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一 在课文中找出下列短语

1. 现在和过去_____________ 8. 在电视上或电影中

2. 同意你_________________ _________________

3. 居住_________________ 9. 拥有相同的爱好

4. 小汽车的数量_________________ __________________

5. 等等__________________ 10. 了解___________________

6. 私生活_________________ 7. 想法中的不同________________

二 任务型阅读


knew that the floors were ____2___, and that the roof would leak. When the boss ___3____ the carpenter, he said, “You have ____4___ a very good worker. Now I want to reward you.” He gave the house key to the carpenter. “This house is ____5____.”


Some people do not like anything to be out of place; they are never late for work; they return their books to the library on time, they remember people’s birthday; and they pay their bills as soon as they arrive. Mr Brown is such a person. He works in a bank, and lives on his own. The only family he has is in the next town: his sister lives there with her husband, and her son, Mark. 任务1 用方框中所给词的适当形式填空,每空一词。

1 ________2______ 3_______ 4_____ 5_______

任务2 根据英文释义及首字母提示,拼写单词。

6 r_______ come or go back

7 b_______ statement(记录)of charges for goods or services

任务3 同义句转换,每空一词。

He works in a bank, and lives on his own.

He works in a bank, and lives 8________ 9_________.

任务4 根据短文内容简答问题。

10 Who does Mr Brown live with?



1 短语

1) past and present

2) agree with

3) live in

4) the number of the cars


5) and so on

6) personal life

7) a difference in thinking

8) on TV or in movies

9) share the same hobbies

10) learn about

2 任务型阅读

1) completed

2) uneven

3) met

4) been

5) yours

6) return

7) bill

8) by

9) himself

10) nobody


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