big and it is hard work for him to talk with every student 3 English. He enjoys 4 black tea and green tea. He likes Chinese food 5 ,too. He doesn't 6 drinking milk. He likes playing basketball, but he 7 play well. His son and I 8 in the same class. 9 name is James. We are 10 .
( )1.A. Canada B. Canadian C. a Canada D. a Canadian
( )2.A. for B. on C. in D. to
( )3.A. with B. in C. at D. for
( )4.A. to drink B. drinks C. drink D. drinking
( )5.A. very much B. very C. many D. much
( )6.A. like B. likes C. liking D. to like
( )7.A. isn't B. aren't C. don't D. doesn't
( )8.A.be B. am C. is D. are
( )9.A,My B. Your C. His D. Her
( )10.A. a friend B. a friends C. friendly D. classmates
21.It is a good idea to 1 a small present when you go to a 2 party in England or the USA. Flowers are always nice,. or you may bring a bottle of wine 3 you know what the family 4 . You should arrive on time or 5 minutes late. Don't get there early. If you are going to be there 6 fifteen minutes late, you should call and tell the host and hostess(女主人).
Try to relax(放松) at the dinner table. If you don't know 7 to use the fork(叉子), the knife, or the spoon(汤匙), just watch 8 and follow them. You can also ask someone next to you. If you like the food, say so. Of course, you will thank the host and the hostess 9 the meal and for their kindness. It's good to send a card or a “thank you” note the 10 day.
( )1.A. bring B. take C. carry D. move
( )2.A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. birthday
( )3.A. when B. if C. so D. as
( )4.A. eat B. eats C. drink D. drinks
( )5.A. five B. ten C. five to ten D. one to five
( )6.A. less than B. more than C. about D. for
( )

7.A. why B. how C. what D.when
( )8.A. other B. the other C. others D. the others
( )9.A. for B. of C. at D.about
( )10.A. last B. tomorrow C. next D. later
22.This is a photo 46 a classroom. It’s a big room.In the photo, you can see a table, five 47. You can see a teacher and two students, 48 .
Three 49 are on the table. A pencil case is on the desk. Two pens and two rulers are in 50 pencil case. A backpack 51 behind a chair.
The teacher is Miss Gao. 52 is English teacher. One student is David. 53 twelve. The other student is Simon. He is eleven. 54 are in Class 2, Grade7. They are good friends. 55 math teacher is Mr. Green. He is not here.
46.A.to B.of C.for D.in
47. A.desk and chair B.desks and chair C.desk and chairs D.desks and chairs
48. A.too B.please C.yes D.OK
49. A.book B.my books C.books D.the book
50. A.the B.a C.my D./
51. A.am B.are C.is D.does
52. A.Her B. She’s C.Her’s D.She
53. A.He B.He’s C.His D.His’.
54. A.He is B. She is C. They D.They’re
55. A.Hi B.Their C.Her D. They
23.A: Lucy,  1  the sweater under the tree?
It's a blue sweater. Is it  2  ?
B: No, it isn't. My  3  is reD.
A:  4  sweater is it? Do you know?
B: I think it looks like  5 . She can't  6  her sweater.
A:  7  , Lily. Is this your sweater?
C:  8  , Oh,yes,its mine.
A:  9  . You must  10  it in the room.
C: Yes, thank you .
( )1. A.look like     B.look after      C.look at
( )2. A.your        B.yours        C.your's
( )3. A.blouse       B.sweater       C.clothes
( )4. A.Whose      B.What        C.Which
( )5. A.Lily         B.Lucy's      C.Lily's
( )6. A.find         B.see       C.look
( )7. A.All right      B.I'm sorry    C.Excuse me
( )8. A.I don't know  B.Let me see    C.I can't see.
( )9. A.Here you are.    B.Here are you   C.You are here
( )10. A.let         B.give      C.put
24.I am 16 English boy.My 17 is Mike. I am twelve.My 18 name is Ann.Ann and I 19 students.My mother 20 a teacher. 21 a Chinese teacher.My brother’s name is 22 .He’s five. 23 father isn’t here.He’s 24 Xinjiang.I think my 25 is a good one.
( )16.A.an B.a C.the D.-
( )17.A.school B.name C.home D.family
( )18.A.sister B.sister’s C.sisters D.sisters’
( )19.A.are B.is C.am D.like
( )20.A.am B.are C.is D.have
( )21.A.Her B.Hers C.She’s D.She
( )22.A.Sue B.Lily C.Jim D.Kate
( )23.A.Our B.We C.We’s D.We’re
( )24.A.on B.in C.of D.at
( )25.A.class B.family C.home D.school
25.Kate and Ann are good friends.They 26 sing.They 27 swimming .Kate likes English very much.Ann likes maths.They 28 in China now. They 29 to school five days a week.They play games on Thursdays.They stay 30 home on Sundays.They _31__two Chinese friends. 32 names are Li Lei and Han Meimei.

