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Talk about your hopes and dreams. I hope to get a good mark in the exam.

I hope to have my own computer.

My dream is to walk on the moon.

My dream is to become a famous singer.

?Do you have hopes and dreams? What are they? Why do you have it? ?How can you achieve your dreams? ?Do you think hopes and dreams are the same?

Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?
Reading I’d love to sail across the Pacific.

Read the passage slowly and underline the information that you think is important to remember.

Read the passage quickly and answer the questions.

1.Why do some students want to start work as soon as possible?
To help look after their families.

2. What is important to students about the work they do?
They want to enjoy the work they do.

3. What example is given of an impossible dream?
To be able to fly.

Find out the new words in the passage.

We all dream about things that we would like to do, and things we hope to achieve in the future. But are everybody’s dreams the same? Here are some of the findings of a survey about hopes and dreams, in which thousands of students across China took part.

What are the hopes of teenagers?
We received several different answers to the question: what would you like to do after finishing your education? It seems some students would like to start work as soon as possible, so that they can help provide better lives for their parents.

What are the dreams of teenagers?
Teenagers have all kinds of dreams. Some are more realistic than others. For example, many students said they would like to be volunteers at the 2008 Olympics, maybe working as translators or tour guides. And quite a few said they dream of going to the moon one day.

According to the survey, less realistic dreams are also common, but many students reported that they were willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. Quite a few dream of becoming famous, perhaps famous sportspeople or singers.

Some said they’d love to go on exciting trips; one student said she’d love to sail across the Pacific Ocean. And then there are dreams that are impossible; three students said they’d like to be able to fly!

It was clear from the survey that teenagers have similar hopes. It seems that most students hope to have a good education and find a good job. On the other hand, students dream of very different things: good things, and even crazy things. It is very important to dream, so hold on to your dreams; one day they may just come true.

sail v.航行,驾驶 Pacific n.太平洋 finding n.发现,发现物 continue v.(使)继续,(使)连续 programming n.编程,规划,设计 translator n.翻译员 sportspeoplen.运动员 conclusion n.结论 report v.报道,报告 attitude n.态度

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 梦想 dream about/of 在将来 in the future 参加 take part in 问题的答案 为…提供…provide…for 上大学 go to university 做他们喜欢的工作do the jobs

they enjoy 比较现实的 more realistic 不太现实的less realistic 导游 tour guide 实现梦想 achieve one’s dreams 能飞 be able to fly 另一方面 on the other hand ? 尽快 as soon as possible ? 根据 according to ? 电脑编程 computer programming ? 毕业后 after finishing the education ? 继续学习 continue studying ? 坚持不放弃 hold on to ? 实现 come true ? 相当多的 quite a few ? 愿意做某事 be willing to ? 和…相似 be similar to ? 受到好的教育 have a good education

Read the passage again and fill in the chart.

Hopes and dreams
What are the hopes of teenagers?

To work after school as soon as possible To go on studying in the university

To help provide a better life for parents

To get jobs they enjoy better

Survey result: the popular choice is computer programming.

What are the dreams of teenagers?
Realistic dreams
To volunteer as translators or tour guide at the 2008 Olympics The most impossible dream

less realistic dreams
1.To become famous, such as famous singers or sportspeople

2.To go on exciting trips,such as traveling to the moon and sailing across the Pacific
I want to have wings and fly freely.

What ‘s the result of survey?

Discuss the following questions in small groups with reference to the reading.

1.Is there anyone in the world who does not hope or dream?
2.Might the dreams of Chinese teenagers be different from others? 3.Can dreams come true?

Choose the right answers to questions. C the Taiwan Channel. 1.Thethe young sailor wants to _____
A 2.Many _____the students took part in the survey.
A. walk across B. go cross C. sail across D. sail cross

B some students like playing better than studying. 3.It___that C 4.____their answers, the most popular choice of job is computer programming.
D after ______ school. 5. Many students hope to ______
A. According that B. Accorded to C. According to A. seemed B. seems C. is seemed D. is seeming

A. thousands of B. thousands C. thousand D. thousand of

A. continue studying ; finish B. continue to study; finish C. continue study; finished D. continue studying; finishing B Singapore will ____. A. visit; come true 6.My dream of ___ B. visiting; come true C. visiting; be come true

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