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第Ⅰ卷 选择题



第一节 单项选择(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)


1. Mario is afraid of________ in public.

A. speak B. speaking C. spoke D. spoken

2. I used to have short hair but now I have ________ hair.

A. curly B. long C. straight D. blonde

3. Of the two new students, Masha is ________ one. I think you can find her easily.

A. tallest B. taller C. the taller D. the tallest

4. The shop doesn’t open ________ eight.

A. during B. on C. in D. until

5. It is getting dark, _______ they are still working.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

6. Could you tell us if it _______ in winter America?

A. snowed B. snows C. snow D. is snowing

7. The boy is learning ________ a car.

A. how to drive B. how driving C. drives D. how to drive

8. Can you tell me whom the novel _______?

A. was written by B. was written C. are written by D. is written - 1 -

9. We should keep on ______ English every day.

A. to practice to speak B. to practice speaking

C. practicing to speak D. practicing speaking

10.-Must I write down the new words now?

- ________.

A. No, you needn’t B. No, you may not.

C. No , you mustn’t D. No you can’t

第二节 完形填空 (共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)


A driver went to an insurance office to have his life insured. The manager of the advice asked

“Father died from heart ___12__ at the __13___ of 35 Mother had __14_wrong with her head ”

“I am sorry,”said the manager. “”


The driver went to another office. “

when they died?”said the manager. “Father died when he was playing football. He was 94.”

“”said the manager. Then the driver went home happily.

11. A. parents B. father C. mother D. brother

12. A. question B. trouble C. wrong D. beating

13. A. end B. age C. old D. first

14. A. nothing B. anything C. something D. no

15. A. three B. thirteen C. thirty D. thirtieth - 2 -

16. A. if B. anything C. that D. as

17. A. happy B. rich C. healthy D. young

18. A. coming B. getting up C. leaving D. looking

19. A. tell B. give C. take D. Say

20. A. Any B. An C. Some D. No

21. A. other B. another C. the other D. others

22. A. much B. many C. old D. often

23. A. be B. are C. is D. was

24. A. fall B. get C. stop D. drop

25. A. mother B. car C. life D. father




When people communicate, they need words to express themselves. People living in

different countries made different kinds of words.

Today there are about fifteen hundred languages in the world. Each contains many

thousands of words. A very large dictionary, for example, contains four or five hundred thousands of words. But we do not need all these. To read short stories you need to know only about two thousand words. Before you leave school, you will learn only one thousand or more.

Vocabulary means a lot of words. The words you know are called your vocabulary. You should try to make your own vocabulary bigger. Read as many books as you can. There are a lot of books written in easy English for you to read. You will enjoy them. When you meet a new word, find it in your dictionary. Your dictionary is your most useful book..

26. The number of different lanfuages spoken is about _______.

A. 150 B.15,000 C. 500 D. 1,500

27. Before you leave your school, you’ll learn _______.

A. only two thousand words B.five hundred housand words

C.more than one thousand words D. three or four thousand words

28. To make your vocabulary bigger, you must _______.

- 3 -

A. get as many dictionaries as you can B. read as many books as you can

C. buy a lot of books D.have a very large English dictionary

29. You will enjoy_______.

A. the books written in easy English B. your dictionary

C.your new words D.finding new words in a dictionary

30. What is your most useful book?

A. Books written in easy English. B.Books written in English

C. Your dictionary D. Short stories.


When we were young or when we were kids, we may want to be an adult very much. Sometimes, to be an adlt means you are grown up.

Small children often laugh at the short ones or at someone who isn’t dressed as well as they are. But as they grow up, they learn not to hurt people’s feelings by laughing at their problems. They learn to laugh to laugh at other things. Most important they learn to laugh at themselves

Just imagine you’re playing a game. You make a mistake and lose. Do you become angry? Or can you laugh at yourself and hope to do better next time? Suppose you are at a special dinner. You at times let some food out of the bowl. Why keep worrying about how clumsy (笨拙) you looked?Why not laugh it off and enjoy yourself any way? If you can, it’s a good sign you’ve really grown up.

31. The writer says small children laugh at people who _______.

A. have problems B. not to be worried

C.dress well D.play games

32. The writer shoes how laugher could help you not to ________.

A. make a mistake B.lose game C.become angry D. try again

33. Next the writer shows how laugher could help you _______.

A.not to spill food B.not to be worried

C.not to enjoy yourself D.to grow up

34. The most important thing is to learn how to laugh at _______.

A. jokes B.pictures C.children D.yourself

- 4 -

35. This article is mostly about _______.

A. why laugher is good for your body B. what you should laugh at

C. where you may laugh D.who you may laugh at


A man was traveling abroad in a small red car. One day, he left the car and went shopping. When he came back, its roof was badly broken.