They are all in 33 class. They like their school.They like China.They say, “The 34 people are very kind.The food is good, 35 .”
( )26.A.may B.like C.can D.do
( )27.A.can B.likes C.be D.like
( )28.A.are liveing B.are C.lives D.be
( )29.A.goes B.go C.going D.are going
( )30.A.on B.in C.at D.for
( )31.A.have B.has C.there is D.there are
( )32.A.His B.Their C.They D.Her
( )33.A.same B.the different C.the same D. different
( )34.A.Chinese B.China C.china D.chinese
( )35.A.much B.very C.also D.too
26. Henry was a pen name used by an American 1 of short stories. His 2 name was William Sydney Porter. He was 3 in North Carolina in 1862. 4 a young boy he lived an exciting life. He did not go to school for very long, but he tried to teach 5 everything he needed to know.
When he was about 20 years old, O. Henry went to Texas. There he tried different
6 . He first worked on newspaper, and then had a job in a 7 . When some money went missing from the bank, O. Henry was believed to have stolen it. Because of that, he was 8 to prison. 9 the three years in prison, he learned to write short stories. After he got out of prison, he went to New York and went to writing.
O. Henry wrote mostly about New York and the life of the poor there. People liked his stories, because they were 10 to understand and they would finish with a sudden change at the end, to the reader’s surprise.
( ) 1. A. clerk B. teacher C. writer D. doctor
( ) 2. A. pen B. old C. first D. real
( ) 3. A. bore B. born C. bored D. boring
( ) 4. A. To B. For C. As D. Because
( ) 5. A. myself B. himself C. hiself D. itself
( ) 6. A. food B. clothes C. work D. jobs
( ) 7. A. newspaper B. hospital C. school D. bank
( ) 8. A. send B. sent C. sending D. to send
( ) 9. A. On B. For C. In D. During
( ) 10. A. hard B. difficult C. easy D. creative
27.A man and his wife had a small restaurant near a station. The restaurant often stayed open (1) __________ midnight, because people came to drink and have meals(2)__________they were waiting for trains.
At two one morning, a man was still sitting (3) __________a table there. He (4)__________.The wife of the owner of the restaurant was very sleepy and wanted to go to bed. She looked at the man several times and went. But each time she looked the man was still there sleeping. Then,(5)__________him up,(6) __________she went to her husband and said to him, “You have woken him six times now, but why haven't you (7) __________? It's very late.”
“Oh, no. I didn't (8) __________him away.”answered her husband with a smile.“ You see, whenever I (9) __________, as

k for his bill, he pays it and then (10) __________again.”
1. A.afterB.until C.when D.before
2. A.whileB.but C.afterD.and
3. A.onB.to C.atD.in
4. A.was sleepB.was waken C.was workingD.was asleep
5. A.wakingB.wakes C.to wakeD.wake
6. A.at firstB.at last C.last timeD.in end
7. A.sent him awayB.sent away him C.to send him away D.sending him away
8. A.want send B.want sending C.want to ask D.want to send
9. A.wake andB.wake him up C.to wake him upD.waking him up
10. A.goes sleepingB.goes to asleep C.goes to sleep D.goes to sleeping
28.When you read an article, you will understand and remember it better if you can work out how the writer has put the ideas together.
Sometimes a writer puts ideas together by 1 questions and then answering them. For example, if the article is 2 koalas, questions in the writer’s mind might be: What does a koala look like? What do they eat? How do they 3 their homes? 4 do they have babies? In the article, the author (作者) might answer those questions. 5 an author writes out her questions in the article. They tell you 6 the author is going to write next. When you read a question in an article, you will usually 7 the answer to that question as you read on. Often an author has a question in her mind but she doesn’t write it out 8 you. You have to work out her question by 9 . Next time you read an article, try to find the questions the author had in her 10 when she wrote the article.
( ) 1. A. makingB. asking C. takingD. telling
( ) 2. A. ofB. with C. about D. over
( ) 3. A. getB. reach C. buy D. build
( ) 4. A. WhatB. When C. Why D. Whether
( ) 5. A. Always B. Sometimes C. Never D. Hardly
( ) 6. A. why B. where C. when D. what
( ) 7. A. findB. read C. write D. see
( ) 8. A. toB. from C. for D. with
( ) 9. A. you B. yourself C. it D. itself
( ) 10. A. mindB. article C. eyes D. body
29.Mr. and Mrs. Wang are very forgetful(健忘的). For example, Mr. Wang sometimes goes to work on Sunday morning, because he thinks it is 1 . And Mrs. Wang sometimes forgets to cook supper for the family.
One summer they planned to 2 to New York for their holidays. They got to the airport only ten minutes 3 the plane took off. So time was short. But 4 Mrs. Wang said she must tell Linging, their daughter, not to forget to 5 the front door when she went to school. But Lingling then was at school. They couldn’t tell her about it by 6 . So they hurried to the post office. Mrs. Wang wrote a short note to Lingling, and Mr. Wang bought a 7 and an envelope(信封). Soon the note was ready. They put the stamp on the envelope in a hurry and dropped it in the letter 8 ,but suddenly Mrs. Wang began to cry. The short note was 9 in her hand. She had put the plane tickets in the 10
1. A. sunny B. cloudy C. Monday

