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Last week,we did a survey about if it would be OK to shorten summer vacation and winter vacation in order to add spring vacation and autumn vacation.Students in our class have different ideas. Here are the results.

About 70 percent of the students agree with this idea.In their opinion,students can have more time to do volunteer work and get some experiences that will be useful for their future.They aiso think the sights are more beautiful in these two seasons.It may be a good time to enjoy nature.

On the contrary, 30 percent of the students are against this idea.They think if one year is divided into four terms,it may influence how well students study.And the amount of homework may be inceased.If so, students will be under too much pressure.

As for me, I’m in agreement with this idea because I’m into traveling.I can enjoy different sights because of two more vacations.And it’s easier for us to blance the time needed for schoolwork and relax.

In general,everyone has his or her own idea, there is no absolutely right.

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