Some boys told him that an elephant had it broken. The man did not believe them, but they took him to a circus(马戏团)which was near there. The owner of the elephant said,“I’m very sorry! My elephant has a big, round, red chair.He thought that your car was his chair, and he sat on it!” Tjen he gave the man a letter, in the letter he said that he was sorry and that he would pay for it.

When the man got back to his own country, the customs officers wouldn’t believe his story. They said, “You sold your new car while you were abroad and bought this old one!”

It was only when the man showed them the letter from the circus man that believed him.

36. How was the man traveling abroad?

A. in a big bus B. in a green jeep C.in a red car D.in a red taxi

37. Why was the car broken?

A. There was a traffic accident B.The circus man broke it

C. It rushed into a shop D.The elephant sat on it

38.What did the circus man say?

A.He said he would pay for the broken

B. He sad he would buy for it

C.He said he wouldn’t pay for the broken

D. He said he would buy a new car

39.What did the customs officers do, when the man got back to his country?

A.He would check his new car B.He only checked his car

C.He searched him D.He wouldn’t believe what he had said

40. What made the officers believe him?

A. The letter from the circus man. B.A newspaper from the country

C.The certificate of his D.The letter from the government

- 5 -


I’m never happier or healthier than when I’m dancing. I started dancing eight years ago when my mother decided to take me to a dance class. I went because I thought it would give something to do after school. But the more I practiced, the more I loved dancing. Now when I get home from dancing class, I find I never want to take my red dancing shoes off.

Sometimes I practice too much and my feet hurt. But I never stop dancing. I have to learn every step. When I go to a class, I dance each step in turn. I don’t let myself rest until I’ve done each one well. Sometimes, I even stay behind after class to work on difficult steps.

When I get home, I should stop dancing and take a rest. But I can’t. I have to put on some musics and dance. W hen I’m dancing at home, I don’t the rules like I do in class.I just to put my feeling into dance.

Every a few months, I get the chance to dance in a show. I stand behind the curtain and wait for my turn. Standing there, all I can think about are my steps. My teacher usually says, “Good luck,” and I give her a worried smile. As soon as I get out on stage, though, I stop worrying.

41.When did the writer begin dancing?

A. Eight years B.At the age of eight C.Eight years ago D.When she was eight

42.Why does the writer like dancing?

A.It would give her something to do after school.

B.It makes her happier

C.It makes her healthier

D.It makes her happier and healthier than before

43.How coes the writer feel before her tturn to dance in a show?

A. happy B.worried C. angry D. annoyed

44. How does the writer feel as soon as she is on stage in a show?

A.nervous B. worried C.calm down D.excited

45.What kind ofdancing learner is the writer?

A.She is hard-working B.She is lazy

C.She is bored D.She is excited

- 6 -



第Ⅱ卷 非选择题



通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后面的方框内选出可以填入短文空格处的句子,并将所选的字母代号填入答题卡中对应题号后的横线上。 ....

Here I am alone on this Boeing 747. I am going to another country to go to school. I am the airport?

me. Everyone was saying,“Good-bye, Juan. Good luck!”

I looked at my parents’ faces. I saw big smilalso saw tears in their eyes. I knew that they were going to miss me.

At home it is two o’clock in the afternoon. My family is learning to live now I must learn to live without them. I’m on this airplane. must be brave because I will have a lot to do.

46._______ 47._______ 48._______ 49._______ 50._______

51._______ 52._______ 53._______ 54._______ 55._______

- 7 -

四、完成对话 (共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)

根据对话内容,在每一个空格处填入一个适当的词,使整段对话意思完整,并将答案完...整地写在题后答题卡中对应题号的横线上。 (每空填一词) ..................

M:Hi,Li Hua. Where are you going?

W: Hi, Mike. I’m going to the train station to ___56___ tickets. My family and I will go to back to my hometown for our summer holiday.

M: Where is your hometown?

W: In a small village in Guilin. We’ll go to see my grandparents. M: Why ___57___ they live with you in Luzhou?

W: They say it’s very noisy in the ___58___ .They love living in a quiet village. M: I think it’s interesting to spend a holiday in a village.

W: Yes. We’ll do some farm work there. Would you like to come ___59___ us?

M: I’d love to. But my father says we’ll go to visit some places of interst in East China.

W: Wonderful! When are you going to leave?

M: The day after tomorrow. W: So do we. Have __60___ good time.

M: Thank you! The same to you.

56._______ 57._______ 58._______ 59.________ 60._______

五、书面表达 (共1题,满分20分)

节假日,人们不愿呆在家里,他们越来越喜欢外出游玩,请根据内容提示,写一篇文章 内容提示:1. 节假日人们不愿呆在家里。 2.人们喜欢看不同的事物,做有趣的事情。

3.于是乡下的人到城里去,城里人到乡下去。 4.节假日时所有的交通工具都很忙,买票难


要求:1.文中不能出现真是的班级和姓名 2.可适当自由发挥 3.字迹公正,调理清晰 4.80-100个词 (请不要超出答题框)

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 8 -

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