D. Sunday
2. A. walk B. drive C. fly D. run
3. A. before B. often C. when D. because
4. A. often B. ever C. always D. suddenly
5. A. open B. lock C. close D. push
6. A. plane B. train C. telephone D. bus
7. A. note B. pen C. stamp D. letter
8. A. envelope B. box C. / D. affice
9. A. still B. already C. always D. not
10. A. plane B. envelope C. hand D. school
30.Today is the 1 day of this term. We 2 back at school. It’s very nice to see my teachers and friends again. 3 look fine. I’m Lucy and my 4 sister is Lily. We are in 5 this year. I don’t know who our English teacher is this term. “I know Mr. Wu is our English teacher this term,” 6 Lily, “He is a good teacher.” “He 7 8 English.”Now we are sitting in the classroom. Mr. Wu is standing near the blackboard. He is speak in to us. He says he doesn’t know all our names. He has a piece of paper 9 our names on it He is going to call our 10 .
2.A.all areB.allC.are allD.come all
3.A.All of themB.All theyC.They allD.A and C
4.A.twinB.youngerC.littleD.A,B and C
5.A.Grade 2B.Two GradeC.Grade SecondD.the grade Two
7.A.teachB.teachingC.teachesD.doesn’t teach
10.A.namesB.nameC.names’ D.name’s
31.One day a woman walks __1__ a hat shop. The boss smiles and says, “Good afternoon, madam.”
“Good afternoon.” the woman answers. “There is a green hat __2__ red flowers on it in your __3__ . Will you please take it out of there?
“Yes, madam,” the boss says, “I’m happy to do that __4__ you.” Usually women look at a lot of __5__ before they buy one, and the boss gets very tired. “Good,” he thinks, “I can sell this hat very __6__ today.”
“Do you want it in a box or __7__ your head, madam?” he asks.
“Oh, I don’t want it,” she answers. “I __8__ want you to take it out of your window. I pass your __9__ every day, and I don’t like to __10__ the ugly(丑) thing there.”
( ) 1. A. to B. into C. at D. by
( ) 2. A. with B. has C. have D. of
( ) 3. A. door B. wall C. window D. table
( ) 4. A. to B. for C. about D. help
( ) 5. A. clothes B. shirts C. trousers D. hats
( ) 6. A. quickly B. dear C. cheep D. late
( ) 7. A. over B. in C. on D. with
( ) 8. A. really B. only C. can D. must
( ) 9. A. park B. car C. room D. shop
( ) 10. A. look B. read C. see D. watch
32.When the Americans were getting ready to send their first man to the moon, an old Irishman(爱尔兰人)was watching

