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invented 发明)before 1.I think the calculator was _________( the computer. inventions 发 2.The computer is one of the greatest __________( 明) in history. inventor 3.Adison was a great American __________( 发明家). 4.- When was the car invented? was invented – It ______________(invent) in 1885. were invented 5.Electric slippers _____________(invent) last year. invented 6. They were ____________(invent) by Edison. Hold on to your 7.只要坚持,你的梦想就会实现的。 ________ true one day. dreams and they will come _________ 8.他对跑步认真对待。He _____________running. is serious about

are used for reading 1.书是用来读的。Books ____________________. Books are used to read. 2. 过去我习惯睡懒觉,现在我习惯早起床。 used to get up late I ___________________, am used to getting up early but now I __________________. are used 3.Battery-operated slippers _________(use) for seeing in the dark. 4.That cup is used for drinking _______(drink) tea. 5.The shoes with adjustable heels are used for changing __________(change) the style of the shoes. are not used 6.Light bulbs ____________(not use) in some places in our country.

heat 加热) the scoop before you use it. 1.Please _____( heat 热量). 2.If you make a fire, it will give you much _____( salty 咸).I didn’t like it. 3.The soup was too _____( sour 酸).Don’t eat it. 4.This orange may be very ______( by mistake 错误地). 5.Patato chips were invented ___________( accident 意外地) in the street. 6.She met her parents by ____________( 7.I didn’t ______( notice 注意到) there was a dog in the dark. 8.I don’t like eating apple _____( pie 派). 9.We live in the 21st ____________( 世纪). century towards 朝着) him when he 10.A dog ran quickly ________( passed the gate.

1.根据一个古代中国的传说,神农氏发明的茶。 According to an ancient Chinese legend tea was ________________________________, invented by Shen Nong. 2.虽然进入了冬季,但有些树叶还保持着绿色。 Although it’s in winter now, some leaves ________________. remain green 3.这辆汽车产于上海的一家工厂。 The car was ____________ produced in a factory in Shanghai. knock at the door 4. 进房间前请敲门。Please ________________ before you enter the room. 5.老师把全班学生分成了五个小组。 The teacher _____________________ . divided the students into five groups.

1.They had a pleasant _______(愉快的) trip last week. 2.The dog filled his life with _________( pleasure 快乐). 3. He was very pleased _______(高兴) to have such a good dog. happy / glad to hear 4.I was pleased _______(hear) the good news. 5.Don’t ______( throw 投掷) things at the monkeys,or they will throw back. 6.This kind of bread ______( tastes 尝起来) very tasty. metal 金属) desks in winter.I think 7.I don’t like ______( _____(木) ones are better. wooden baskets 筐) apples in that room. 8.There are a few ________( 9.The temperat

ure is above zero now , but yesterday morning it was _______( below 低于) zero.

1.去年我去过大连并爱上了它。I went to Dalian last year and ____________________. fell in love with it 2.昨夜直到十一点他才睡着。 He didn’t ______________ fall asleep until 11 o’clock last night. 3.一些叶子落入神农水中,于是茶就被发明了。 fell into Some leaves __________Shen Nong’s water and then tea was invented. 4. China is a developing _________ country. Japan is a developed _________ country. But the ___________ development of China is much better than Japan’s.(develop) 5.When the boy ran out of the classroom, he _________ the teacher.(与…相撞) knocked into

1.你认为最有帮助的发明是什么?What do you think is ________________________? the most helpful invention 2.The invention of light bulbs gives people more time _________________(work and play). to work and play 3.河上的冰太薄了,你不能在上边行走。The ice on thin for you to walk on the river is too ________________________. so thin that you can’t walk on it. not thick enough for you to walk on. 4.乔治本不希望让那个顾客高兴。George didn’t make the customer happy want to _________________________. 5.老师让他抄写100遍生词。The teacher made him copy the new words 100 times ___________________________________.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

The car was invented ____ in 1885. in May,1955. He was born ___ He was born on ___ May 1st,1955. on a rainy day. He was born ___ on a snowy morning. He was born ___ He was born in ___________________( 在20世纪). the 20th century He was born ____________( in the 1950s 在20世纪50年代). He is _____________(60 多岁). in his sixties

Tea is the most pouplar _____ drink in the world (after water). was invented by accident But do you know tea _______________________? Although tea wasn’t _____ brought to the Western world until was discovered more than three ____ 1610, it _______________ thousand toan ancient _______ years before that.According __________ Chinese legend,Shen Nong discovered tea when he was boiling _______ drinking water ____ over an open fire. Some _____ fell into the water and remained ________ in the water for leaves ________. _______ that the leaves in the some time Shen Nong noticed a pleasant smell Later, he decided water produced ______________________. _______ _______. And to taste the hot mixture. It was very delicious _____ was in_________, this way one of the world’s favorite drinks invented.

1.大热天我爱吃冰激凌,那再好不过了。 I love eating ice cream on hot days. There’s _____________. nothing better away from 2.我对甜食避之唯恐不及。I stay ______________sugar. 3.他想出的策略很奏效. worked out fine The strategies he came up with _____________. 4.这些甜饼既硬又干而且易碎. The cookies are broken hard,dry andeasily ___________. 5.我上学从未迟到过,但昨天差一点. I’ve n

ever been came very close late for school, but yeterday I ___________. 6.随着时间的流逝,好的友谊就会中断. Time goes by, and good friendships will break ________. off

1我刚好赶上上课. I only just made _______ it to class. 2.那个明星既丢了女友,又丢了节目. The TV star lost ______ _____ his show. both his girlfriend and 3.我害怕在课堂上发言,因为我以为同学们会笑话我。 am afraid to I ______________ speak in class because I think my classmates may __________ me. laugh at 4.你能告诉我这附近是否有好的博物馆吗? Could you if there are please tell me ____________good museums near here? 5.没有电话预约我们决不拜访朋友。 We never visit friends ________ _______ first. without calling 6.一些学生立马就想上班。Some students want to work _________________. as soon as possible

1.多亏了寻根活动,我了解到了更多的关于我祖先的情 况。______________In Search of Roots, I learned Thanks to more about my ancestors. 2.我期望能尽快查明是谁阴差阳错拿走了我的书。 I’m _____________________________ who took looking forward to finding out away my books ___________. by mistakes 3. 这里过去有许多海牛。 There used to be many manatees here. ______________ 4.1972年,发现他们已经濒危。 was discovered that they were endangered. In 1972, it ____________ left 5.剩余的时间不多了。There is little time _______.

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