them on the television in the bar of a hotel. There is an English man in the bar, too, and he __1__ the Irishman, "The __2__ are very clever, aren't they? They are going __3__ some men to the moon. It is a long __4__ from the world."
"Oh, that's __5__ ." The Irishman answered quickly. " The Irish are going to send some men to the sun in a few months. That's __6__ away from the moon, you know."
"Yes, it is." The English man said,"__7__ it is too __8__ for people to go to."
The Irishman laughed and said, "well, the Irish aren't stupid(愚蠢), you know, we __9__ go to the sun during the day, of course, we will go there ___10__.
( )1. A. said to B. told C. talk to
( )2. A. Englishmen B. Americans C. Irish
( )3. A. to reach B. to send C. to give
( )4. A. street B. road C. way
( )5. A. Nice B. true C. nothing
( )6. A. long B. far C. much farther
( )7. A. and B. but C. or
( )8. A. hot B. warm C. cold
( )9. A. won't B. can't C. mustn’t
( )10. A. in the morning B. during the afternoon C. during the night
33.Lenin learned some English ___1___school. But when he got ___2___ England, he ___3___ some difficulties. He could not understand the people there, and they couldn’t understand ___4___, either. So it made him ___5___. Later he found he ____6____ sure about spoken English and his friends gave him some ____7____ on how to improve it. He decided ___8___ English for always. He learned hard English for________months____10____ he could speak it well and his friends spoke highly of him.
( )1、 A. from B. at C. on D. to
( )2、 A. to B. at C. on D. in
( )3、 A. meet B. meeted C. meets D. met
( )4、 A. he B. him C. his D. her
( )5、 A. worry B. to worry C. worries D. worrying
( )6、 A. is B. isn’t C. were D. wasn’t
( )7、 A. advice B. advices C. opinion D. idea
( )8、 A. learn B. learned C. learning D. to learn
( )9、 A. one B. a few C. a little D . a half
( )10、 A. At the end B. Last C. Finally D. Unfortunately
34.Jim was a worker. One of his feet was bigger than ___1__. He couldn’t __2____ the right shoes ___3___ his feet. One day his friend Mike said to him “___4___ don’t you go to a shoemaker? A good shoemaker can ____5__ you the right shoes.” __6____ Jim went to the shoemaker near Mike’s home, very soon the shoemaker finished the work. Jim___7___ the shoes and wasn’t happy. He ___8___ the shoemaker, “ You aren’t a __9____ shoemaker! I wanted you to make me one shoe bigger than the other, ___10___ you made me one shoe smaller than the other.”
( )1. A. other B. the other C. another D. that one
( )2. A. see B. look for C. find D. find out
( )3. A. for B.

with C. on D. of
( )4. A. When B. Where C. How D. Why
( )5. A. make B. pass C. do D. give
( )6. A. Then B. But C. So D. Because
( )7. A. saw B. watched C. found D. looked at
( )8. A. said B. said to C. spoke D. talked
( )9. A. good B. bad C. right D. kind
( )10. A. then B. and C. but D. so
35.Mark lived in a village far away. One day he became very ill and everyone thought he would 1 soon. They sent for a doctor. Two days 2 the doctor came and looked over the sick man. 3 asked for a pen and some paper to write down the name of the medicine. But there was no pen 4 paper in the village, because no one could write.
The doctor 5 up a piece of burnt wood from the fire and wrote the name of the medicine on the 6 of the house. “ Get this medicine for him.” he said, “and he will soon get 7 .” Mark’s family and friends did not know 8 to do. They could not read the strange words. Then a young man 9 an idea. He took off the door of the house, put it on his carriage(马车) and drove to the nearest 10 . He bought the medicine there, and Mark was soon well again.
( ) 1.A. wake B.cry C.moved D.die
( ) 2.A. late B.later C.ago D.before
( ) 3A. The sick man B.Mark C.The doctor D.The farmer
( ) 4.A.and B.or C.then D.also
( ) 5.A.picked B.held C.made D.looked
( ) 6.A.wall B.window C.ground D.door
( ) 7.A.well B.worse C.bad D.good
( ) 8.A.when B.what C.where D.whick
( ) 9A.thought B.hit C.caught D.had
( ) 10. A.shop B.farm C.hospital D.village
36.My dearest Aunt Mei lives in the country. But she isn't a 1 . She 2 vegetables from the farmers and sells them in town. Sometimes she can't sell out all her vegetables, 3 she takes some to us. Aunt Mei is old and short, but she's very 4 . She can walk 5 .
Aunt Mei has no 6 . She lives with her only white cat. Every summer, I go to stay with her for a week or two. She often 7 me to a farm nearby(在附近). Life in the country is interesting. I can go fishing, and I can 8 birds singing and sheep bleating. But Aunt Mei doesn't 9 me swim. She says it's not safe.
The farmers now don't do farm work with animals. They 10 tractors. All of them look happy.
( )1. A. teacher B. doctor C. farmer D. nurse
( )2. A. grows B. sells C. asks D. buys
( )3. A. but B. so C. or D. until
( )4. A. healthy B. ill C. happy D. interesting
( )5. A. slowly B. fast C. near D. quick
( )6. A. children B. animal C. student D. son
( )7. A. brings B. takes C. gets D. has
( )8. A. listen B. see C. hear D. find
( )9. A. asks B. tells C. let D. want
( )10. A. use   B. like C. love D. buy

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